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My new inspiration & Pinterest



I’ve been looking around for some new inspiration to paint. I tend to gravitate towards bright bold floral patterns for painting inspiration . They’re definitely my sweet spot and usually what inspires me to pick up a paintbrush.

While looking for some inspiration I was browsing pinterest which I discovered recently. If you haven’t gotten a chance to check it out and have a couple spare hours to waste I highly recommend you go on over and take a look, it’s a virtual pinboard, which is awesome all by itself, it’s visually beautiful and the result is professionally looking mood boards that go together in a snap, but what really makes it special is that you is “following” and browsing other collections. It seriously fantastic if you’re looking to get inspired.

Pinterest calls itself “a virtual pinboard — a place where you can create collections of things you love and “follow” collections created by people with great taste” Right now it’s in the BETA stages and by invitation only but if you go to apartmenttherapy’s review and look in the comments section there’s an awesome link that will get you started right away.

So, back to my inspiration for today, I came across these pillows from Crate and Barrel‘s Summerlin line on pinterst.

The colors palette in this is pillow are bright and fun for summer. Right now I’m dreaming up a plan to transfer some of this inspiration into some DIY friendly artwork. Luckily the people at PLAID took half the work out of it and came up with a color palette using “Apple Barrel acrylic colors.

(clockwise from upper left): Apricot, Kiwi, Plum Kiss, Country Gray, Black”.

Next stop, off to the store to buy some paint in the color palette above and make some cool summer art. Of course once I’m finished I’ll post the complete tutorial on the completed project. So check back soon!



We finally bought one!



After 3 1/2 years of marriage, an apartment, a house, a baby and a boat we’re finally ready to admit we’re grown-ups and buy a sofa. But not just any sofa, the mack-daddy of all sofas…a sectional. Yup we’re saying goodbye to the ultimate in college days leftover our Futon. el Futono, sir Fute. You’ve been an incredible friend old guy, not just a couch, not just a bed. Sir Fute was  incredibly useful serving as our guest bedroom quarters when our friends used to crash in the living room but it was still the ultimate hold out on our part. We just couldn’t commit to any one sofa without feeling like we might be missing out on all the others.

We’ve been casually looking for one since we first were married window shopping whenever the chance arrived but could never actually commit to one. I have been subtly (or maybe not)  drooling over this sectional for a long time. So finally we pulled the plug on the Buchanon small curved sectional from Pottery Barn.

We like the classic lines of the sectional. It’s not too modern and no skirt makes it a little less traditional than it would be otherwise. I also like that it has a curved back and is a bit smaller in scale than your average sectional. We didn’t want anything that would overpower our room. We were also keeping in mind our future plans for an addition and the relocation of the living room and think that this will go perfectly as well. All in all we think we made a great choice. We cant wait to see it!

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