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More Lake Photography



Well hello there.

How the heck are you?

Lake Photography

Would you like to take a ride along the shores of this little house by the lake? I have to say we have been enjoying the most beautiful late spring days around here. A few humid days but mostly warm sun days and cool evenings cool. When it rains it has had the courtesy of doing it’s business as the sun is going down to minimize the time spent indoors.

Who can complain with weather like that?

Lake House Photography

The longer days mean everyone is able to spend more time out and about.  Our lake springs to life in the summer time. In the winter it is quite the peaceful spot but I have to say I much prefer the hustle and bustle of the summer months.

More Lake Photography

We have quite a few activities you can try for the day in our little neck of the woods.  I often ending up wanting to go out and try a few wakeboarding lessons myself at the marina down the lake. We live in the prime wakeboarding, tubing and waterskiing cove of the lake. It’s a rare sunny day in the summer that exists without the hum of a boat engine or the squeals of laughter as people race across the water.

Memorial Weekend 7

Tired from the day of fun in the sun? Try our very own boat up market by the water. Sit down relax grab a bite to eat, grab a souvenir and enjoy the view. Most days I’m still can’t believe we live in a place where we can boat to places rather than drive.

Memorial Weekend 10

We have a number of fun places to eat and drink on the lake as well. No need for a car in this part of the world, a boat and flip-flops are all that’s required. This year I want to make a point of dining at the restaurants on the lake more. What do you think does dining on the lake sound like a fun evening to you?

Memorial Weekend 11


Our latest activity that’s recently opened here is a mini-golf course. I have a confession, I’m something of the mini-golf geek and I really want to go try it out.

So that’s about it from me for today anyone up for a round of mini-golf by the lake?

Lake Photography



Memorial Weekend 1

Memorial Weekend 15

On Friday afternoon we went for the first boat ride of the year…at the end of the day when the boat had been launched into the water Bryan grabbed Nikolas and I snagged the camera and we set off for an evening ride.

Memorial Weekend 4

This time I wanted to capture bits and pieces of the life we have the privilege of seeing everyday in our house by the lake. The pieces that are often rushed through as we race from one spot to the next, speeding along, wind in our face.

Memorial Weekend 8

It was a beautiful evening, the water was in all it’s sapphire blue glory.

Memorial Weekend 12

As the sun began to go down and lifeguard towers were unattended..

Memorial Weekend 5

…we floated home, looking forward to tomorrow and another day on the lake 🙂


Let me know if you enjoy seeing pieces of our lake?

Fall Scenes on the Lake





We’ve had some beautiful Fall days here at the lake. The kind of days where the last hint of the warm sun lingers on your face in the afternoon and the cool Fall nights snap the trees into their colorful alter ego.

We’ve been trying to get every last minute of outdoor time in before the cold winter weather comes and takes over. We’re working on the to-do list to  finish up some outdoor projects and to stain the deck in preparation for the long Winter months ahead.


The trees have just been beautiful and I’ve been trying to capture just how vibrant the colors have become. The reflections off the water are a glorious gold, casting a warm glow over everything.

Breathtaking is all I can say, as beautiful as it is it smells so much better, like a touch of freshly burnt wood that’s slightly musty tossed together with a hint of homemade applesauce and pumpkin pie.




One perk of living on our lake that we didn’t really factor in when we decided to move here was all the fun activities that would be happening around our home. I remember one of the first few mornings after we had moved, not even fully unpacked yet, walking outside being somewhat in awe of the new lifestyle we had inherited along with the view.

At the time I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but now having been here a while I realize it’s the carefree attitude of people relaxing and having fun ALL THE TIME.

There’s always someone out having a good time on their day off enjoying the sun and fun that water brings out in all of us.

These shots were taken a few weeks back at the annual Aquapalooza party the bar across the lake holds towards the end of July.

People come from all over to enjoy the sun and fun to the soundtrack of  the floating DJ. If that’s not enough to draw you in they have water games and a  ferry that will bring you into the bar for some good food and cold drinks.

Each year it gets a tad louder and a tad rowdier which adds up to one hell of an enjoyable day on the lake.

Mira Lacum



Due to it’s  close proximity to NYC our lake holds a bit of an illustrious history as a retreat for the rich and famous in the pre-depression era of our country.  Prior to airplanes and quick travel the lake was a place for the rich and famous to play, stay and build some breathtaking homes to leisurely spend their summers in luxury.  One of the most striking on the lake is an exquisite Gothic home that can still be seen gracing the shores and hasn’t changes much in the century that’s past since it was built.

Image linked to original source

In 1895, Mira Lacum as it was called or “view of the lake” was a summer cottage designed and built by a man named Himpler an architect renowned for his work among Gothic Churches  for the then astounding price of $75,000.


Mira Lacum still stands strikingly today as a nod to the pre-depression era revelry and wealth that consumed our lake.

To read the full story and to see another view of how Mira Lacum
looked then click here.

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