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My Inspiration this Week



Hi everyone, It’s finally Friday. Yippee! I have to say Friday’s are my favorite day of the week, because at the end of the day you know you have a whole glorious weekend ahead of you.

Now that the temperatures are cooling down in NJ we’re beginning to switch our focus from outdoor activities to indoor updates. I’m dying to finally start updating my bedroom with some of the inspiration I’ve been thinking about forever.

On another note, I want to show off some of my favorite tutorials from around the web that have filled imagination this week. Some old, some new but all fabulous, right?

Great Anthropologie Inspired Upholstery Tutorial from Three Boys

Campaign Style Tables from Little Green Notebook

Hypertufa Pots from 33 shades of Green

Painted Floor via The DIYshowoff

JuJu Hat tutorial via flutter flutter




You may have noticed a few things have changed around here.

Yup that’s right. I thought it was time for fall house cleaning around here and a little color scheme update to boot. Here’s a little bit of the updates to the blog you can expect to see:

  • Update the look of the overall blog (colors/patterns/typefaces) to look a little cleaner and fresher
  • Update the header to add some more white space and let your eyes roam vs the old BAM! we slapped up an image look.
  • Lighten up a bit, since the old color scheme was feeling a bit on the 12 year old girly side
  • Overall just make the site feel fresher and more modern

Just for those who are new around here or need a little reminder here’s what it looked like before…

…and here’s what it’s looking like now.

When it comes to creating the actual header I looked around for some freebie blog headers I could use but nothing quite fit the bill. So in the end I decided to browse some of my favorite blogs and snoop around, mentally taking note of what I loved about each. You know generally grabbing bits of inspiration from everywhere sort of like what I do in life and what this blog is about.

Two blogs in particular really stuck out in my mind with grabbing bits and pieces of their style to emulate.

First up was the ever popular Kevin & Amanda. Amanda has such a great and simple blog design style. It’s clean, easy to navigate and not to mention the girl is a whiz at photography, Photoshop and making fonts so I figured taking a couple ques from the master couldn’t hurt.

A couple of the things I took away from her header were the simple and clean lowercase font and the three dots on either side of the blog title. The font I chose to mimic the look was Chaparel Pro Lite. On either side of the blog title is three asterisks arranged into the pattern of three.

The second blog header I liked was the ever fabulous Made By Girl blog by Jen Ramos

As you can see I borrowed the idea of underlining the blog title, adding in a tag line with a handwritten style font which is Lucida Handwriting italic.

Then it was time to search for a new color scheme. Luckily there’s all kinds of awesome sites that can help you out with this.  Some pretty creative people create the color schemes and post for all to find and use. The site I used which happens to be one of my favorites is Adobe’s kuler.

Who’s surprised that the go to Company that set’s the gold standard standard by making Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and every other imaginable cool program would also have an equally fantastic color scheme guide. Sorry I just Geeked out on you guys for a second.

Anyway it’s pretty awesome. The scheme I settled on is called The kiss by mariagroenlund and what’s perfect is the provide all the color values to use on the blogs.

So far I’m really digging the changes. Of course there’s tons more to do like updating all the thumbnails on the tutorials page with the new colors and updating the Popular Posts in the siderbar to the right. So that should keep me busy for a while. Blog tweaking is almost as fun as House tweaking. Has anyone been up to a little Fall overhaul on the old blog. Some Fall home updates? No, just me?

Homey Halloween Spooktacular



So after all that Halloween Inspiration last week I got my butt in gear and started with some fun Halloween decorating of my very own. I’m not really into bloody and ghoulish Halloween but I’m all for some fun and spooky decorating.

First I grabbed some 4 sheets each of Pumpkin and Black scrapbook paper for around 80 cents a piece.  I thought it would be cool to change out some of my frames with some cool and cheap Halloween art.  I cut out a 1 each of a cat, owl, crow and bat silhouettes out of the black scrapbook paper and only ended up using 1 piece of black paper for all 4 silhouettes.

I slipped the pumpkin paper into the frames and taped the spooky silhouettes onto the pumpkin paper. And… I love them. I might just have to keep some orange accents around once Halloween is over.

On the wall I added additional cut out Bat silhouettes I had in my Halloween box that we had cutout for a party a few years ago. The table is  styled with some wheat bought from HomeGoods and black birds that my husband bought for me a few years ago.

On the jewelry box are a few little ceramic pumpkins and the yellow vase is another Home Goods find.

The large pumpkin is one of those foam craft pumpkins. I used green craft paint to paint some leaves on the top.

Outlined in dots of black puff paint.and some dotted black swirls with some more puff paint complete the foam pumpkin project.

So far I’m loving my touch of Halloween decor there’s still a few more things I’d like to put out but I think it’s shaping up to be a Spooktacular Halloween Home this year.

Ballard Designs Inspired; Snowbirds & Blossoms Tutorial



I thought it about time I shared a little art project I’ve been working on as a request from my sister. It’s a a certain painting she’s been drooling over from Ballard Designs for years now, every time she see it she mentions how I should paint it for her but inevitably one thing has led to the next and well I’ve been putting it off for years. Then I saw it Pinned it on Pinterest which meant the it was on like Donkey Kong. Finally it’s finished and ready to go.

It was a super simply Art project inspired by the Snowbirds and Blossom painting for sale on Ballard Designs website seen in the image below. It’s such and pretty painting and the background looks just like falling snow.

image via Ballard Designs

The  total price for the entire project was approximately  $35.00 using a 40% off coupon for the canvas at Michael’s. You can download a printable materials list here to paint your own Ballard Designs inspired Snowbirds and Blossoms painting.

Now let’s get to the fun part.

Paint the entire background of your canvas in 2 coats of silver paint and let dry. I used Liquitex Basics Acrylic paint in Silver which I had on hand but you could easily use regular silver craft paint.

Once dry click here to print the tree outline.  It’s sized to accommodate a 24 x 24 inch canvas and will print out on 9 sheets of regular paper. You can then piece together the sketch to transfer onto your canvas using your carbon transfer paper.

Starting with the gray and white and cream background. Use the eraser end of a new pencil and dip the eraser into a bit of Pewter Grey paintand randomly dot the entire background of the canvas using a straight up and down motion.

You may want to practice a couple time on the plate to get a feel for how much paint should be on the eraser to get the size dot you want. I just dipped and dotted a approximately 3  to 4 times before reloading the eraser.  It’s basically a process of dip, dot, dot dot, repeat. This will give an added dimension as each of the dots will be slightly different in size and opacity as the one before. Keep dipping and dotting until you have a random gray dots all over the background area of your canvas, don’t worry about completely covering the entire background with dots as this is only the first layer.

Next do the same thing all over again with Unbleached Titanium White filling in randomly the areas that don’t have coverage, then you’ll do the same with Butter Cream and finally a layer of Titanium White.  Once that is complete stand back and look to see how well the silver background has  been covered. You’ll want most of your silver background to be covered and you can go back and dot till your hearts content.

Once your happy with how it looks it is on to the leafy part of your tree…and you guessed it, more dots. The only difference between this part and the background is the center of the tree.  To give the tree depth use Christmas Green color only in the center portions as shown in the image above.

After the Christmas green color you add the Fresh Cut Grass, then the Kiwi and the Leaf Green in the same manner as the background was applied.  Dipping and dotting until your silver background is mostly covered. Then you’re ready for the tree truck which is dotted in the Dark Chocolate and the Coffee Latte.


Now this was a bit time consuming but super easy art project. I did it over the course of a number of nights watching some TV. I think it turned out just lovely and after all of that dotting I my sister has a beautiful Ballard Designs inspired hand painted painting for much less than the $449 retail price tag.

Shhh, don’t tell her but I almost want to keep it for myself.


Flowers & Paisley Painting Tutorial IV



Well it’s about time I got around to writing out the final installment of my Flowers and Paisley Painting tutorial. As you can tell procrastination is definitely one of my strong points…now only if it was an Olympic sport.

But enough of my excuses, let’s get on with the tutorial shall we?

For this final installment I’ll be showing how I painted the Abstract Floral above. As you can tell I’m quite fond of bright, saturated, colorful paintings so not a lot of mixing is generally involved.

Since most of the instructions are identical for each canvas I won’t go into all the details here. For a full list of supplies, paint colors and complete instructions hop on over to Part I here and Part II here and Part III of the Flowers & Paisley series.

The instructions are simple though… download the sketch, follow the paint by number key below and have fun painting!


  1. Dioxazine Purple almost straight from the tube and a speck of Titanium White. For the lighter petals add more Titanium white to your mixture
  2. Cadmium yellow (pale hue) and Cadmium Red Light. This mixture varies for each petal. Work from the outside in to create the flower
  3. Magenta ans Titanium White. The darker petals are Magenta mixed with Permanent Alizarin Crimson
  4. Phathalo Green and Camium Yellow
  5. Dioxazine Purple and Titanium White and a speck of Alizarin Crimson

Some Tips

While the paint is still wet dry brush with white paint to highlight

I usually paint 2 coats on each area to achieve the vibrant colors

Remember to have fun it’s just paint you can always paint over it if you don’t like it

 Click link below for PDF of sketch

Flowers and Paisley Art IV sketch

PS: Don’t forget to check out Part I herePart II here and Part III here

PPS: If you like this project stroll on over to our tutorials page to see our other projects

PPPS: Thanks for stopping by and Happy Painting Everyone!

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