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New Blog Look



January is all about reorganizing and cleaning out the old to make way for the new. Well around here that extended to the blog. OurLakeLife Screenshot

I dusted off the old blog and updated the look a bit. It’s still a 3 column layout but all of the content is on the left and 2 sidebars live on the right.

New Blog Look

I bought the theme from Blog Milk and loaded it up over the weekend. They have seriously gorgeous blog templates for anyone looking for a fresh new look. I’m still playing around with a few things. The sidebars may change around a bit over the next few weeks as I add some Cheap oakley outlet favorite posts buttons, tweak our logo and maybe add a blog roll.

Does anyone else miss blog rolls? I do! It seems like a lot of blogs no longer have them. I used to find all my best blogs that way.

Well that’s all for me on a Monday. I have a doosey of a story for you tomorrow. Here’s a hint,it involves multiple exploding appliance. Oi!

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