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The Verdict: Our White Walls…I Love Them!



After pinning several images on Pinterest (like here, here and here) and asking you all what you thought about getting on the white wall bandwagon. I was living with crazy swatches of paint all over the wall for what felt like an eternity. Staring at those swatches all day was starting to make me go cross-eyed. Eventually my eyes uncrossed and the fear of picking the wrong color succumbed to my annoyance with the swatches and I just picked one I felt good about.


What I really love about painting is that it forces you to take everything off of the walls and out of the room and really helps with looking at the space in a whole new light.

Sometimes though it also uncovers things like an ugly wall air conditioning and an off centered window that you’ve been camouflaging for three years. Who ever thought cheap oakley that building house without central air and completely off centering a window was a good idea? Thank heavens for the lake breeze around here.

Living Room Progress 1 (2)

For anyone that’s curious here’s what the living room looked like before we rearranged the furniture and painted. I loved the pale blue walls for a while but as our tastes keep changing I really wanted a fresh start.


The color is Vapor by Benjamin Moore and it was the warmest and creamiest of the whites that we sampled and also the one that went really well with the sectional we have. It took 3 nights after work and 2 full coats to cover all the old paint but I’m really happy I did it. Bryan was a little worried about the trim not contrasting enough with the walls so I gave it a fresh coat of a brighter white and in person it’s just enough that the trim work doesn’t blend right into the wall.

Adding some black accents has been on the top of my priority list for a while too now and on this weekends trip to IKEA we picked up 6 of the large square Ribba frames in black. Hung in a grid I like the graphic statement they make on the wall. I’m still thinking about what to put in them but we’ll keep you posted.


The room feels really fresh and new to me now and I just want to decorate it, get some new pillows and add a little color and texture back into the space.  But right now painting the kitchen is next on the agenda. Both rooms are open to each other so I think that will help with the whole space to feel larger and more cohesive.

Soon (hopefully) we want to open that cutout completely and make a doorway so you enter the room in the center instead of the awkward side entrance we have going on now. All in all I’m really loving the change and I so don’t regret following my instincts and painting out this room.

Well that’s all for now, but before I go for the day please make a girl feel better and tell me I’m not the only one thinks who leaves paint swatches on the wall for far too long?

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My Weekend Trip to IKEA



On Saturday it was a rainy and cloudy day. Bored with nothing else to do Bryan and I  headed off to IKEA.  It was an such an enjoyable trip, Nikolas is totally manageable and not that little baby running away from you anymore. No meltdowns happen in the aisles or proclamations of starvation or worrying about diapers.  I’m really loving this little bit older kid I’ve suddenly acquired.  But back to the IKEA story

File:IKEA Singapore.jpgvia

I went in specifically because I had seen these LAPPLJUNG RUTA black and white graphic pillow covers somewhere and had been obsessing about them for a few days.


They reminded me of the ottoman I’ve been obsessing over from One Kings lane it’s a very similar black and white pattern and at $10 a piece, how could you go wrong?


Of course once we were there that wasn’t the only thing we picked up. Bryan and I both really loved these Industrial BAROMETER Work Lamps. For us to agree on something is huge, most of the time he just doesn’t care so I do what I want. Other times the don’t cheap oakley sunglasses ask don’t tell policy works really well too 🙂  The lamps are so heavy and I was really impressed by the quality and for $30 a piece they were a win  win in our book.

Ikea Fern and White Pot

We also picked up that cute little fern and the white pot sitting next to the lamp.  I can never resist the plant section I kind of love him. He’s such a pretty spring green, sitting in the white pot it makes me feel like warmer days are ahead.

IKEA Ribba Frames 

Finally we picked up six of the always awesome Ribba frames, we have an idea to hang them in a grid in the Living Room, which is easier said than done to get them level and straight, probably one of my least favorite things to do but they’re going to look awesome all hung.

So what have you all been up to? Any runs to IKEA? Buy anything good lately, spill in the comments.

Installing Radiant Floor Heating



Yesterday I mentioned that Bryan was helping out my Dad for a little bit while he began installing radiant floor heating downstairs. Our house is a mother/daughter arrangement. We live upstairs with 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, eat-in kitchen, living room and a large deck . My parents live downstairs and have 1 bedroom, 1 bath, living room, kitchen and a patio.

I haven’t shown the downstairs on the blog for a while, this is what the downstairs looked like on the day of our home inspection. They previous owners used it as a mix of summer kitchen and living area. On the floor there was both slate and carpet tiles.

Since moving in they have removed the column and installed a larger beam to support the span, raised the drop ceiling (there was a ton of wasted space up there) and now they removed the tile and carpeting to install new marble flooring. Pulling up old tile is no easy project, it’s messy and dirty and requires a lot of elbow grease. So since the floor was entirely removed anyway my Dad decided to install in-floor radiant heating.


In-floor radiant heating is basically low voltage wires run directly under your floor. It warms the room from below and eliminates that cold tile feeling that’s so hard to shake in the winter.


My Dad is the ultimately DIYer, we have always done projects like these even back when Bob Vila was the only home show to watch, so it was no surprise when he went on the internet, bought a couple books, read up on it on the Ray Ban Baratas internet and began laying the wire. There’s an alternate method where you can buy mats with the wire pre-layed out for you. But it turns out that have it pre done costs about 4 times more ad for a floor this size it just didn’t make sense.

Laying-Radiant-Floor-1 It took a little bit of trial and error to get the wires to stay in place. There are metal strips glued to the floor every three feet to help hold them in down but in between they tended to get loose and float up.

Radiant-Floor-Heat-2 After reading a few tips on the internet, he heard that you could actually hot glue them into place to help them hold. Now I don’t know if that’s an officially sanctioned way to do it but It worked like a charm.



After the wires were secure they poured an entire coat of self leveling cement. Self leveling cement is a very thin almost watery consistency. Once mixed, you pour it over the floors to help ensure a level surface. You need to work quickly though and in sections because it only has a 20 minute workable time before it begins to set and dry. Once dry the cement covered the wires protecting them and what’s left is a nice smooth surface for the tile.


You can see even with all the gluing a few of the wires tended to float up out of the self level cement anyway. Although not ideal in then end it worked out OK as the thin set that was used to set the tile covered it enough to not make a difference.


It was seriously a lot of work but the floors are coming along now and they look gorgeous! I’ll keep you all posted with how it goes and let everyone know how we like the in floor heating.

Floors, Furniture, Fabric and Some Paint



So it’s Monday again, how was your weekend? We had an all-over-the-place kind of weekend (kind of like this post).

On Saturday, Bryan helped my Dad out downstairs for a little while. Did you know my parents live downstairs? Yup they do we live in a really great mother/daughter house with 2 of everything. They’re redoing their floors and installing radiant floor heating as they go. The heat warms the floors from Cheap Oakley Sunglasses underneath. He’s installing it himself so there is a bit of a learning curve. The quick overview of it is that you run wires under the floor and pour a self leveling cement over the top to hold it in place before tiling. There’s my dad laying out the wires that will produce the heat.


Bryan and I also made a trip to the paint store. I finally settled on a a white to paint the Living Room. It’s called Vapor from Benjamin Moore and it was the warmest of the samples that we put on the wall. I can’t wait to get to painting to see how it looks! We also picked up a no tape edge-n roll edger to help do the edges. It was $15 and normally I wouldn’t have bought it but my sister tried it out last time she painted and loved it. We’ll see how it goes.


I also played around by putting together a quick living room mood board. I wanted to see how both the old and a few new elements would work together.

Living-Room-Furniture Our couch is the Buchanan sectional from pottery barn and the rug is a zebra print rug from Rugs USA which is an awesome rug that I really love. We have a lot of wood tones in the room too; including the Secretary I just bought on craigslist last month which I think will help warm up the white walls and some colorful art. Right now I’m liking these here and here.

I found the ottoman on One Kings Lane from a while back. I love the graphic black pattern, but unfortunately it’s not available anymore so I’m thinking maybe, just maybe I could DIY something similar. The room needs some new pillows too I’ve had the same ones forever so I want to whip up a few with some new fabric. 

Living-Room-Board Fabric

The black graphic patterned fabric called Connect the Blocks I found it on Spoonflower and it’s so similar to the ottoman fabric. I’ve always been a little shy of using black but I really want to break out of that rut. The next fabric I like right now is Landsmeer by Robert Allen. It looks like a water color printed on fabric. I also like this stylized paisley print from SpoonFlower and the modern floral from L&S Fabrics.

Of course I’m still deciding, I usually change my mind 20 times before anything becomes final.  There’ so many fabric options I can’t figure out which to order. I see some fabric sample buying in my near future and a paint roller. It must be my psychic abilities kicking in 😉

Here’s my question to you. Has anyone ever ordered from Spoonflower before? I never have. Did you like the fabric? How was the quality? Please tell in the comments 🙂

A Dash of Spring



Well January I’d like to say that you will be missed but I’d be lying. Who thought this cold gray month was a good idea anyway? So since it’s Friday and since it’s February and since we are inching our way closer to spring with each passing day I’ve decided to bring a little life into the house in the form of a $6 bunch of tulips.


It’s no secret that I love to pick up flowers at the grocery store while food shopping. They make me happy and if that isn’t reason enough to spend $6 then the shot in the arm of springtime in the living is definitely what the doctor ordered.


I love tulips because they’re just so bright and fresh. I usually opt for super bright colorful bunches of flowers but this time I chose to go with a solid white bouquet. I think the solid color feels elegant. It also give me that dash of white I’ve been Ray Ban outlet craving until I muster up the energy to paint the living room.


It’s beginning to feel like spring inside, now if only the weather would cooperate.

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