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Best of Folding Chairs



Thanksgiving is this week and the rest of the holidays are right around the corner. With that comes droves of guests and the need for extra seating. Folding chairs are convenient solutions for small spaces and extra guests in the backyard or in the dining room but often time look like a second rate seat. Make your guest feel more at home and forego the uncomfortable standard metal seating in favor of one of these stylish solutions below.

Folding Chairs 1-4 copy

1. Bamboo Folding Chair, 2. Folding Red Metal Chair, 3. Folding Leather Chair, 4. St. Germain Folding Chair

Folding Chairs 5-8

5. Hardwood Folding Chair, 6. FiFi Folding Chair, 7.Winsome Wood Folding Chair, 8. Red Metal Folding Chair

Folding Chairs 9-12

9. Wood Folding Chair, 10. Cannes Colorful Folding Chair, 11.Clarity Acrylic Folding Chair, 12. Savannah Folding Chair

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Chairloom Furniture Makeovers



Browsing through last month’s Lonny Magazine an advertisement caught my eye for Chairloom. I clicked over which is completely unusual for the girl that waits 15 minutes after a show starts to begin watching so I can fast forwards through commercials. Still expecting an underwhelming run of the mill upholstery shop I was quickly blown away by what I found and have been a bit of a stalker ever since.

Chairloom Before and After 1

Based in Pennsylvania “Molly Andrews & Tracy Jenkins share a love and appreciation for vintage an d antique furniture as we ll as a vision to customize pieces in need of reupholstery using unique and beautiful, fresh & often unexpected textiles”.

Chairloom Before and After 2

They work with local and online clients on restoration & reupholstery projects, custom furniture and cushions as well as sell a select few pieces finished and waiting to be finished on their site.

Chairloom Before and After 3

I’m so in love with all of their fabric choices and am dying to go Vendita nuove magliette calcio a poco prezzo online visit their showroom (shown below) to have a piece of my own transformed.

Images 1 –3 via Chairloom.com, Image 4 via Spearmint Decor

An Eclectic and Colorful Thanksgiving Table



Can anyone believe Thanksgiving is just three weeks away!? No? Me neither! Thanksgiving is usually out our  house and tends to be the least formal of the cheap oakley sunglasses upcoming holidays. This year I want to try and use what I have on hand as well as add just a couple touches. An eclectic table lends itself to the casual atmosphere and still maintains it’s pretty but put together vibe. Below I’ve put together some of my favorite finds that have me thinking about adding to my table setting stash.

Eclectic Thanksgiving

1. Wisteria Table Cloth, 2. Wood cake stand, 3. Glassware, 4. Candleholder, 5. Wood Bowl, 6. Flatware, 7. Dinnerware 8. Napkin Rings, 9. Rattan Placemat, 10. Apron

I’m dying to pull the trigger on that fantastic Anthropologie apron. What’s your favorite item on the list?

Cane and Rattan Chairs



Well I would like to tell you that our planters boxes are up and finished, and I could except that would be a blatant lie on my part ;-). In truth we’ve gotten a little bit derailed by BBQ’s and an abundant amount of rain. Hopefully they’ll be finished this weekend.

So anyway my living room is in desperate need of some side chairs to fill up an empty wall. The room is relatively narrow at around 12 feet wide and we have a sectional in there so the chairs need to be somewhat smallish in scale like my bedroom chairs. A recliners wont fit (sorry Bryan).

Living Room

The chairs will sit to the right where the TV once did since it’s now hung on the wall above the fireplace. As you can see in this recycled picture from Christmas. Amazing that I haven’t taken a picture since then!

Deck the Living Room 10

There’s no real rush so I have been keeping my eyes open for just the right kind of chair that will fit. Lately I have been loving all kinds of cane and rattan chairs. Who knows where we’ll end up or when the right chair will pop up but here’s some of my favorites right now.



I love the emerald green color of this wonderful chair redo. The can was broken and she fixed it using upholstery webbing and nailhead traim. Sheer Genius




The black frames on these two make my heart go pitter patter both have a modern edge but would be equally comfortable in a traditional space.



This rattan beauty from Pottery Barn could be equally at home indoors or out. I love it.



I really like the unique square shape of the arms combined with the circle design on the arms. Such a beautiful designed piece.



I love than the cane and rattan chairs can lend themselves to a beachy relaxed feel.

Oct/Nov 2009


Well that’s all for me today. I’m off to scour craigslist. Talk to you all Monday 🙂

Outdoor Dining: Melamine Plate Roundup



It’s no secret that I’ve been on an outdoor decorating spree; first by sewing my own outdoor cushions, then potting flowers and recently my Target ombre pillow score. More and more though, I’ve turned my attention from decorating to outdoor dining. Nothing says summer BBQ’s, picnics and practicality like plastic plates. Designers have been taking notice and upping the anti on the traditional white plastics plates with stellar versions in melamine. They look so good you won’t believe they’re plastic.

Here are 9 of my favorites that have me itching to reach for my wallet.

Melamine Plates

1 Botanical 10” Melamine Plate $18.00

2 Patio Garden 11” Melamine Dinner Plate $4.99 (on sale)

3 Clinton Friedman 9” Melamine Plate $1.99 (on sale)

4 Raj French Bull Side Plate $9.95

5 Honeycomb 9″ Melamine Side Plate $39.60 (set of 6)*

6 French Bull 8-Inch Melamine Salad Plate $12.21*

7 Coral Stripe 10.5” Dinner Plate $15.99 (set of 8)

8 Kaleidobug 10.5 Melamine Plate $4.95 (on sale)

9 Positano Melamine Dinner Plate $12.00

* Contains affiliate links

Did you spot which ones remind you of my Target pillows? Yes number 7. Target is clearly the Master of taking the same design and translating it many different ways.

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