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How to Store Christmas Ornaments



First of all we want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! We thoroughly enjoyed every last minute of 2012, giving gifts, enjoying family, building snowmen and watching too many movies to count.

As I began to gather all the Christmas decorations to put them away for next year I wanted to share the best way I’ve found to store our Christmas Ornaments. I’ve always wanted to buy those special boxes for storing ornaments but always found that they were priced ridiculously high for what they are. That is until I figured out my own system for storing ornaments.

The best part about this is it’s simple, free and works like a charm.


First you’ll want to grab an old copy paper box. I snagged mine from the print room of my office, they usually just break them down for recycling anyway so I asked them to save a few for me. Any box would work but these boxes are great because the lid slides on and off and they have handles built in.


After I had my boxes I then grabbed a few pieces of extra cardboard. I cut 2 pieces so that they’ll slide inside the length of the box and 3 pieces for inside the width of the box. 4-How-to-Store-Christmas-Or

Then in the widthwise pieces I cut 2 slots equal distance in the cardboard as illustrated above and 3 slots in the lengthwise pieces.


Once that’s all done slide the pieces of cardboard together so that the form an interlocking grind inside the box. The grid will form a number of cells where the ornaments can be slid securely. When I put the ornaments away I wrap each ornament individually in tissue paper and slide them snugly into each cell inside the box.


So there you have it an easy, free and safe way to store the Christmas ornaments. I been loving this system for a few years because it works great, no broken ornamnets. Once everything is packed away I just put them on top of the closet and everything stays safe and secure till next year.

2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Ornaments



It’s no secret around my house that I have a thing for Christmas ornaments, I usually buy a few special ones every year and have been doing this for several years now. To me there are few things more fun than looking though all of the decorations of years past and placing them one by one on the tree. Over the years my tree has become a living memory to Christmas past.

This year I’ve been saving my favorite ornaments in a folder for the past few months growing my collection of the most special ones I love. I rounded up some of my favorites here and can’t wait to share them. Happy decorating!


Gift Guide - Ornaments and Trimmings 4 Image above clockwise from top left: Wedgewood ornament, dove ornament, Jonathan Adler lion ornament, glass globe ornament, star ornament

Gift Guide - Ornaments and Trimmings 1

Image above clockwise from top left: alpaca snowy owl, porcelain chateau ornament, glitter drop ornament, stitched sea urchins, European flower glass ornament, clear glitter swirl ornament

Gift Guide - Ornaments and Trimmings 2

Image above clockwise from top left: sequin flower ornament, gold glitter ball, blue glitter pinecone glass ornament, felted glittered acorn ornaments

Gift Guide - Ornaments and Trimmings 3

Image above clockwise from top left: gold teardrop ornament, striped glass ornament, wood star ornament, Lenox China jewels emerald snowflake, ice queen snowflake ornament

Gift Guide - Ornaments and Trimmings 5

Image above clockwise from top left: floating feather ornaments, glass ball icicle ornament, wood laser cut glitter ornament, felt polka dot ball ornament, glass animal print ornaments, frosted natural pinecone, embroidered felt six point star

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DIY Glitter Ornaments for Christmas



Happy Monday, I’m back with another simple and fun Christmas ornament idea. I love the way these glittered ornaments turned out and they couldn’t be simpler.

DIY Glitter Ornaments 005


I’ve been thinking about the tradition of gold coins at Christmas this tradition stems from the gift of gold given to the Christ child from the wise men. I wanted to create a nod to that tradition and thought of these wonderful gold and glitter circles. The snowflakes were just Ray Ban outlet too cute to pass up so I ended up making both. I live mixing and matching different colored ornaments and both expensive and DIY stuff together to make a one of a kind tree filled with Christmas memories.

  • Unfinished wood circles and  (I found mine at Michaels)
  • Craft Paint
  • Elmer’s Glue
  • Glitter

DIY Glitter Ornaments 003

To make the golden coins paint your circle with gold paint. Mine took a few coats to get nice even coverage. Before the last coat I took very fine sand paper and sanded the entire ornament smooth. Once dry I covered one side in glue and sprinkled with glitter set aside to dry and shook off the excess. Finally add a string to the top of the ornaments and hang.

DIY Glitter Ornaments 002 The snowflakes were created in the same process as the golden coins. Paint, glue glitter.

DIY Glitter Ornaments 004

Finally string them up with festive ribbon and hang from the tree.

Glitter Ornaments

PS. Don’t forget to check back later today for the first of our 2012 Christmas gift guides. We’re starting of with Stocking Stuffers and you won’t want to miss it!

PS: If you like this project stroll on over to our projects page to see more

DIY: Salt Dough Ornaments



How to Make Salt Dough Ornaments text

The holidays have officially begun and my favorite time of the year is in full swing. I’m a big fan of collecting Christmas Ornaments as treasures and keeping them year after year. Each year I like to buy a few ornaments to add to my collection this year I decided to make personalized ornaments and decoration. I all about simple and easy things too make. If it’s too complicated I tend to lose interest. I already shared our simple pompom garland we made.

So with simplicity in mind I turned to salt dough ornaments. These took no time at all to make and were really fun.

How to Make Salt Dough Ornaments

I made the dough by combining  1/2 cup table salt, 1/2 cup water, and 1 cup all-purpose flour into a mixer. Then I rolled the dough out onto my baking surface until it was about 1/4 inch thick.

To make the trees use a Christmas tree stamp (I found mine at Michaels) and green ink on the raw dough. Cut out a triangle around the stamped tree with a knife and Ray Ban outlet punch a hole in the top with a straw. Place on a cookie sheet and bake in the oven at 200 degrees for approximately 4 hours.

To make the filigree disks cut out in the raw dough with a glass. Punch a hole in the top with a straw and bake. Once cooled decorated the circles by hand drawing the filigree design with a gold sharpie.

Add a string and they’re ready to hang on the Christmas Tree!

A Very Etsy Felt Christmas Ornament Collection



Hello, and welcome to our little house by the lake…so happy you’ve stopped by! If you’re new here you might want to come visit our Lake Tours page, grab a cup of coffee, take a look around and enjoy this beautiful lake we get to call home. Or you can subscribe to our RSS feed for OurLakeLife updates. Welcome to our Lake House!

As I unwrap each ornament to decorate the tree I’m always drawn to the lovely little felt ornaments I’ve collected over the years. Not to mention the added bonus of being super kid friendly, felt ornaments give our tree a hand made, collected over time feel that I love.

Each year I purchase a few new ornament to add to my ever growing collection. I’ve been on an Etsy hunt for a few special felt ornaments to add to my growing collection or use them as very special gifts tags for very special people. Below are a few of my very favorite felt ornaments on Etsy.

Felt Ornaments 2

1. Green Ornament $18.00; 2. Hippie Felt Ornament $7.75; 3. Santa Ornament $20.00; 4.  Partridge in a Pear Tree $14.00; 5. Christmas Lights $25.00; 6. Retro Ornaments $18.00; 7. Christmas Tree $24.00; 8. Peace Dove $8.00; 9. Russian Doll $15.00

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