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Dreaming of Warmer Destinations



Happy Friday! As usual I’m so glad the weekend is here. They’re predicting a huge snowstorm is about to arrive in the Northeast any second. This is usually the time of year that I start dreaming of warmer destinations.

One one of the places I’ve always wanted to go but never have been are the Florida Keys. There’s some kind of romantic notion I have about a semi tropical destination relatively close to home.

A long time ago I saw a Travel Channel show with Samantha Brown about Little Palm Island off the Florida Keys coastline. Is that show still on? I used to love it. Little Palm Island and the Florida Keys have stuck with me ever since.

How can you not love a luxury resort disguised as a grass hut surrounded by palm trees. What are you dreaming of this weekend?

All photos courtesy of Little Palm Island Resort and Spa.

For more information on visit Little Palm Island check out all the details on the resort’ s website.

Daydream Travelin’: Hilton Head Island, South Carolina




I’ve always wanted to visit Hilton Head Island and after looking around for my next Daydream Travelin’ adventure I’m now even more convinced then ever that I want to get lost for a while on Hilton Head. Maybe I’ll just relocate there one day to this charming island with the equally charming history.

All photos courtesy of the Hilton Head Island Visitor & Convention Bureau

All lighthouse images The Harbour Town Lighthouse at The Sea Pines Resort

History of Hilton Head Island

In 1663, English sea captain William Hilton landed on Hilton Head Island and, thus, the seeds of the first successful plantations were sown. Commissioned by a group of Barbados planters to find new land on which to plant sugar and indigo, Hilton soon claimed the Island in the name of the British Crown.

Incorporated as a town in 1983, Hilton Head Island is now home to several environmentally planned resort and residential communities, supporting more than 30,000 full-time residents. These communities have been named “plantations,” but cotton fields have been replaced by lush green golf courses, tennis courts, shimmering lakes and beautifully designed resorts and villas.

Despite this development, much of the Island remains as it was when sighted from William Hilton’s ship more than 300 years ago. Hilton Head Island’s natural beauty, spectacular seascapes and exceptional ecology now beckon a new generation of explorers.

For more information including how you can visit Hilton Island check out all the details on the island’s website.

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Daydream Travelin’: Wolwedans NamibRand Nature Reserve, Namibia



Leave civilization behind and travel to the far reaching corners of the earth to Wolwedans NamibRand Nature Reserve in Namibia. Featured on Forbes.com as a hotel with the most beautiful views NamibRand is sure to not disappoint. Activities include scenic drives in open Landrovers, a once in a lifetime flight tour over the Diamond coast or hot air ballooning over the dune belts providing breathtaking 360 degree views.  NamibRand is sure to spark the adventure seeker in us all.

For more information including how you can visit NamibRand  check out all the details on the resort’ s website.

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Daydream Travelin’: Little Palm Island, Florida



A little 5 1/4 mile island lying discreetly off the fabled Florida Keys coastline is a place so remote it can only be accessed by sea plane or boat.

Little Palm Island is a resort that I’ve been infatuated with  ever since I saw a travel channel episode of Great Hotels with Samantha Brown a number of years ago.

Located just 25 miles south of Key West, Florida lies Little Torch Key at mile marker 28.5  places are so off-the-beaten path in this part of the country that directions are given according to the mile marker. Once there guests are greeted by an off-white building with a thatch roof, located there is the resorts Welcome Station where you register and then are whisked away in a complimentary motor yacht shuttle where you will arrive on Little Palm.

Crushed seashell pathways connect just 30 oceanfront bungalows tucked away on the island.

Each one more private than the next you feel like you are a million miles away.

All photos courtesy of Little Palm Island Resort and Spa.

For more information including how you too can visit Little Palm Island check out all the details on the resort’ s website.

Psst: Be sure to check out the other posts in our weekly series  Daydream Travelin‘.

Daydream Travelin’: La Samanna, St. Martin



I had so much fun last week Daydream Travelin’ that I thought I would make it a weekly occurrence. Every Thursday here on Our Lake Life we’re going to tour some some beautiful and interesting places, at least the ones that strike my fancy anyway. Since we’re just dreaming here I’m going to throw caution to the wind and look for the most beautiful resorts regardless of practicality. What is a good daydream if you can’t be impractical, right? Right!

So without further ado, this week we’re off to St. Martin to the La Samanna Luxury Resort and Spa. A five star island retreat with it’s own beach, now that’s what I’m talking aboout!. Situated on a 55 acre piece of beachfront property on the tiny 37 square mile island of St. Martin, La Samanna is bursting with elegant Mediterranean architecture. When staying take your pick of 83 guestrooms, suites and villas, everyone offering an ocean view.

When it’s time to get out and about La Samanna also offers a Fitness pavilion, Pilates studio, Tennis Courts, Yoga, Freshwater swimming pools. Snorkeling, Scuba, water-skiing, kayak, Wave Runner equipment and instruction, Deep sea fishing and Sailboat rentals can all be arranged for an added fee.

With all that you might just need a getaway to recover from your getaway.

Psst: You can read all about La Samanna here including rates and all that practical stuff I won’t spoil my daydream by mentioning here.
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