Daydream Travelin’: Cambridge Beaches, Bermuda



I’ve been fortunate enough in my life to have been on two separate cruises to Bermuda. There’s something about that  island that calls me back again and again! From the pink sand beaches to the colorful painted houses I’m in love.

Next time I go I want to spend more time on the island than a cruise affords. I certainly wouldn’t mind spending my next trip to Bermuda at Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa! This beautiful resort is nestled on a private peninsula of 30 acres. Featuring 94 cottage style rooms and suites and FOUR private beaches it looks like I place I could get used to in a hurry.b Not to mention the infinity pool and beautiful interiors, this place had me convinced from the first moment I laid my eyes on it. You can read all about Cambridge Beaches here including rates and all that practical stuff I won’t spoil my daydream by mentioning here.

This daydream travel is too much fun! I might just have to make it a weekly occurrence 😉 M


The story of a few boats



Have you ever felt like you just keep acquiring more and more stuff? Well that seems to be a common theme around here. Since moving to our house 1 1/2 years ago we’ve acquired our share of floating vessels.  My husband and I came to the house with ONE little Jon Boat we used to use on the smaller non-motor boat lakes around the area.

Then we thought “Wouldn’t it be awesome to have some Jet Skis?” My brother in-law also thought a Jet Ski would be a fantastic idea, we bought one and he bought one so that  he and my husband could ride together.

And then there was 1 Jon boat and 2 skis.

Then there was a listing on craigslist for a FREE pedal boat. Who could resist FREE? I know I certainly can’t. Pedal boats can run over $300 to buy one new. So we snagged it and ran.  We could just see ourselves pedaling around our cove enjoying the sunshine taking nice leisurely rides around the cove, stopping to chat with the those kayaking. It would be glorious.

And then there was 1 Jon boat, 2 skis and 1 pedal boat.

After that the previous owners had left us a row boat in the yard they had been using as a flower box. It was overgrown with weeds by the time we got to it, so we cleaned it out, patched some holes, planned on a paint job and made it sea lake worthy again.

And then there was 1 Jon boat, 2 skis, 1 pedal boat and 1 row boat.

Do you see a pattern developing? After all of those they were still too small to really be able to enjoy a Sunday afternoon boat ride. After some talking about it and debating whether we should get a pontoon boat (which is essentially a floating deck) or a little speed boat, we got this guy.

The primary decision making factor for buying this kind of boat versus another is just inherently more fun. It’s like buying a convertible or a mini-van. Sure you can’t fit as many people in it. But how often would  20 of your closet friends be able to come a relax on it with you to make it really worth it. So in the end the speedboat won it in a war of fun. They don’t call them pleasure crafts for nothing!

And that’s the story of how there came to be 1 Jon boat, 2 skis, 1 pedal boat, 1 row boat and 1 speed boat.



Hello all, Due to a combination of high margin, <$2m ultimate price point and fully identified team we are canceling this GR2 call.

Go with the flow, or um stones in this case



Sometimes you just have to go with the flow when an opportunity presents itself, and sometimes the flow entail some 800 pound stones. Well it does at least if you live with my family. And that’s just what happened around here this weekend we went with the flow had an unexpected project begin.

You may remember on Friday I mentioned these giant stones showed up at our door. First it was one early in the week and then many more arrived on Thursday.  My father rescued them from being  ground up into gravel. He just couldn’t let that happen. They were large, flat, and HEAVY. Perfect for creating natural stone stairs to the lower level of our yard. See the one on the bottom right? That came from the bottom of a lake in the next town. I think it’s only fitting they it’s come to live in our yard now.

Did I mention these things were heavy? Yeah, I’m playing Captain Obvious today. That’s where this little Kubota came in. We borrowed it to move the stones around (some days it pays to have family in the construction business with access to heavy machinery).

So here’s how this whole thing went down. We have this ramp in our yard that connects the top level to the lower level. Here’s how it looked when bought our house.

It was kind of awkward and steep to walk down when we moved in and didn’t have a real transition to the lower level and the above ground pool. We’ve always planned to add some nice steps some day. Over time we widened it some and made the slope a bit more gradual but we stil knew that ultimately we’d like to have me wide steps transition from one level of the yard to another. So when opportunity knocked we jumped at the chance to snag those huge stones for free.

My Uncle was working a job where he saw these large stones that were about to be smashed to smithereens. After talking to my Father a bunch of times he knew that he wanted some large stone steps to from the grass level to the pool level below but hadn’t started that project yet due to the expense of such large stone. First he brought the first large one over and then later in the week called and asked if we wanted more. The owner didn’t care if we took them. After a series of swapped trucks and loaned machines so confusing that I’m still fuzzy on the details we had some stones and a small machine arrive late Thursday.

They started by placing the first pieces at the bottom and slowly working their way up the ramp. Placing them gently with the machine to create a meandering pathway. The machine carried them to the sight but some still need to be nudged into place by hand. I love the top step that’s the one that came from the bottom of the lake. It’s got a rounded almost pie shaped wedge and beautiful coloring,  absolutely perfect for that spot.

We still have some work to do on the stairs but for this weekend we have the beginning of a stair path to the lake below.

So how about that? One Thursday evening we happened to have a truckload of stones, a Kubota and a meandering path turned stone stairway arrive in our yard.


Never a dull moment



These unexpectedly appeared at our house yesterday.

This did too!

And they started working on this.

Oh boy, it’s going to be one busy weekend!

Have a great weekend everybody. See you all next week.

Plants, plants, everyhwere



After our day of plant shopping where we browsed around and brought home a truckload of awesome stuff to spruce up the street side of our privacy fence we were ready to dig in.

Our main focus on this day was our 100+ feet of gray privacy fence . We began by placing two Alberta Spruce trees to flank the gate cleverly disguised as a fence panel in the hopes of preventing me and other clumsy individuals from future awkward moments of stumbling into the wrong area of the fence when searching for the gate. You know the feeling, it’s the same one you get when you happen to walk into a screen door. Is that just me who does that?

I promise you it’s not pretty but if you need a refresher on what our fence looked liked before check it out below.

I told you it wasn’t pretty. Nothing that a few strategically placed pretty green plants couldn’t fix though.

See the guys digging up some strategically placed holes on each side of the fence? That’s where our cute Alberta spruce trees are supposed to go.

That’s Bryan with the pick-ax in his hand…we hit asphalt, large chunks of asphalt. Apparently there we’re bits of the old road directly underneath where we were about to plant. Have no fear though with pick-ax in hand he chopped right through it and continued on the path to a perfectly placed pretty garden.

Bryan LOVES this tool, so in honorary mention of the might pick-ax we now interrupt our regularly schedule program for a somewhat wordy description of the pick-ax as told by Bryan…

The pick-axe is to Bryan as the Hammer is to the Mighty Thor… I am but a soldier, and my weapon; the hefty battle-ax. It leave nothing but a path of destruction in its wake. I would choose that pick ax over any other tool in my arsenal. Neither shovel, nor hoe, not rake, or spade… I choose my powerful pickax. Its heavy as a sledge, as sharp as a knife, and could pry anything you put in front of it. Sheer leverage; thats whats its all about. You wouldn’t believe the stuff I’ve pulled out of the ground with it. It is hands DOWN the BEST tool I’ve ever purchased…

… and now back to our regularly scheduled program.

After the adventure in the asphalt jungle we were well on our way. We now had some cute trees flanking the gate, looks better already.

It sure looks like our child is playing in the road by himself. Fortunately, there are 3 other adults other than me just standing outside of camera range 🙂

Then it was onto some transplanting some of our other plants around the yard.

We moved some Tiger Lilies and Hostas from another planting bed and relocated to a more fitting home along our fence. Instant curb appeal and F.R.E.E.

We added some Ornamental Grasses, Lupines and Lavender to the free Tiger Lilies and Hostas for a nice full planting bed. We think these will all do well along the road because they are perennials that will die back to the ground each year. This will hopefully shield them from any rouge snowplowing that may happen over the Winter.

After that it was a basic method of lining up, placing, digging and pickaxing our way down the line, alternating plants as we went along until we had all the plants in place.

Ah, what a difference a few plants can make.

As for Bryan, he and his mighty pick-ax live to see another day and tackle another landscaping project.

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