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Outdoor Cushion Switcheroo



Deck Cushions

After painting the deck, spraying our furniture a cool gray and building a table top all in the spirit of giving out tired looking deck a bit of a pick me up it became even more apparent that the old cushions had seen better days and were looking worse and worse the more changes we made.

Table finished Lucky for us I had be loathing them for some time. Although, loathing might be a strong word…let’s put it this way I was in a state of serious dislike while plotting their demise. I tried to source some premade pillows that would be bright and colorful while not breaking the bank. I failed miserably. Then I toyed with the idea of buy new outdoor foam and making my own, which turned out to be an almost equally expensive proposition until I wisely decided to recycle the old stuffing and sew up some new covers instead.



I’ve been loving Trina Turk’s Indoor Outdoor collection for Schumacher for some time now but not willing to spend $100 yd on fabric for our outdoor cushions I needed to find something that gave the same vibe on a budget .  I found a a couple suitable substitutes.

Outdoor Fabric copy

On the left in Coral Splendor from Lewis and Sharon Textiles and P. Kaufmann Zebra Skin from House of Fabrics. I also ordered a Neutral Sunbrella outdoor fabric remnant I found online for the majority of the cushions.

Deck Sneak Peak

A few weekends ago I whipped out the old sewing machine and got to work sewing up 4 box cushions for the seats and 4 pillows for the seat backs. I cut apart the old pillows and reused the stuffing for the box cushions to save on cost and bought 4 new 24 inch outdoor pillow inserts for the back. Buying the inserts pre-made actually turned out cheaper than buying foam and batting separately to stuff them.

Deck Cushions

The seat back pillows are reversible so if you are feeling like you want a dose of coral it’s an easy flip of the pillow.

Deck Cushions 2

Each of the cushions pillows are piped with the coordinating zebra fabric to to help tie everything together.

Deck Cushion piping

So far we’re loving them.

Outdoor Cushions

They already gotten a lot of use since I put the finishing touches on them a few weeks ago/ So far we’ve had three BBQ’s and even an incident with some BBQ sauce spill they was left sitting on the cushions over night. Fortunately it came out with a little Dawn and a scrubby brush and it looked good as new. I can’t wait to add some plants and greenery to the space.

The Weekend



The Weekend, Blooming Trees

Happy weekend everyone and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, We’ve had a wonderfully mild stretch of weather here. The trees have taken notice and started to bud. Next week looks like it’s going to be more of the same. We’re keeping your fingers crossed for lovely weather and an early spring.

Well I’m off for the weekend talk to you soon. 🙂

Spring Cleaning the Lake



Hi everyone, hope you had a great weekend. The temperature around here are taking a turn for the warmer. On Sunday we had beautiful weather for getting out and enjoying the sunshine. The warmer days combined with longer nights thanks to Daylight Savings time now in full effect have made me especially anxious to get outside.

Spring Cleaning LakeStyle

With the lake still low enough from the Winter drawdown to be able to walk around in waders, Bryan took the time to go do some spring cleaning of the lake variety. We have a rubble dock at the corner of our property. A rubble docks means the wood platform sits on top of rocks and stone to hold it out of the water versus other kinds of docks which are held up by wooden pylons that are pounded deep into the ground. 

Each year tons of vegetation, sediment, fallen leaves and general muckiness get stuck right in that cove where he’s standing. It’s not absolutely necessary to take some of it out but it certainly makes for a nicer area come summer time.

Fixing the stones

My Dad also got in on the act by fixing some of the rocks that had fallen over the winter and removing some dirt and debris that was partially blocking the road drainage pipe nestled in the corner.

I probably haven’t mentioned it in a while but for those of you who are new around here. Our whole house is actually a complete Mother/Daughter arrangement, we have 2 kitchens and everything. We’re not considered a two family house due to an interior access door that connects the upstairs and downstairs living areas.

We love the arrangement and as the summer approaches you’ll be seeing more and more of my parents around who are always up for a good outdoor project. I like to think of them as the original project people around here, I think I get all of DIY skills from them as they built multiple houses as we grew up. It’s in my blood and as most people were watching cartoons on a Saturday morning we would sit down and watch This Old House that is of course when we weren’t outside doing projects.

Mom Dad and Nik digging

Bryan’s no stranger to a DIY family either. His father built two complete houses from the ground up and now tinkers in the garage and builds furniture in his spare time. It’s in the gene pool I tell you! Of course we put Nikolas to work every chance we get and so the DIY cycle continues.


But back to our projects, we also got a healthy amount of some rich top-soil delivered as the next step in the continuing saga of our yard makeover. We’ll start to work on that soon as the temperature continue to rise.


We plan to use a lot of it in front of the pool to create some garden beds. We hope it will help camouflage the large tin can sticking out from the ground. I’m thinking some cutting flowers, tall flow grasses and few bushes thrown in for good measure. It should be good.


All in all it was a pretty good an productive weekend here on the lake. We had some fun outside, got our hands dirty…. some maybe dirtier than others.


We brought out pale selves out into the sunshine.

Maria and Bryan

And watch the the first boats of the year come out to fish.


So how was your weekend? Are the temperatures rising where you are? Did you get a chance to go outside?

The Weekend



Colorful Bouquet of Flowers

Happy Weekend Everyone! Aren’t the colors in this bouquet of flowers just perfect? I’m in love with the hot pink orange and yellow combination these days! It won’t be long now before we start to see some color outside as well. Don’t forget to Spring ahead tonight. So pretty!.

Hope you have a good weekend!

A Few Things on Friday



Hi Everyone,

It’s Friday again, this weekend I hope to get a lot accomplished on my chair upholstery project. Keep your fingers crossed for me. In the meantime I thought I’d share a sneak peak of the fabric I got for the job. I scored this linen twill fabric on eBay for $60 for almost 10 yards. Which is going to go a long way to keeping the overall cost of this project down.


It’s a fairly heavy weight upholstery fabric that I think will wear well over time. I decided to keep the chairs neutral since there’s so many other colors going on in the room with the colorful Ikat drapes floral and striped pillows. To add some interest I also purchase a couple yards white denim fabric for the piping to add a little bit of contrast.


Finally I ordered some nail head trim to add just a little touch extra by accentuating the curves of the chairs.image

It’s a little it different take on light chairs with dark piping. I’m going for beige chairs with white piping and I hope it’s going to work out like I’ve dreamed it up in my head, bringing these guys back from their tattered orange Naugahyde state they were in. I can’t wait to get to the pretty part of putting them back together. We’re still in the ugly frame state, But we’re on the right path the legs have been sanded and stained a rich dark stain.


I’m also thinking a touch of bling might be nice for the bottoms of the legs. I love dipped chair legs and to me these chairs are just calling for it. I think a burnished gold tone like the tables below would match the nail-head trim nicely.

image via

In other news I’m mildly obsessed with this canvas print of a painting by Michelle Armas.



It’s currently on sale via One Kings Lane, I had it in the shopping cart, I really wanted to buy it, but I’m still debating it 😉


I’m thinking it would look lovely on hanging above the nightstand. Hello, lovely painting would you like to live at my house?

So that’s what we’ve got going on around here, upholstery and paintings what have you got going on in your weekend?

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