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Illustrated Maps



Happy Friday. I’m so excited for the weekend. We have plans for some B-B-Q’s, Fireworks, and a few projects around the house, 4th of July weekend is my favorite of the summer. Before we leave to enjoy some fun in the sun. I thought I’d share my latest love.

I love maps in general but I’ve recently become mildly obsessed with illustrated maps. I can’t get over how many cool and unusual maps there are. People are using these maps in all kinds of creative ways included custom maps for wedding invitations.

As I type I’m thinking of how I can create my own custom version of my hometown area with some landmarks on the lake. I think that would be so cute and fun.

Here’s some of the more remarkable illustrated maps that have me dreaming of my own version I’ve found along the way. I’ll be sure to draw upon these for inspiration when I decide to tackle this project.

I also found this great illustrated map tutorial by Paper Fox Press. Be sure to check it out. I know I’ll be visiting this again sometime soon.

All images pinned on Pinterest, click on the image for the source. You can find much more inspiration in my Illustrated Maps board.

Happy Independence Day everyone! We’ll be back Tuesday with all the fun in the sun this weekend had to offer, but until then Happy B-B-Q’ing!

July 4th idea file



July 4 is just around the corner and with that legions of Bar-B-Q’s, fireworks celebrations and summertime activities will kick-off around the country. I love July 4, to me it’s the ultimate summer holiday and what a great time to add some summer sizzle with some of my favorite July 4th projects I’m dying to try. If only I didn’t have to sleep.

DIY Flag tutorial made from old pallets.

Slat Star tutorial

Martha Stewart’s fruited cheesecake flag

DEEEE.LIC.IOUS. looking Blueberry and Cherry pie recipe

Easy Peasy Recycled Can Luminaries

DIY Summer Bunting


All images pinned on Pinterest, click on the image for the source. You can find much more inspiration in my 4th of July ideas board

Coastal Inspiration



There’s something about living by the the water that is such a calming atmosphere. Maybe it’s the sound or the flurry of recreational activities that surround you. Or maybe it’s the feeling of true love for your home and the place you live that brings everyone together.

My experience in living on the water has been wonderful to date. Everything from the people to the lifestyle is completely unique. I think it’s a common love of the environment that brings everyone together. It automatically creates a unique bond. Everyone is orientated towards the outdoors more and that brings a sense of community to our little neighborhood. It’s a rare summer’s day that one of our neighbors doesn’t swing on by to say hello and shoot the breeze. A impromptu casual hangout out on the dock on a warm afternoon is a common occurrence.

When I think of coastal style I think of the same impromptu casual feeling I get hanging out on the dock reminiscent of waves lapping on the shoreline and warm summer breezes. It’s a feeling of laid back casual elegance whether decked out in grays and blues, a palette of pastels or bursting with pops of color. Here’s what’s inspiring me today as I think about that feeling and the feeling I want my home on the water to embody.

All images via Pinterest, click on the image for the source. You can find much more inspiration in my Coastal board

Summer Stylin



With Memorial weekend here and my new couch that finally arriving, Yippee! I thought it was time to dress up the walls with some Summer spirit in mind.

I mainly used stuff I already had around the house and brought it together in a new way to freshen things up a bit.

I did buy this mirror on ebay, of course it didn’t look like this when I first got it. It was my first dive into creating something similar to the most AAAmaaaazzing mirror inspiration I found on Pinterest.  I spent $10.50 for the mirror and $6.00 on paint to bring this baby to life…I’m looking forward to blogging all about the how’s and the what’s on Tuesday!

I already had this artwork that I had painted and created a tutorial for a few months ago.

And this Hydrangea arrangement I stole borrowed from my Mom’s house. Hydrangeas always say summertime to me.

And my new art project tutorial I’m working on, I propped it up here while it’s drying in between coats of paint.

I had a great time changing up my space for summer. But now, I’m off to enjoy a great long Memorial weekend!

I’ll be back Tuesday with all the nitty gritty details of my pretty-in-pink mirror, until then enjoy your weekend.

Thank you to all the men and women out there who gave their lives so we could live ours in freedom.



The story of a few boats



Have you ever felt like you just keep acquiring more and more stuff? Well that seems to be a common theme around here. Since moving to our house 1 1/2 years ago we’ve acquired our share of floating vessels.  My husband and I came to the house with ONE little Jon Boat we used to use on the smaller non-motor boat lakes around the area.

Then we thought “Wouldn’t it be awesome to have some Jet Skis?” My brother in-law also thought a Jet Ski would be a fantastic idea, we bought one and he bought one so that  he and my husband could ride together.

And then there was 1 Jon boat and 2 skis.

Then there was a listing on craigslist for a FREE pedal boat. Who could resist FREE? I know I certainly can’t. Pedal boats can run over $300 to buy one new. So we snagged it and ran.  We could just see ourselves pedaling around our cove enjoying the sunshine taking nice leisurely rides around the cove, stopping to chat with the those kayaking. It would be glorious.

And then there was 1 Jon boat, 2 skis and 1 pedal boat.

After that the previous owners had left us a row boat in the yard they had been using as a flower box. It was overgrown with weeds by the time we got to it, so we cleaned it out, patched some holes, planned on a paint job and made it sea lake worthy again.

And then there was 1 Jon boat, 2 skis, 1 pedal boat and 1 row boat.

Do you see a pattern developing? After all of those they were still too small to really be able to enjoy a Sunday afternoon boat ride. After some talking about it and debating whether we should get a pontoon boat (which is essentially a floating deck) or a little speed boat, we got this guy.

The primary decision making factor for buying this kind of boat versus another is just inherently more fun. It’s like buying a convertible or a mini-van. Sure you can’t fit as many people in it. But how often would  20 of your closet friends be able to come a relax on it with you to make it really worth it. So in the end the speedboat won it in a war of fun. They don’t call them pleasure crafts for nothing!

And that’s the story of how there came to be 1 Jon boat, 2 skis, 1 pedal boat, 1 row boat and 1 speed boat.



Hello all, Due to a combination of high margin, <$2m ultimate price point and fully identified team we are canceling this GR2 call.
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