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Restyling the Bookcases



I hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours was fun and too short as always!

As promised I’m back finally with pics of our tweaked bookcases, and guess what…they have books on them, lots of them. I’m digging the cute little seating area we’ve got going on now in our bedroom, in between the bookcases. You can sit down grab a book and chillax, all in the little corner of our room.

P1150585 copy

Bryan usually makes fun of me because we have more “stuff” on the shelves then books. But not this time. All our hardcover and paperback books are living happily together in one spot. Who says all your books have to be great looking hardcover books to look great out in the open, not this girl. Right now my trashy beach reads are living at home with Bronte and Hardy, comingling nicely together.


Below is where we left off last time.  The bookcases weren’t looking terrible before but it was about time I switched up what was on them, moved some stuff around and took the rest of our books that were collecting dust up in the attic and placed them on shelves where they belong.


Of course there was A LOT of mess making before I got it all back together. Whenever I want to completely change something around I take everything completely down off the shelves and start from scratch. I’ve always found that if I don’t do this a couple things happen. I will get bored/distracted br something shiny and never finish or it ends up looking very similar to where I started. Taking everything down gives me a chance at a clean slate and not to mention a chance to get at all those dust bunnies that tend to accumulate in every nook and cranny.


Of course it doesn’t come without a down side, that being the giant mess of books and stuff everywhere.


One I had everything off the shelves I loosely sorted out the books by subject and started placing everything back on the shelves, then standing back and looking, placing some more things on the shelves and stepping back again.


Eventually I got it the way I was mostly happy with it left it alone for a while then came back and tweaked again over the next few days.


Now most of my summer reads are at home on the shelf above our collection of vintage Popular Mechanics Do-It-Yourself library from Bryan’s Dad. All My Home Decorating Books now live on the top shelf. Along with our brass fish.P1150540

Admittedly I’ve also amassed quite the collection of James Patterson Books on the top shelf. All our beach tags from summers past live in the vase along with some found beach glass.


Bryan’s collection of survival type zombie books hang out on the bottom shelf.


I think I’ll sit down grab a book and a cup of coffee and stay awhile.

Examples of a Well Styled Bookcase



SOMEONE MAKE ME GET OFF PINTEREST! Seriously that place has to be the biggest rabbit hole of the time sucking variety since my once upon a time addiction to playing the Sims…but no seriously, if you haven’t tried it get on it right now but only if you have 3 hours to kill.

So anyway back to my why I was on pinning like a fool. Our Bedroom Makeover has been on a roll lately since we painted and added some awesomely DIY’d by me (if I do say so myself) curtains to change and brighten up the space. With that in the bag I have decided it’s time to turn my attention to the bookcases that flank the window on both sides and create the little seating nook with our 2 vintage chairs while they await reupholstering (soon hopefully, keep your fingers crossed).


Since Bryan built these with his father the color on the bookcases is staying put, no painting allowed. But anyway since everyone else is doing the painted shelves thing sometimes I think it’s nice to be unique and keep the stain. But it’s definitely time to switch up what’s on the bookcases, it’s looking a little bit sparse in places.

And that’s where Pinterest came in. I have been on the lookout for some bookcase inspiration and I thought I’d share so you could be inspired too. I love me a well styled bookcase.

Clarendon Street eclectic family room

#1 via

These are painted a nice rich dark color with tons of books and no knick knacks the lighting highlights the contents of the shelves and keeps the contents from getting lost in the dark space. 

image#2 via

I love the styling on these shelves from The Art of Doing Stuff her whole blog is awesome but check out this post on 7 ways to stack books. Who knew?
Lindy Donnelly traditional living room

#3 via

Another set of wonderful dark stained bookcases. Again there is a minimal amount of “stuff” on the bookshelves other than well placed stacks of books.

Living room eclectic living room

#4 via

I love this entire room and all of the colorful books and accessories, and if notice they’re not afraid to display their paperbacks right along with their hardcover books and pretty accessories. That’s my kind of styling.

image#5 via

Here’s another wonderfully styled set of dark bookshelves. The bold colors in the other areas of the room and the coloring of the books themselves help to keep the bark tone of the bookshelves from feeling too heavy.


#6 via

And finally this is another great example how a careful selection of accessories combined with what feels likes a natural selection of books and objects stacked throughout leads to a wonderful and inviting space.

So what do I hope to take away from all this?  In my mind I’m thinking of mostly books, minimal accessories, a place where my fun summer beach reads can be at home with my hardcover classics. I want a casual collected over time feel. I’m also thinking some great bookcase lighting is in order.

So which ones are you favorites? I’m loving #4 and #5 a lot but they’re all great! Do you like tons of books with minimal accessories or are you all about showing off all your stuff?

Doing the Bookcase Shuffle



Good news! I finally finished the curtains for our bedroom makeover. Bad news, I haven’t taken any photos yet. But let me tell you They Look MA-VA-LOUS! I promise I’ll take pictures over the weekend and share all the details on how I made them.

But what we did do was do a little bookcase shuffle from room to room this past weekend. Since moving Nikolas from his crib to a big bed, the bookcase that was in his room just didn’t fit there anymore, So out it came to the living room.


Since we finishing up our new mantel and hanging the TV above the fireplace it’s freed up a bunch of floor space where Nikolas’ cute little baby wingback chair has been hanging out until time/budget allows for us to get some real life adult size chairs to throw into the mix. You can see all the super duper ugly before and during photo’s here, and a peak at how it all came together just in time for Christmas here.

Just in case you’re not feeling all that clicky today here’s a picture how it used to look. Of course you’ll have to look passed the giant tree in the middle of the room, it’s not always there we just bring it out for special occasions…you know like Christmas 😉


It’s a simple switch and one that I agreed to after B’s suggestion that we swap at the table for the bookcase. I have to admit The bookcase is already proving much more useful for for storing and displaying all types of things including books (I know shocking) trinkets, vases, art and a couple of baskets of toys.


Not only do we have some of the smaller toys placed in baskets on the shelves. But we also moved his basket stash of living room toys right in between the bookcase and his chair. It has proven to be a lot more useful here since now he can easily get to all his toys rather then when they were stashed out of the way in the corner. Of course when company comes it’s easily all thrown back in the pile which is a bonus because then it looks like a living room instead of a a playroom with 2 minutes worth of tidying up.


Another perk that I wasn’t really counting on was the extra space for displaying all kinds of pretty things out of the reach of little hands, fingers and toes.


Of course, as usual we still have a bunch of tweaks and changes before we can call this side of the room done-ish. Right now we’re calling it a work-in-progress. Over time I’d like to look for some nice occasional chairs to add to complete the conversation area…probably in a beachy, watery vibe like rattan. I’d like to figure out how to conceal or move the cable boxes all together so they’re not so in your face ad tame those cords we’ve got going on.

All in good time my friends…all in good time. So has anyone else been doing some furniture shuffling lately? Have you figured out a way to conceal those nasty looking cable boxes from view or how to tame those cords. I’d love to hear any ideas!

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