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Mother’s Day Boat Races



Mothers Day Boat Races01

Mothers Day Boat Races14

Hope you had a great Mother’s day. We had a fun and new event come to the lake over the weekend. Professional powerboat races.  This year Offshore Powerboat Racing first race of the season was held here. Different types and classes of boats compete in individual races, on the same course, at the same time.


Grill On




When it comes to BBQ’s who is the “Grill Master” in your house? Bryan and I both cook on the grill but he definitely takes supreme pleasure in trying new recipes and simultaneously grilling up a great dinner.  While I can cook a mean steak on the grill I look at it more as a means to getting food in my stomach rather than an art.


We  host a lot of BBQ’s over the summer months (especially since sprucing up the deck) which we love. Over the years we’ve created quite the system for putting together these gatherings. We work really well as a team and have fallen into the pattern where I prep and he helps, he grills and I help. It works well for us Ray Ban outlet but I always think I get the better end of the deal since by the time the guests arrive most of my work is done.


Since Spring seems to be coming so very late this year I keep finding myself thinking more and more about our summer grill parties.  I can hardly wait! Do you grill?

One of our affiliates One King’s Lane has partnered with HGTV and is having a great Day of Outdoor Sale today . I saw a sneak peak yesterday and it looked fabulous. The outdoor rugs are to die for.

We could use some new outdoor furniture and this outdoor sectional from Crate and Barrel is calling my name.

Martha does it again with this grilled steak summer, vegetable salad and tequila shrimp. I hear summer calling my name.

Images from top down Kohls, Crate and Barrel, and Martha Stewart

Some Snow…and a Little Apartment Therapy



Hello friends, Happy Friday.

Is it snowing where you are? Because it sure is coming down here! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this is the last snowfall of the year around Oakley Sunglasses cheap here and it will all melt away quickly. I’ve already started to break out my spring nail polish and I’m dying to just walk outside without a coat for once.


Anyway I just wanted to leave for the weekend with some exciting news. I entered our bedroom into Apartment Therapy’s “My Bedroom Retreat Contest and after a week of voting we’re currently in second place. There’ still a few more weeks left so it’s anyone’s guess who will come out on top and move on to the final round. I’d be forever grateful if you felt so inclined to go vote. It would really mean a lot to a tiny blog like this one. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for visiting.

Well I’m off for the weekend I have a bridal shower to go to and I haven’t figured out what to wear yet. This snow is really throwing my plans for something Spring like off. Wish me luck.

Life with Littles: Draw a Map



Did you ever have one of those mornings where you just can’t get out of the house? You know the ones where your child procrastinates for 15 minutes before going to the bathroom and hides when you ask them to put on their shoes? Those giggles can be adorable when you have time to indulge, but certain times you’re standing there just willing them to get dressed already!


Last week we were having one of these mornings and I had a a brilliant idea that has been working like a charm ever since. I quickly scribbled a map on a scrap sheet of paper. It sounds silly and simple but Nikolas loves it.


I usually break down whatever we’re going to do in three simple steps. Sure, sometimes cheap oakley sunglasses it involves me drawing a map to the toilet but it gets the job done and it’s really cute to see him follow the map around the house. It’s amazing what turning something into a game instead of a chore does for our mornings. The map gets bonus points for helping us get out of the door quicker.


Do you draw maps? I think it might be fun once the weather gets warmer to draw a treasure map around the yard and hide a prize at the end. What trick do you use with your kids? Spill your secrets in the comments.

P.S. This Pinterest board has a really great collection of kids scavenger hunt ideas.

It’s Friday



Woo it’s Friday again my friends and the mad dash to the holidays is getting hotter. This weekend we’re planning to take Nikolas on a ride to see a home in our area that goes completely crazy for Christmas, there’s usually a line wrapped at least twice around the block to catch a glimpse…they’re almost as crazy as these lights. Love them!


Have a great weekend!

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