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Happy Friday



Happy Friday Friends,

Just a quick one from me today. I have a certain little two year old that’s had a little lot of trouble sleeping this past week and is wearing me out! So happy it is Friday at last.

Even so, I couldn’t leave for the weekend without sharing a couple things I spied this past week.

This living room makeover that Lauren Leiss of Pure Style Home did for a client in DC is absolutely fantabulous. I can’t tell you how much I want to move right in. Those black French Doors are beautiful and it has me want to redo our Living Room ASAP.

And moving on to a completely different topic…


Have you clicked on a Pinterest Pin lately and gotten this notification to install a Pinterest tool? Don’t do it. It’s spam. You can tell it’s not from Pinterest because the URL will have Pinterest spelled wrong. It will be spelt something like this (pintrerets).

That’s all from me folks. What are you doing this weekend? I’ll be in Christmas prepping mode since I just realized it’s a little more than 2 weeks away and I’ve been slacking on my Holiday shopping this year.

Have a great weekend.

Bits and Pieces



It’s Tuesday and I’m still having a hard time getting back into the swing of the work week after Thanksgiving weekend lounging and doing what I want to do overload. My head is swirling with Christmas activities, gift buying, cookie baking and hall decking.  We got a ton of stuff accomplished over the weekend which was great and we were kind of all over the place (kind of like this post).Cardinal

First of all the cardinals have arrived They’re so strikingly beautiful I had to take a picture and share. I caught this guy hanging out in our tree and quick snapped a picture of him. I really like the stark contrast of the brightly colored feathers against the gray background. So pretty!

Moving on…I love Christmas lights, there’s magic waiting till it gets dark and flipping the switch and having the warm glow of the Christmas lights on a cold winter’s evening.  Nikolas is really into the Ray Ban outlet whole magic of Christmas this year, it’s so much fun to see his eyes light up when the lights turn. He’s so filled with love of the magic of Christmas and holiday cheer it’s so sweet to see his love for the season grow.

Christmas Lights 003It’s taken us a few years to find our groove when it comes to decorating outdoors for Christmas. Our house is not typical in that the front faces the lake and the back faces the street, making for the traditional approach of lights on the roofline look kind of awkward. Over the past 2 weeks it’s had been very warm so it was perfect timing to add some festive holiday cheer to the outside. I think the warm weather helped us find our holiday decorating groove. I strung white lights around all the rails of the deck which look so pretty when lit.

TChristmas LightsBryan caught the decorating bug and strung the outdoor bar with colored lights. The roofline and post are now outfitted for the season. I’m so glad we did this while it was warm, the day after we put up the lights it turned bitterly cold which would have definitely prevented us from enjoying the process so much. On a cold day I’d rather sit inside, listen to Christmas music and decorate the tree than freeze outside stringing lights.

Speaking of Christmas decorating we also put up our tree! It’s a Thanksgiving weekend tradition around here. I’m the type of person that likes to put it up as early as possible but usually once New Year comes I’m dying to get it down. Do you feel the same?

Christmas Tree 2 I bought a few new ornaments from JCPenney of all places on Black Friday, you can catch a glimpse of the orange one above, in person they’re translucent and the lights glow right through them. I love that they’re a simple shape with a bold color against the muted background. They’re similar in that way to the Cardinal picture above, I’m sensing a trend here.

Cutting Tree 2

Now for the last and most random occurrence of the weekend. Hurricane Sandy downed massive trees in our area many were broken and scattered on the ground which has left many people scrambling to remove the trees from their yards. We wanted an opportunity to reuse some of the fallen trees.  We’ve had the idea for a while to make the bar top for the outdoor bar out of one solid piece of wood with a live edge. Figuring the cost would be too high we put the idea on the back burner for some time. This past weekend we resuced this giant tree from being cut up for firewood. It’s utterly massive, you can kind of get the idea how big it is with my Dad standing on top of our log slicing it down the middle with a chain saw. It needed to be partially cut on sight so we could transport it.

Cutting Tree

The massive log is now sitting in our yard waiting for the spring thaw when we can get back to work on the bar. We got so much accomplished in our four day weekend, makes me wish every weekend was that long!

Well that’s all for me even though Cyber Monday is done I’m off to scour the internet for some fabulous gifts!

PS: Tomorrow I have another great Christmas DIY and Monday in addition to our regular posting I’ll be kicking off our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide series with tons of great stocking stuffer ideas. I’ve been searching high and low for great gift ideas. You won’t want to miss it!

Weekend Plans





It’s Friday friends my favorite day of the week.

Our forecast predicts bright sunny skies and temperatures Cheap NFL Jerseys in the mid-sixties, which will be utterly glorious after the string of weather we’ve been having.

My to-do list in my head includes posting a desk for sale on craigslist, finish raking up the leaves in the yard and maybe stringing up some Christmas lights (but leaving them off until Christmas) before the weather turns cold again. I love Christmas lights but hate putting them up in the cold.

What are your plans for the weekend?

A Day in the Life



I thought it be fun to start a new recurring column around here called “A Day in the Life” From time to time I’ll feature some of my favorite bloggers and see through their eyes a typical day in their lives. I had planned to write the first installment through our family’s eyes. Well in came a little storm called Hurricane Sandy and zapped our power out I thought about postpoing it but decided to just record it anyway. We were so fortunate to have only lost power when so many lost a whole lot more our hearts and prayers go out to them. So without further ado here is A (not so typical) Day in Our Life.

6:58 AM It’s still dark outside. I feel Nikolas kicking me in the ribs. I was worried about Nik roaming around in the middle of the night with the power out. Since then he’s been sleeping in our room. I see a little face pop in front of mine “good mornin Mommy”, “Mommy you wake ‘em up?” Which is my signal to get up. I say I’m still sleeping and close cheap oakley sunglasses my eyes. He licks my face and explains that he’s a puppy dog. Yuck! I’m officially awake now. Nikolas that’s disgusting I say and warn him about the consequences of licking his mother’s face . He’s distracted by Bryan stirring and the whole routine starts again minus the licking…for now. “Daddy, you wake ‘em up?”

7:07 AM Nik licks me again, I’m officially awake now. I tell him to stop doing that and don’t follow through with my threat. I decide it’s too early in the morning to start a battle with a 2 year old. I nudge Bryan and ask if he could please go turn on the generator. He gets out of bed, dresses for the cold and shuffles outside to fill the generator with gas. I change Nik and brush my teeth with bottled water and dress in something warm. I hear the hum of generators being started in the neighborhood. Within seconds ours goes on as well and lights turn on. Fortunately our generator can power most of the house so we’re up and running with lights and water. Saying a silent thankful prayer for the generator I move to the kitchen and start a pot of coffee.

8:00 AM My coffee is made and warm on the counter. I grab Nik a bagel and some apple juice. He’s happy and scampers off to eat. I go out onto the deck to take a look around. It’s cold but the first rays of sunshine in days are peaking through the clouds, I’m so happy to see the sun. I look around to check and see if anyone near us has power yet. Nothing. The lights came on in the street next to ours last night. It’s been over 84 hours without power and I’m feeling a little antsy. My office is still closed thanks to the power outage and no internet connection means no work. I decide I’m going to clean up the house I start making beds and putting things away.Bryan heads off to work at 8:30. Nik and I get to work cleaning up the house.

9:00 AM Bryan calls me to check and see how the generator is doing and if the house is warming up from the stove. He let’s me know he saw 15 electric trucks close to our house “reinforcements are here!” It makes me hopeful that the electric will come back on soon. Nik has discovered finger-paints in closet and is painting at the table. He’s quiet for a while which lets me finish up around the house.   A Day in the Life - Our Lake Life 2

10:00 AM Finger-paints, play dough and trucks have lost their appeal. We’re onto cleaning out the closet that is a disaster. If nothing else the house will be organized by the time the power outage is over. I turn on some music on the iPad to help pass the time and fill the silence.

A Day in the Life - Our Lake Life 3 10:30 AM I made the mistake of telling Nikolas he has a crack in his behind the other day. His eyes grew wide and every few days he tells me it’s broken. Now he keeps looking in the mirror and trying to fix it. I can’t help but giggle every time. I tell him everyone has a crack and he seems appeased by this for the moment. He’s off and playing again.

11:00 am The closet is done for now and it looks marginally better. Except now I have a pile of garbage that will need to go out. That will have to wait though. Nik is getting restless and my sister Angela has arrived to escape her cold house that doesn’t have heat or electric. Thanks to the generator out house is now warm so she settles in to hang out for a while with my Mom who’s downstairs. I make Nikolas lunch who’s sitting on the floor saying he’s hungry, remarkable since he just ate not that long ago. I dress while he’s content eating A Day in the Life - Our Lake Life 5

11:30 am We’re dressed, fed and out the door. I haven’t taken the car out since the storm as gas lines have become a huge problem. I decide I have more than enough gas to make it through and head off to Target to return a purchase I no longer want. Nikola is just happy to be out of the house and doesn’t much care where we are going. The gas lines are out of control as we drive by. They’re so long they are causing traffic on the highways where ever there is an open station. 

A Day in the Life - Our Lake Life 4 12: 00 noon At Target we browse around for a little while. I find a mirror that I love, great chargers for the Thanksgiving table and a carved wood bowl. Nikola sis enthralled by the giant blow up Santa’s now on display and all of the holiday lights. I look forward to the Christmas season now that he’s old enough to be in awe of the display. Somehow the wood bowl makes it’s way into my cart but on my way to the register I decide to hold off and ask for it for Xmas.

1:00 pm It’s though the register at Target where we refrained from buying anything but one Christmas present. It’s out the door and off to Michaels to browse and buy some gold leaf sheets. Half way through Nikolas sits on the floor says he’s tired and asks me to carry him. I try to distract him but he’s not budging. I give in and pick him up and we head off to the cash register. He recovers and we head home. I secretly hope the electric is back on when we get home.

A Day in the Life - Our Lake Life 6

1:30 pm Back home and still no electric. I walk Nik up to bed and snuggled with him. He tells me he loves me and then drifts off to sleep in less than a minute while I’m still sitting there. I tuck him in give him a kiss and stand for minute to admire how peaceful and beautiful he is. I creep out of the room, make myself something to eat and sit down to write and edit images.

3:00 pm Nik is still asleep so I decide to sit on the couch and relax for a while. I snuggle under a blanket and feel myself drift off.

4:00 pm Mommy, Mommy Mommy. I think I’m dreaming then I realize Nikolas is standing next to me talking to me. “I wanna watch “McQueen pwease” his way of saying that he wants to watch Cars the movie. I turn on Cars on the iPad which I’m grateful for. He settles in a relaxes while he’s still a little sleepy and we watch Cars for a little while.

5:00 pm I hear the hum of the generator die and lights immediately turns off. &!#@$ the generator must have run out of gas . I look at the clock Bryan is still an hour and a half away from being home. I decide to go venture out to fill the generator myself and try to get it restarted. Angela watches Nikolas while My mom and I go outside to investigate. I open the gas cap on the generator and confirm my suspicions, bone dry. I struggle with the nozzle on the gas can and fill the generator half way. I read the direction on how to start it, set it to choke and pull the cord a number of times. Nothing. A few more attempts and it’s not working I go inside to call Bryan. He answers “where are you?” I ask. Pulling into our road, why? Ah relief, so happy he decided to leave work early today. He arrives home in less than a minute, fills the generator and starts it up. I’m really thankful to have Bryan in this moment.

6:00 pm The troops start arriving. Anna (another sister) comes in the door with her husband Jay. Anna has been camping out here while the power is out. She’s refusing to sleep in her cold house. Ours is heated and snugly thankfully. Some of eat we all talk, then the boys play video games and I wrestle with Nikolas for a while trying to release some of that 2 year old energy.

7:30 pm My sisters decide to go on a food run to McDonald’s. There’s some discussion as to whether or not it’s open. Someone says it is so they head out in search of some food. They pass a gas station and text us letting us know one is open without a long line. Bryan and Jay head out to grab some gas while they can. Meanwhile we get a call from the girls most of the food places are still closed except for one loan pizzeria on one of the back roads around town. The girls are happy with their score but the boys come back without any gas The station was closed by the time they got there.

8:00 pmWe all spend time talking for the rest of the evening. We might not have power but we have a good time hanging out and relaxing. I put Nikolas to bed and play a game of Monopoly on the iPad. I’m beginning to think of what I’ll do once the power comes back on.

10:00 pmIt’s time for bed, We go around locking up for the night, brush my teeth and snuggle into bed under the covers. Bryan watches as the fire slowly dies. He goes outside and powers off the generator and the hum subsides. It’s silent and dark and I close my eyes and rest my head and are hopeful that the power will go on tomorrow.


Update: Our power finally came back on 48 hours later. My sister’s power continued to be out for another 4 days. We were all very happy and relieved when it finally came on but we never forgot how fortunate we were to only have lost the power as an outcome of Sandy when so many more lost whole lot more.

The Last Boat Ride of the Year



Update we just got our back our power after almost a week of being without electricity. We’re very thankful we made it through with everyone safe and sound and are saying prayers for all those still suffering in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Even though we just made it through Hurricane Sandy and the Ray Ban outlettrees are now bare a few weeks ago we were experiencing one of the loveliest shows of fall color that I can remember.

Fall Foliage 1 Autumn Lake 4 Fall Foliage 5 Fall Foliage 2

Fall Foliage 6

The last boat road of the season is always one of my favorites. It’s note about going fast and dodging boats but it’s more of a leisurely meander on the lake taking in the scenery and enjoying the last warm rays of sun before the coldness of winter takes hold.

Bryan has enjoyed fishing for all long as I can remember. He’s been waiting patiently for Nikolas grow bigger so he can have a fishing buddy by his side. While Nik still has a little ways to go before you can really take him out on long fishing trips while simultaneously enjoying yourself the seeds of a budding fisherman has taken hold.

Much to my dismay he enjoys watching fishing shows on TV with his Dad (which in my opinion are the equivalent of watching paint dry) and asks for his fishing pole everyday.

What did you all do to enjoy the last warm days of autumn?

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