Filling a Large Wall with Art



Last we saw of the living room the wall came down (which still needs to be spackled), we painted the room white and hung frames on the large wall with the intention of adding some sort of art. Well they hung on the wall empty for a while. I’m nothing if not speedy 😉 while I decided what to put in the frames.



Outdoor Showers



Outdoor Shower Outdoor Shower via AA Interior Design

Every year as long as I can remember our family has gone to the beach for a few weeks in the summer. Each member of my mom’s family would rent a house a different week. When I was a young teenager we used to house hop from house to house and week to week, staying at the beach for as long as possible. Those were the days… (more…)

Have You Ever Made a Quilt?



Have you ever seen something that just sticks in your head and you still think about it months later? I see lots of things I like but there are only certain things that catch my attention for the long haul. When that happens I it’s a sure sign that it’s really a great fit for our home.

My most recent infatuation of this sort has been with this quilt.

I saw this triangle quilt a few months ago from Audire at Blue is Bleu. I think it would be great for Nikolas’ room which needs some love and attention. I love the idea of snuggling up in a handmade quilt.


I’ve been looking around for a good tutorial and I think I found one here. It looks simple enough for a first quilt. I’ve put together a color combination I like from This is probably one of Ray Ban outlet those long haul projects that I’ll put down and pick back up. I like to have a bunch of projects going at the same time (if you couldn’t tell already).

So my question today is has anyone ever sewn a quilt? Anything I need to know? Any tips?

How to Shop for Home Decor…The Smart Way



Melbourne Home · Simone and Rhys Haag via

I’ve always been a sporadic shopper. It doesn’t matter what I shop for.  Whether it’s home decor, clothes even groceries. If I’m not careful I can veer off the intended path really quickly. Bryan likes to tease me by saying I’m distracted by shiny objects. I usually hate to admit when he’s right Ray Ban outlet but it’s so true. Lately I’ve been  smarter about my shopping habits and it’s really working. Here’s 3 key steps I use to shop for (and decorate) rooms…the smart way. (more…)

Would You Choose Gray or White Kitchen Cabinets?



I have kitchens on the brain. Last week I mentioned that I’m leaning towards blues, greens and grays to incorporate into the space. I’m loving the idea of gray cabinets. But what gray to choose and then there’s always the classic white cabinet I hear calling my name. Who knows I may even change my mind on that. Ahhh so many great choices I can’t pick!

With the possibility of remodeling our kitchen I just can’t stop thinking about them.  We’ve slowly been narrowing down the floor plan, size of an island we’ll build and recently we’ve been talking about building a banquette. After taking down the wall I’m cringing at the though of another giant mess this whole project will create but I think in the end it might just be worth it. Bryan on the other hand is not fully convinced that we should work on the kitchen next. I hear the outdoors and the lake calling his name. I might just take a sledgehammer to the kitchen myself soon and ask questions later 😉

Here’s some of what has caught my eye as I was browsing through kitchen ideas.

Farmhouse Style Kitchen with Charcoal Gray cabinets via Grand Country House

This gray charcoal cabinets are gorgeous! I love the mat finish and stainless apron sink. Maybe charcoal gray base cabinets and white uppers would be a good combo to solve my need for both light and dark.

Charcoal Gray Cabinets and White Island (original source unknown)

I like the mix of dark cabinets and light island. That marble with the gray veining is perfection. I’ve tried to talk myself into marble countertops but just can’t get over the Ray Ban outlet fact that one spilled glass of red Gatorade  and they’d be done for.

Light gray cabinets via Greige Design

Here’s a lighter version of the gray I’m loving and again marble countertops. It seems that every image I pin has marble counters. Oh marble why do you have to be so porous and expensive?

Sally Wheat’s Kitchen Cote De TexasSally Wheat’s Kitchen via Cote De Texas

And then there’s the ever popular kitchen of Sally Wheat that is just so classic and beautiful. I think thi image is where my love for gray kitchens began.

After I go down the rabbit whole of gray kitchens I’ll find a perfectly gorgeous white kitchen I hear calling my name. That sea glass blue subway tile behind the cook top keeps calling my name. It would work perfectly with some of the colors I’ve already picked out for the space.

Do you see my obsession with marble counters? I think it’s becoming a sickness.

Creamy white kitchen cabinets with marble countertops via BHG

I need to have a window like that over my sink one day and orchids instead of dirty dishes flanking the sink. Ok scratch the idea of remodeling the kitchen I’m just going to move into the picture up above.

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