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New Projects Page



Well it’s been a work in progress for a while now but I finally managed to (mostly) organize my projects page. I started having trouble finding my own posts. I figured it was about time that I organized and grouped them together for easier navigation.



It’s sorted into multiple groups to make navigation easier, some of the projects overlap as they fit into multiple categories. Want to see what we’ve been working on inside? Simple now just click over to the Projects Page and bam all our indoor projects in one easy to view place. Curious about our Master Bedroom Makeover? It’s all there too.


Capture 2

The groups may change over time as I figure out what works. I’m also thinking of adding of few of our lake photography and daily life  posts to the mix  to make viewing those easier. I think the thumbnails are a huge step for easier prettier navigation.

Capture 3

I used inlinkz to create the gallery of thumbnails, the same tool used for all those link parties out there except it’s the link manager tool rather than the party tool. It was really easy and the best part is the gallery will update automatically when I add news links in the inlinkz dashboard. No messing with any code which is great. Yippee, oh I how I hate code.

Ah organization, I love it




Happy Monday everyone! Did you all have a good weekend? I did, I started reupholstering the chairs! They’re currently all torn apart sitting waiting to be put back together. It took a few hours, 5 garbage bags, 1 screwdriver and 1 pair of pliers to take them from this…


…to this

Reupholster Chairs

A little scary looking at the moment. Once everything was torn apart Bryan sanded and I re-stained the legs so I’m literally sitting waiting for them to dry, but I’m hoping to have some time to start putting them back together tonight.

Have you ever heard of the The Homies? It’s an pretty cool competition for home blogs hosted by Apartment Therapy and a great way to share your favorite blogs as well as finding out about some new ones. This week you can nominate your favorites and then the following week voting will open for the blogs with the top nominations. I’ve found some really great blogs form here in the past.




So go check it out and vote for your favorite right here, you can vote for me, you can vote for yourself, you can vote for anyone you love, but just go vote 🙂

Like us on Facebook!



I did it. I finally got around to make an Our Lake Life Facebook page. What will you find over there? Well I plan to post a ton more “behind the scenes” shots, stuff we’re loving and more pics of the Lake. I take a ton of pics that never get to make it to the blog and all our blog posts will go straight to out Facebook wall. I hope to make this a really good place for real-time conversations, so get in on the fun and join us on Facebook

Facebook 1

Facebook 2

facebook 3

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