A Love Note (cough) to January



Winter-on-The-Lake Ahhh January is really rearing it’s ugly head  this week. I get it, its a cold, cold month. My nose and toes tell me so by freezing as soon as I walk outside. I woke up this morning and the thermometer read  ZERO Ray Ban Baratas degrees. I was hoping it was broken so I brought it inside…it wasn’t broken.

Other than the obvious issues I have with the cold there’s also an uncanny way that January has of making the walls in my house appear to grow  smaller by the day.


The claustrophobia I’m feeling probably has something to do with the heaps of blankets strewn on the couch and the growing pile of toys accumulating on the Living Room floor.

We’ve played cars more times than I can count and have probably watched a few too many cartoons.


Last year Nikolas seemed to take the cold weather in stride. He didn’t much care if we were cooped up inside all day. This year cabin fever has struck the whole family,


I’m running out of ideas!

Choosing Paint for the Living Room



Well, we don’t have a color choices for the Living Rooms walls yet but we do have paint swatches! Where are those HGTV helper bees fixing things up in the background when you need them?


After our conversation yesterday about white paint Bryan and I ran out to the paint store to get a few samples. While we were there our conversation went something like this:

Me “Hun, which paint chip do you like?”

Bryan “They’re both white”

Me “Yes I know they’re both white but some are warmer and some are cooler”

Bryan “I’m not totally convinced  there’s a big difference”

That conversation basically gave me all the go-ahead I needed to pick out 4 whites without much more input and bring them home so I could test them out in the ray ban baratas space. Sometimes you just need to bring them home to really see how they’ll work.

Lake-House-New-Living-Room For those of you would like a refresher here’s a recent wide angle view of how the Living Room looks now after completing our first project of the new year when we rearranged the furniture

Some of the whites are warmer and others are on the cooler side. They are all by Benjamin Moore. Painted in order from top to bottom they’re Frostine, Vapor, Decorators White, and Paper White.  So far I think our room may be able to handle a cooler shade since it’s a Southwest facing room which tends to get a ton of sun during the day.


When we got home I painted the white samples on the wall along with 4 other samples of grays that my sister had brought over for me a while back. Thos samples are also by Benjamin Moore so I could see the difference and help with the decision making process.

It’s a little hard to photograph the difference in the whites since it’s a subtle but noticeable in color change in person. I tried to get it in the truest light which meant leaving the shades mostly closed causing a slightly blurry picture.

So far Bryan likes the grays which I’m ok with but something keeps drawing me to white walls. He’s worried that the trim will disappear if it’s white walls and white trim, something I’d be willing to fix with painted gray trim.

I could even be persuaded to paint the doors black to give it a little drama and contrast. I have a feeling these paint swatches could be up for a while before I make a decision.

Can you tell what my favorites are? Anybody else have paint swatches on their walls for ages?

Please tell me I’m not the only one!

White Walls, Are You On Board?



image via

Hi all, I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far and I hope some of you enjoyed a nice long weekend.

The topic of the day on my mind is white walls. Are they totally your style? Or are they not for you? I used to be in the not-for-me camp but gorgeous images like the one above have been changing my mind. I’m really dying to paint a room white and I think our Living Room’s blue paint is on the chopping block. I’ve loved the blue for a time but as my style changes over time the blue just really isn’t going with how I want our whole house to feel.

image via

Bryan’s not really 100% on board with white walls (he prefers more of a sand color) which is why I’m hesitating. But truth be told we rarely agree on any kind of color whatsoever. If I say green he says okay and picks a green that belongs in a fishing lodge in Montana. I’ll pick a more soft muted green. We could go round and round for hours in a paint store disagreeing on colors. Lucky for me he tires of any kind of debate involving shades of paint quickly leaving me to make the decisions. 😉

retro danés decoración muebles de ikea mid century modern decoración estilo nórdico diseño muebles nórdico diseño <a href=Magliette Calcio A Poco Prezzo muebles escandinavo diseño muebles danés diseño de interiores diseño danés decoración sueca decoración moderna años 50 decoración en blanco decoración de interiores decoración danesa blog de decoración ” src=”http://i2.wp.com/www.delikatissen.com/wp-content/2012/04/27.jpg?resize=450%2C337″ width=”700″ height=”524″ />

image via

I asked my sister this white wall question over the weekend, She made a good point. That white walls may look totally gorgeous in beautiful photos  but can feel a little cold in real life.

So what do you all think? Are you for white walls? Do they leave you feeling cold?

Let us know in the comments.

Welcome to the Blog Hop!



If you’re popping over from the party today thanks for stopping by and getting to know us.


I’m Maria and the owner of this blog and a house by the lake. The hubby is Bryan, he’s my partner in this home owning journey.  Our son Nikolas is 2 1/2 going on 1 2 and keeps us on our toes.

Our Lake Life

Bryan and I bought this good house in a great spot 3 years ago and have been putting our mark on it ever since. We chose this house on the lake for it’s outdoor lifestyle and gorgeous views. During the summer months it’s like being on vacation all the time.We truly love it. Nothing is perfect around here and everything is always a work-in-progress…just the way we like it.


 (Outdoor Bar, Master Bedroom, Living Room, Our Yard)

We both have office day jobs so our home is really where we get to let our our creative side shine. We’ve worked on a ton of projects since moving in and we have a ton more to go. It’s as much about the journey as it is the end result. I don’t think we’ll ever been done because it’s something we both love to do.


(Vintage Nightstand, Reupholstered Chairs, Outdoor Cushions, Planter Boxes)

This blog space of ours is sort of like a DIY Diary along with a healthy amount of Real Life thrown in.

Feel free to take a look around:

  • Our Lake Tours page is where you can check out some of the beautiful sites around our lake.
  • The Projects Page lists all of our DIY projects and makeovers with handy dandy little thumbnails.
  • Our House Tours page is a great way to check out all the progress we’ve made along the way.

Now on to the party.

january 2013 blog hop

Are you ready to network??
Are you prepared to make some new bloggy friends??
Well, here’s your chance!


Mark Your Calendars for the Blog Hop!



It’s Friday, woohoo! I am so ready for this weekend to be here!


This weekend I am so excited to be co-hosting January’s Blog Hop @ LiveLaughRowe.

If you haven’t heard about it, it’s an awesome way gain new readers and give
your blog access to some great people looking to make friends! Hundreds of bloggers maglie calcio poco prezzo link up to meet new bloggers and grow their blogs every month. Last month 280 people joined the hop!

So mark your calendars for Sunday January 20th and come party with us!

Kelly @ Live Laugh Rowe
Kimberly @ A Night Owl Blog
Jaime @ C.R.A.F.T
Jen @ Our Love & Our Blessing
Megan @ Shaping up to be a Mom
Lyuba @ Will Cook for Smiles

Oh, feel free to Pin, Facebook Tweet, Google + or Stumble too. See you Sunday!

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