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Family Traditions




Well we are back from our little Our Lake Life goes to the beach annual family adventure that we all love and look forward to very much each year. Our little tradition involves renting a beach condo, packing up the whole family, my parents, sisters, husbands and heading out for a week at the beach. The tradition goes back quite a ways beginning back when I was just a little warm and snuggly inside my mother’s belly. I cannot remember a summer ever of not continuing on in this tradition.

Vacation 2

So many warm and wonderful summer memories have been  made in our favorite shore town called Ocean City located on the far southern shores of New Jersey this family resort has long been a favorite of ours. Of course we’ve always known that Ocean City is a special place, this year Travel Channel named OC’s Boardwalk one of the best in the country, looks like the rest of the world is taking notice.

Vacation 3

Needless to say it’s a highly anticipated and very special time when we all get to take a week and relax as one big family. You would think after all these years of vacationing in the same place that we would have exhausted every nook and cranny of one small town on the coast. Not true, on our first day we discovered a new to us state park nestled on the bay, complete with a Ray Ban outlet playground and boat ramps leading to the open waters of the bay overlooking Ocean City. We had a fun few hours as we waited for check-in time.

Vacation 4

We arrived on Saturday, It was humid and a little overcast the day we arrived with a threat of shower mixed in. Quickly turning sunny and hot as we anticipated the week of fun ahead and the excitement of walking into the rental for the first time. Will it be as nice as the pictures? What will the view be like? How far is the walk to the beach?

Vacation 6

Vacation 5

It didn’t disappoint, the house was nice and big we had the first floor of the large 2 story home with an open floor plan that I’d love to have some day. An elevator which was extremely awesome for delivering luggage from the garage but kind of overkill if you just wanted to step outside. A gorgeous wrap around porch with views of the ocean a truly wonderful place to call home for the week.

Vacation 7

I really love family traditions and I love that my parents were able to carry on with this tradition throughout our lives and make wonderful memories for us. I’m excited to bring those family traditions to my family.

Back in Action



Hi everyone, we’re back in action today from our much needed break where we got away from it all and enjoyed some time at the beach. We had a great time and took loads of pictures. I’ll share some of those soon including some of the gorgeous ocean front homes we spied. They were to die for.

Anyway when we got home we saw one of the most anticipated sites around the lake. It’s probably something that most people don’t ever see. I know, I certainly never had before I moved to our lake.

Weed Harvestor 2 I bet you’re wondering what it is?

It’s called a weed harvester and it’s one of the most welcomed sights on our lake.  Given the size, our lake is relatively shallow which means light is able to reach the bottom in many parts of the lake it also make for relatively warm water in the summer months which is wonderful for swimming and also wonderful for lake weeds to sprout from the bottom virtually covering the lake which is not so good for swimming.

Weed Harvester 3

In July each year the weed harvesters come out to scoop up the floating debris and weeds leaving a substantially less weedy lake in their wake.

Weed Harvester 4

They pull right up to the edge of the land and make quick work of clean up. What would take us hours to pull out by hand is done in mere minutes.

Do you have any cool operations in your area that others might not know about? I’d love to hear.

DIY Planter Boxes (Part 2)



Deck Rail Flower Boxes

I think aliens must have abducted my brain, that’s the only plausible excuse I can think of for completely forgetting to show off the our finished planter boxes. Seriously, I love them and I can’t get enough of them. I even enjoy watering them in the morning as I leisurely sip a cup of coffee and enjoy the view.

The geraniums have been growing like little sun loving monsters on steroids. By the time I’m done typing this sentence I’m sure they will have grown 3 more feet 😉 If you would like to see all the details of how we built these guys click here.

I anxious to finish painting the deck rails white. Although, not so anxious to do it while it’s 100 degrees and sunny. At this rate it will probably be September before we get rolling (pun intended) on the painting again.

Well I’m off to pack we’re about to go on our annual family vacation trip to the beach. I may be a bit absent over the next week or so while we have some fun on the beach.

Talk to you all soon!

Life Lately



New Patio


 Daddy's little helper  How not to dig a hole

To me it seems that summer always flies by in the blink of an eye. The warm weather spurs on a great amount of activity in our lives and makes the time move quicker than usual. What have we been doing lately? My Dad’s been working on a new patio in one of the most gloriously shady spots of the yard (more on that soon). So on Sunday Bryan, Nikolas and I took a trip to the garden store to pick up a few new Hydrangeas to add to the garden around the new patio. It was one of those times where I decided Hydrangeas would be a nice touch and needed to execute the idea immediately. I have those moments often. Bryan has learned to just go with it.

On the way home from the garden store Bryan and I got to reminiscing about how we grew up doing projects with our parents and how we loved working with them. I cannot tell you how sweet it is to now have Nikolas beginning the same experiences. Nikolas, like all kids, loves to help give him job and a little direction that involves building, digging, or pretty much anything that involves getting his hands dirty and he’ll be occupied for hours.

Our yard is really coming together over the past three years that we’ve been here we’ve covered lots of small and not so small projects. One of my new favorites is the addition of the Hydrangeas we picked up as a result of our trip on Sunday (we just planted them and I need to take some more photos). What we didn’t love was having to deal with the massive amounts of tree roots in the way of where we wanted to plant them. We definitely don’t recommend cutting a hole in the ground with a sawzall but sometimes you just need to think outside the box and utilize a few power tools to help get the job done.

Ramblings and Instagram



Hello everyone,

It seems I fell off the blogging bandwagon last week. Summer has taken over around here. We’ve been having so much fun enjoying the warm weather, working on projects and trying to squeeze in some time to enjoy it all.

I’m very much a project person. I love to see progress, but sometimes it’s just as important to stop and enjoy all you’ve been working towards. In New Jersey the warm months always feel a wee bit too short, so I’m trying to enjoy it more and soak up every fun minute we can.

I’ve had Instagram installed on my phone for quite some time now but have not really used it much in the past. This past week found myself without my camera close by and decided to give it a try. I’ve been having loads of fun looking at things through the lens of my phone and applying filters to my world.

row boat

Summer Sky

Jet Ski





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