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The Lake House Deck




After sharing the view through the living room doors last week I thought I’d share a peak at what’s just beyond. It’s the deck on our little house by the lake. This space had us sold the minute we stepped through those doors back when we first toured this house. It was one of those moments in house hunting that you have when you know that a house could be “the one” Our lake house has come a long way since then. Want to come take a look? (more…)

Wood Patio in One Week!



Side Deck Build 6 Probably the fastest project that’s ever been completed at our little lake house and the most used spot in the yard to date.  It all started with a conversation on how best to work with this blank space.  We thought Ray Ban outlet about simply stones to cover the dirt and keep down the dust down. But quickly a grander idea came to mind. It’s the most gloriously shady spot with a cool lake breeze that constantly rustles through the trees overhead. The idea for a low wood patio sprang to mind and was executed within a week.

Side Deck Build 5

Side Deck Build 7

Side Deck Build 8 Side Deck Build 9

Side Deck Build 10

Side Deck Build 3

Side Deck Build 11

Side Deck Build 4 Side Deck Build 12

Outdoor Cushion Switcheroo



Deck Cushions

After painting the deck, spraying our furniture a cool gray and building a table top all in the spirit of giving out tired looking deck a bit of a pick me up it became even more apparent that the old cushions had seen better days and were looking worse and worse the more changes we made.

Table finished Lucky for us I had be loathing them for some time. Although, loathing might be a strong word…let’s put it this way I was in a state of serious dislike while plotting their demise. I tried to source some premade pillows that would be bright and colorful while not breaking the bank. I failed miserably. Then I toyed with the idea of buy new outdoor foam and making my own, which turned out to be an almost equally expensive proposition until I wisely decided to recycle the old stuffing and sew up some new covers instead.



I’ve been loving Trina Turk’s Indoor Outdoor collection for Schumacher for some time now but not willing to spend $100 yd on fabric for our outdoor cushions I needed to find something that gave the same vibe on a budget .  I found a a couple suitable substitutes.

Outdoor Fabric copy

On the left in Coral Splendor from Lewis and Sharon Textiles and P. Kaufmann Zebra Skin from House of Fabrics. I also ordered a Neutral Sunbrella outdoor fabric remnant I found online for the majority of the cushions.

Deck Sneak Peak

A few weekends ago I whipped out the old sewing machine and got to work sewing up 4 box cushions for the seats and 4 pillows for the seat backs. I cut apart the old pillows and reused the stuffing for the box cushions to save on cost and bought 4 new 24 inch outdoor pillow inserts for the back. Buying the inserts pre-made actually turned out cheaper than buying foam and batting separately to stuff them.

Deck Cushions

The seat back pillows are reversible so if you are feeling like you want a dose of coral it’s an easy flip of the pillow.

Deck Cushions 2

Each of the cushions pillows are piped with the coordinating zebra fabric to to help tie everything together.

Deck Cushion piping

So far we’re loving them.

Outdoor Cushions

They already gotten a lot of use since I put the finishing touches on them a few weeks ago/ So far we’ve had three BBQ’s and even an incident with some BBQ sauce spill they was left sitting on the cushions over night. Fortunately it came out with a little Dawn and a scrubby brush and it looked good as new. I can’t wait to add some plants and greenery to the space.

The Deck is Done, Finally!



We are victorious! Well that’s how it feels at least. It’s been a looong time coming. This is one of those projects that I wished was finished as soon as I started it! It was a monster of a deck to stain by hand with a brush. But it’s done and I’m THRILLED. We finally finished  staining over the weekend after being interrupted numerous times by rain,  snow and those dreaded days in between the weekends where you have to go to work.

But let’s start at the very beginning shall we?

It all started when we moved in looking a bit  like this…

…and then last fall like this…

…over time and a lot of hard work it turned into this…

…and finally it was ready to stain.

The actual deck has been done for a couple months but we had to wait for the pressure treated wood to sit out and dry for a while before staining. We’ve learned that the pressure-treating process soaks the wood.  When newly installed, it will not allow any type of coating to adhere well. A quick tip from our local paint store was to test the deck’s readiness to accept stain by splashing water on the surface.  If the water beads on the surface, more drying time is needed. If the water droplets soak into the wood, then the wood is dry enough to accept a top coat.

We wanted a deep red coloring so we went off to the local paint store. These guys seriously know their stuff. I always prefer going there over the big box stores in our are. They’re always friendly, knowledgeable and can find you the perfect paint chip in a haystack. Seriously they’re awesome. So if you’re in the area go to Sak’s Paint.

We chose Sikkens brand Semi Transparent Stain in Navajo Red. It’s an all in one stain and sealer. It worked out rather well although we had to stain each rail and board by hand with a brush according to the directions. With this type of stain you need to use a brush to really work it into the wood and because of the sealer a second coat isn’t necessary or recommended so it’s really important to get the first coat applied evenly and brushed in well.  Also this stuff is super duper STINKY so it’s good we were doing this outdoors!

I’ll save you the long boring details of watching paint dry. The whole the was pretty much a lot of stooping over and painting and ummm dipping. Yeah, that’s pretty much how our days went. We used 2 size brushes, 1 was a 2 inch angle brush to help get in between each of the board and a 4 inch brush for the large flat surfaces. The only awesome thing my father figured out about half way through was to duct tape a wood handle to the 4 inch paint brush to paint the floor. Which saved a ton of stooping.

So there you have it our Deck, Finished…for now that is 🙂

We’re loving it.

And loving that it’s done.

Hopefully, next year we’ll be working on adding some outdoor furniture to the space, maybe an outdoor rug and some potted plants. Oh I can’t wait!

So what do you think? Does anyone else have claw fingers from staining or painting. I bet you’re loving the results like we are though.

Psst: You can read about our total deck adventure starting all the way at the beginning by clicking here.

Best Laid Plans



As some of you may have heard the Northeast got quite the snowstorm Saturday. Yes that is right SNOW in OCTOBER in New Jersey. If you live somewhere that experiences a foot or more of snow October you may be snickering at us right now. But seriously this is not normal especially not 1 foot or more of SNOW, in my opinion snow with leaves still on the trees just looks weird.

Needless to say it put a bit of a cramp in our plans to finally finish staining the deck. We were making some progress until the freak storm of 2011 took over. Unfortunately, I only managed to take a few pics of the progress before the storm arrived mostly because I wasn’t expecting the storm.

It’s looking really good, now let’s just cross our finger and pray that the snow melts and there is one more nice day to finish it up!

The good news is that since we had a forced day inside and a nice long nap time courtesy of my son, I finally have been able to take some time and focus in on some of the changes we want to make to our Master Bedroom. It’s a total departure from what I had original Yellow and Gray plan but I think I’m in love.

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