One of the peskiest problems we have on the lake is weeds. Now since moving to the lake less than a year ago I have come to feel (in my vast knowledge of weeds) that these are not just your garden variety weeds.  These weeds are colossal, slimy, wet weeds on steroids.

Now, raking these weeds out by hand is a never ending, hot and sweaty task. If you’ve ever looked into hand held weed rakes let me tell you it ain’t pretty…or easy. Dragging soaking wet vegetation though the water onto the shore is something I like to avoid if at all possible.

That is why when you see one of our resident weed harvesters you pray, hope, beg, or flail your arms in a desperate attempt to bring them closer.

On this particularly lovely Friday morning I walked onto my deck to see a lovely gentleman in a giant weed harvester directly in front of our house. He was coming to clean our muck. I should have hugged him.

Now the weed harvester is wonderful sight to see. I stood there in awe “They’re coming, they’re coming.” I ran downstairs to tell everyone.

In comes the massive “weed machine”. I like to think of it as a floating lawn mower with a few extra parts.

The captain eases the weed harvester in between the docks keeping an eye on the Jet Ski ensuring it doesn’t get sucked up into the vortex of the weed harvester.

Once he’s sure the Jet Ski is safely out of the vortex he uses the water wheel to propel the harvester forward.

It has big weed cutters in front of the bed that slice the weeds under the water.  After the weeds are sliced the water is pushed up onto the conveyor belt bringing the weeds with it.

The weeds are pushed by the conveyor belt to the back of the boat into a metal basket. They’ll stay there until the weed harvester unloads into a waiting dump truck to be hauled off to parts unknown.

Thank you Captain! We’ll be waiting for your return!

Harvest time!



There’s a long list of reasons why I like grow vegetables in the garden but I think one of the top reasons is the satisfaction of picking what you’ve grown and making something wonderful to eat.

This year the plan was to build raised beds. When I say “we” I’m speaking in generalities of course. I do not cut wood for fear that I might chop a finger off and have to go rushing to the hospital with my finger in a bucket of ice, tears streaming, mascara running, hyperventilating, whimpering mess. It’s better to avoid situations like these. So in my best interest and best interest of my family members I stay away from saws and stick to the tools where I can’t do great bodily injury to myself or others.

Once we made sure all of our fingers and toes were accounted for and the wood was built.  We placed the beds in a great sunny spot in the yard overlooking the lake. Planting our garden to the max with tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplants and green beans…Yum!

We’ve cared for and loved them everyday

They’ve grown into monsters with the most delicious, juicy, mouth watering, straight off-the-vine goodness.

There’s something about the smell of tomato plants that is just scrumptiously summer.

I hear them calling

They cry out “pick me pick me”

I think we’re going to have some vegetable deliciousness tonight.

I think it’s time to start canning…if only I knew how.

A tale of two jet skis



Here at my house there are many things that, should be done, can be done, would be done but don’t get done because of two little machines we have sitting in the water right behind our house. I like to call them.

Thing 1 and Thing 2


Bumble Bee and Optimus Prime


Skipper and Gilligan


…oh you get the idea

Each day the boys go out riding they walk out to the lake and get the skis ready. This entirely long, drawn out process usually takes two men at least an hour. The only answer I get every time I ask what’s taking them so long to get ready is “these things take time dear” which translates to Ugh why does she keep asking me these questions? and Girls just don’t understand?.

Give a man a seat and a motor and they turn into 10 year old boys on a mission, a mission to tinker, a mission to drive and a mission for speed…

…and to drive around in circles see who can make the bigger splash

and to taunt each other  “no dude you didn’t even come close to me I was totally going like 70”

When they come in and dock at the end of the day thoroughly washed up, soaking wet, and exhausted, they jump off  proclaim “DID YOU SEE ME FALL OFF THE JET SKI AND DO A FLIP OVER THE HANDLE BARS, I WAS GOING 50 MPH FLYING THROUGH THE AIR IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!”

I’ve fallen in love…



…with this entire online boutique  francesa’s Collections.

This store makes me excited.

It makes my mind whirl.

I’m smitten with their handbags.

I love, love LOVE this one.

It’s called Doctor In the House…reminds me of Gregory House.

Doctor In the House Handbag

I’m infatuated with Gregory House.

The Gold Buckles are fabulous with enough room to stash all you’re stuff.

Oh, and did I mention it comes in hot pink too!

Doctor In the House Handbag

The place where I live…



…is wonderful, hectic, beautiful, exciting, busy and absolutely exhausting, I love my life. I live in a house on a 2,500 acre lake in New Jersey that has 45 miles of shoreline (and houses) it’s always full of activity; jet skis, boats, wake boarders, swimming, fishing and family. It’s crazy but I love it. There’s a never ending list of fun things to-do, honey-do’s, wishes, never-enough-time-for and big dreams. Things we want to do. Things we will do someday and things we’ll probably never get around to.

I love to dream, I make plans for our great renovations, interior remodeling projects or my latest shopping find. But most of all I love to dream of our adventures on the lake.

Okay, it’s not perfect. I could win the lottery, never have work again and go traveling and shopping every day of my life. But then what would I dream about?!?!. At the end of every crazy hectic day I get to come home to my wonderful husband, beautiful son and a house by the lake.

Life is good when you’re lucky enough to come home to family and a view like this!

I love to sit on my deck, take a breath and look around…

and watch the beauty of the sun going down on the place where I live.

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