A 3 hour tour (part 3)



It’s time again for another installment of our 3 hour tour series.  Where we take you  house crashing to some of our favorite homes on our lake, as seen only by boat. We love exploring and looking at all the gorgeous waterfront homes, camera in hand to capture all the delightfully delicious details.

I’m taking you back to a home we first featured on the last edition of the 3 hour tour series.  Because, well, I’m in love with this house, the colors, the location, the yard, just about everything. What’s not to love?

If I were going to build a house I think I would build this one.

I’m a sucker for those round turret rooms and large expanses of  lawn. I imagine being a kid a doing to “tootsie roll” down the grassy grassy hill.

The best part is it’s location. It’s on the most amazing water cul-de-sac. Nestled right into a cove that protects it from the harsh boat wakes of the main lake, right next to a home that has an equally extraordinary green grassy greatness. The two together are breathtaking.

The neighbor is an older brick style home. I’m really fond of areas where homes have organically grown together over time instead of being choreographed sometimes not so successfully by a team of developers. Especially on such a wonderfully organic setting on the lake. It lends itself to an overall feel of a home grown community.

Even the two lower buildings near the water are inviting. The right structure is the boathouse which let me tell you is an awesome luxury. Boathouses are basically a garage built over the water for your boat, now that would come in handy. The structure on the right I imagine is a wonderful guest house, many of the homes on the lake either feature and in-law suite or sometimes guest quarters. I wouldn’t mind being a guest there!

So what do you all think of the 2 fabulous homes? Are they not dream places?

Well thanks for joining us for another episode of our 3 hour tour. If you want to see more be sure to check out the 3 hour tour (part 1) and the 3 hour tour (part 2).

Daydream Travelin’: La Samanna, St. Martin



I had so much fun last week Daydream Travelin’ that I thought I would make it a weekly occurrence. Every Thursday here on Our Lake Life we’re going to tour some some beautiful and interesting places, at least the ones that strike my fancy anyway. Since we’re just dreaming here I’m going to throw caution to the wind and look for the most beautiful resorts regardless of practicality. What is a good daydream if you can’t be impractical, right? Right!

So without further ado, this week we’re off to St. Martin to the La Samanna Luxury Resort and Spa. A five star island retreat with it’s own beach, now that’s what I’m talking aboout!. Situated on a 55 acre piece of beachfront property on the tiny 37 square mile island of St. Martin, La Samanna is bursting with elegant Mediterranean architecture. When staying take your pick of 83 guestrooms, suites and villas, everyone offering an ocean view.

When it’s time to get out and about La Samanna also offers a Fitness pavilion, Pilates studio, Tennis Courts, Yoga, Freshwater swimming pools. Snorkeling, Scuba, water-skiing, kayak, Wave Runner equipment and instruction, Deep sea fishing and Sailboat rentals can all be arranged for an added fee.

With all that you might just need a getaway to recover from your getaway.

Psst: You can read all about La Samanna here including rates and all that practical stuff I won’t spoil my daydream by mentioning here.

Let go back…



…waaaaay back to last fall when we began our last project of the season. That’s when we officially started to tackle a little great big project of extending the platform around our above ground pool.

If you take a look above at a shot of the backyard taken on the day of our final home inspection you can see the original platform that while perfectly usable for getting in and out of the pool did not really lend itself to lounging in the backyard sipping margaritas on a hot summer day. There was a sharp drop at the end of the grassy area to the lower level where the pool sits that was mostly getting overgrown with weeds. That combined with a semi narrow path over sharp white rocks didn’t really go with barefoot pool days or my margarita vision and was wasting some valuable space in our decent sized, but not huge yard.

So of course we had some bigger and better ideas in mind. Here’s a rough sketch of what the vision for our yard and more specifically the new platform deck for the pool.

Last fall we started with the business of building some new stone pillars that would act the entrance onto the deck. We thought it would draw you’re eye in and create a focal point entrance to the new platform , the pool and the view of the lake beyond.

We ordered up some brick and some “quarry process” base rock from the stoneyard to begin.

Then came digging out a trench where the stone pillars would sit and adding a couple of stairs to join the higher grassy area with the height of the top of the pool.

After that the stone was laid down to form two pillars with a connecting wall in the middle. These were built on each side to frame where the deck stairs would eventually sit.

After all that building and digging we had 2 identical pillars to frame the entrance.

That was last fall…and then it snowed and snowed and froze and snowed some more. But no one wants to remember that on this fine first day of June. I know I certainly don’t.

The guys have been hard at work around here raising a new pool platform. Here’s a sneak peak of how it looks today.

The pool is not uncovered yet. We’ll do that once the sawdust has settled. We’ll be back soon with all the nitty gritty details of our progress. Until then everyone stay cool. It’s going to be a hot one here in New Jersey!

Pretty in pink mirror



A couple weeks ago I mentioned that I found the most AAAmaaaazzing mirror inspiration on Pinterest.

Knight Moves: Stella Dallas.

It was love at first sight. One of the comments on the pin mentioned that you could find similar mirrors on eBay made by the Syroco Company. I started searching around for Syroco mirrors. and a number of them popped up. I thought I’d start off small and possibly work my way up to something like my dream inspiration above.  With that in mind I came across this lovely little gem on eBay.

It had similar lines to the inspiration but on a much smaller scale. I actually really loved the beaded trim detail on the inner portion of the frame, so I bid on it and scored it for $10.5.0 plus shipping. Wohoo!

Once I got this baby home I gave it a good cleaning with some soap, water and a toothbrush to get rid of the dust buildup before I started to paint.

Then I carefully took some needle nose pliers and pried out the tiny nails that were holding the mirror in place to the frame.

To paint the frame I used a Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Primer in White and some Krylon Raspberry paint in Gloss.

I wanted to make sure the I got good coverage of my raspberry paint and that I wouldn’t have any peeling issues down the road so I made to to follow the directions on the can and apply a good base coat of primer. It took me a few coats to get it but once I was satisfied I left it for a bit and waited for it to dry.

Then I applied the Raspberry paint in much the same manner as the primer, paying special attention to the directions on the suggested dry time between coats. After that it was pretty much waiting around for paint to dry so I could hang it on the wall.


I think it looks lovely on the blue wall where it hangs.


Some tips if you’re looking for your own mirror to revamp. If you search on eBay you can find very similar ones if you search for Syroco mirror, Hollywood regency mirror or  Baroque mirror. You’ll be surprise at the number of options that pop up.


I love it, I’m so happy with it that’s I’m on the lookout for a similar larger mirror with the same styling I can revamp for another wall.

Psst: If you like this project stroll on over to our tutorials page to see our other projects

Link Party

Summer Stylin



With Memorial weekend here and my new couch that finally arriving, Yippee! I thought it was time to dress up the walls with some Summer spirit in mind.

I mainly used stuff I already had around the house and brought it together in a new way to freshen things up a bit.

I did buy this mirror on ebay, of course it didn’t look like this when I first got it. It was my first dive into creating something similar to the most AAAmaaaazzing mirror inspiration I found on Pinterest.  I spent $10.50 for the mirror and $6.00 on paint to bring this baby to life…I’m looking forward to blogging all about the how’s and the what’s on Tuesday!

I already had this artwork that I had painted and created a tutorial for a few months ago.

And this Hydrangea arrangement I stole borrowed from my Mom’s house. Hydrangeas always say summertime to me.

And my new art project tutorial I’m working on, I propped it up here while it’s drying in between coats of paint.

I had a great time changing up my space for summer. But now, I’m off to enjoy a great long Memorial weekend!

I’ll be back Tuesday with all the nitty gritty details of my pretty-in-pink mirror, until then enjoy your weekend.

Thank you to all the men and women out there who gave their lives so we could live ours in freedom.



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