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The Last Boat Ride of the Year



Update we just got our back our power after almost a week of being without electricity. We’re very thankful we made it through with everyone safe and sound and are saying prayers for all those still suffering in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Even though we just made it through Hurricane Sandy and the Ray Ban outlettrees are now bare a few weeks ago we were experiencing one of the loveliest shows of fall color that I can remember.

Fall Foliage 1 Autumn Lake 4 Fall Foliage 5 Fall Foliage 2

Fall Foliage 6

The last boat road of the season is always one of my favorites. It’s note about going fast and dodging boats but it’s more of a leisurely meander on the lake taking in the scenery and enjoying the last warm rays of sun before the coldness of winter takes hold.

Bryan has enjoyed fishing for all long as I can remember. He’s been waiting patiently for Nikolas grow bigger so he can have a fishing buddy by his side. While Nik still has a little ways to go before you can really take him out on long fishing trips while simultaneously enjoying yourself the seeds of a budding fisherman has taken hold.

Much to my dismay he enjoys watching fishing shows on TV with his Dad (which in my opinion are the equivalent of watching paint dry) and asks for his fishing pole everyday.

What did you all do to enjoy the last warm days of autumn?

Fall Scenes on the Lake





We’ve had some beautiful Fall days here at the lake. The kind of days where the last hint of the warm sun lingers on your face in the afternoon and the cool Fall nights snap the trees into their colorful alter ego.

We’ve been trying to get every last minute of outdoor time in before the cold winter weather comes and takes over. We’re working on the to-do list to  finish up some outdoor projects and to stain the deck in preparation for the long Winter months ahead.


The trees have just been beautiful and I’ve been trying to capture just how vibrant the colors have become. The reflections off the water are a glorious gold, casting a warm glow over everything.

Breathtaking is all I can say, as beautiful as it is it smells so much better, like a touch of freshly burnt wood that’s slightly musty tossed together with a hint of homemade applesauce and pumpkin pie.

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