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How To Make a Simple Terrarium



Well hello there, I’ve missed you all. I have a great little bedroom update to share today. Yes we’re still moving slowly along in that room. I’ve never really had any space that I could call done so I’m determined to keep on chugging along one little piece at a time until I get it where I’m content to move along.

Bedroom Lamp

Do you remember when I mentioned that I had purchased a lamp to place on the dresser and I couldn’t decide if it was a right for the space? Well I decided I agreed with some of the comments I received and back it went to the store, I liked the lamp well enough but just not in that spot. I’ve learned if I’m not loving it 100% then to just return it and try something else. I always end up happier than if I kept it and tried to make it work.

Bedroom Lamp 1

The lamp covered up some of the wall gallery and the neutral colors weren’t balancing against the other colorful elements of the room. On the trip back to Home Goods to return the lamp I found a great apothecary jar and at $19 I grabbed it and ran, especially considering I’ve seen ones for three times that amount in other places. It was the right shape and scale for the top of the dresser and I liked the light air feel of the glass, but it was still missing some color.

Apothecary Jars

I contemplated a few different options to fill it, including glass fishing floats or colorful stones but in the end I decided it was the perfect spot to add a little life to the area in the form of a small terrarium . I had some small square glass vases stashed in the closet so I added those to the mix as well. I like how the square vases contrasted against the curvy lines of the Apothecary jar.

I was hoping that it would be a quick and easy project and it was. Once I had the supplies (which took 2 trips to the store because I couldn’t make up my mind)  it took less than an hour to put together. The most difficult part was lowering the plant into the jar, which took a little careful maneuvering to settle it in there.

Terrarium Supplies

On the second trip to Home Depot I bought my supplies. I already had my Apothecary Jar from Home Goods and two other glass containers I’d use as pots. I purchased a few African Violets and a Parlor Palm which are great indoor houseplants, thrive in low to medium light conditions and don’t mind being a little bit humid which can happen in a closed glass jar. Side Note, I bought way too many plants. I only ended up needing 3, one for each pot. I also picked up some potting soil and decorative stones. Most people also recommend using activated charcoal but I couldn’t find it so I skipped that step. We’ll see if I live to regret it.

Apothecary Jars 3

After that I added a small amount of the decorative stones to the bottom. Since there aren’t any drainage holes I wanted to leave the water a place to gather at the bottom in case I overwatered. I actually had too many in the photo above and ended up taking some out, but you get the idea.

I placed a small amount of soil then lowered the African Violet carefully into place. At some point I may have wondered aloud how the #$*@ can I get this plant into that jar. After a little trial and error I found adding just a small amount of soil and then filling in around it was the best method. I ended up having to brush some of the soil off of the leaves this way but it all turned out good in the end.

It got a little messy so be sure to work outside or cover your work services to keep the clean up easy.

Apothecary Jars 4

I planted another African Violet into one of the smaller square planters and the Parlor Palm into the larger vase, this time without the #$#^&.  That was it, easy peasy.

I’m loving how simple this was and the color and sparkly touch it adds to this side of the room.

Apothecary Jars 1

Also the clear containers that allow the pebbles to show through are super cute.

Apothecary Jars 2 copy

So what do you think? Anyone else tried sticking a plant in a jar lately?  Did you love the results, or were you thinking how the *#*&$% am I going to get this plant stuffed into this jar.

Bamboo Matchstick Shades



If you follow us on Facebook you know that I had my eye on some Bamboo Matchstick shades from Home Depot to change out the mismatched shades we had in our bedroom. What was on the windows before? Well it was a mismatched combination of plastic roller shades from the previous owner and white faux wood blinds I had from an old bedroom. I love white blinds in general but once we painted the bedroom out a nice bright color I was feeling that the blinds were getting lost in the sea of neutrals, more contrast was in order.

P1150180For a long time I’ve been dying to add wood toned roman shades. I liked the idea of bridging the gap between the curtain panels with some darker tones to balance out all of the neutrals shades we introduced into the room since painting out the original green paint.

I saw these Providence Bamboo Roman shades in Home Depot a few months back and I loved them. Besides the fact that they looked great in person they were the perfect dark wood tone to go with our dark bookcases that flank the window on one wall. and they were not too expensive. Honestly I’m not up for spending hundreds of dollars on shades, even if it was in the budget it’s just not my thing.

P1160257-1 copy

The old plastic roller shades split the window in between the bookshelves in two. I had to order the larger size to fit the window from Home Depot’s website because they didn’t carry the wide 51 inches shade we needed to span both windows in the store. I’m so happy I did this one larger shade helps to make the window larger and the wood tones just like I had imagined tie nicely together with the tones of the bookshelves. I love it when a plan comes together!

P1160290 copy

Another bonus has been the room darkening quality of these shades. It’s noticeably darker in the morning time now which is nice since the window over the bed faces almost directly east. Can you say hello daylight at 5:00 am. I’m really impressed with them. Oh and as for privacy, Bryan was worried you might be able to see through the slightly open weave of the shade.  Bryan went outside the other night to check them out and everything is acceptable on that front too. Although the do sell fabric privacy inserts here that attach to the side of the shade that faces the street adding privacy and energy efficiency to the total package which might be a nice feature to buy down the road.

P1160277 copy

Oh and did you notice? While we were on a roll I got around to hanging those 4 frames I recently changed up with some Rub n’ Buff. I’m sort of loving them on that once formerly blank wall.  They tie in reference nicely the colors and designs from the pillows without being all to matchy about it.

P1160279 copy

I painted those looong before I picked out the Braemore Wonderland Pearl Fabric for the pillows. I’ve always been drawn to bright colors and I tend to paint in those colors ALL THE TIME!

P1160311 copy

As for those closet doors, I’m not loving the same repeating of panels with the 4 hanging frames but that will all change as them as we have big plans for them. We’re most likely going to change out the bi-fold doors out for French closet doors and do some sort of mirrors and molding treatment as well. I can’t wait to get started on that project!

This room has come a long way baby from the beginning.

image And now we’re moving into the home stretch.



Side note: There is that lamp on the dresser that is causing my internal lamp debate. Notice the price tag still attached? I can’t decide if it’s too tall!!

Well I’m off for the weekend, I got the fabric to recover the torn orange chairs under the window from EBay. It arrived and I’m so excited to get tearing that fabric off. Although I have grown somewhat fond of the pop of color over there. Wish me luck and I’ll be back with a progress on Monday!

Psst if you want all of the posts leading up to our bedroom transformation click here

Project Disguise the TV




Remember when we talked about Ways to Disguise a TV? Well I jumped on the bandwagon and got to work helping to disguise our TV in the Bedroom with a small gallery wall of frames. I think it helps to distract from the big black boxiness of the TV hanging on the wall. But let’s go back to the beginning and see what we started with.  P1140899 We hung the TV nice and high on the wall so that when you’re laying in the bed snuggling up to watch a movie the TV would be perfect height. It’s an awesome spot for TV watching but it left a giant gap between the top of the dresser and the bottom of the television not to mention nothing much else was going on around it. This picture above was taken before we added the new curtains, pillows, restyled the bookcases and all kinds of other fun things I’m not remembering right now.

On my last trip to Ikea I bought a bunch of Ribba Frames in different sizes in both white and wood tone. I liked the simple frame style and large mats and the fact that they’re not outrageously expensive. I would definitely recommend them for anyone looking to create their own gallery wall.

Once I got the frames home I traced the sizes out onto a roll of craft paper I keep around for just such emergencies and cut them out. You could use anything you have on hand including newspaper, wrapping paper, or even the paper inside the frames would work out well. My method was basically to tape a few pieces up on the wall at a time and stepped back to look and see how things were coming along.

P1150633 copy

After what seemed like an eternity of taping skootching, un-taping and moving I got to a place I was felling pretty good about the general arrangement.

I left it alone for a few days and lived with the paper scraps on the wall to make sure I still liked the arrangement. After I was sure they were in the right spot I got to work hanging some of the frames.

The only thing odder to me then living with paper scraps taped to the wall is living with a husband that doesn’t even flinch anymore when #1. we have scraps of brown paper taped to the wall with blue painters tape for an extended period of time and #2. doesn’t even ask why I am taking numerous pics of said paper scraps.

P1150990 copy

Anyway where was I? Oh yeah! Putting up the first frame was probably the most nerve racking part. I hate hate hanging pictures only to find that I need to move it a tad to the left or right, it’s off center, up too high down or down too low. Let’s just say even with me marking out where I wanted the frames and carefully marking where the picture hangers should go onto the paper by measuring onto the piece of paper marking an X and then nailing directly over the top of the X there’s still a few extra holes where I had to nudge something one way or another.


You can see how I even has a couple of smaller frames that fit perfectly around the thermostat to help disguise that as well. So happy I decided to buy those as a last minute decision in case I needed them. The final placement changed just a bit from the paper template on the wall. I still may add a few so they trail down the dresser on the right side. Or maybe a nice canvas work work there as well?


P1160049 copy

As for what we put in the frames? Well there are a bunch of family photos from last year when we spent some time at the beach  as well as on the lake at home.

Close Up 1 The only one I had printed at Wal-Mart due to the size is the large one of Bryan and Nikolas on the boat. It was around $8.00 for the poster size and it came out really nicely.

Close Up 2

Overall we’re really loving how the frames have helped to balance out the TV. The room is really coming along now, I can’t wait to get it all done. As for what’s next, at the moment there’s a great lamp debate going on in my mind. I swear I’ll be back and forth to the store 10 times before I decided. Hopefully (fingers and toes crossed) I get to working on reupholstering those chairs. Now that will be a big job.


So what have you all been up to? Any lighting debates going on in your home?

DIY Project: Rub n’ Buff Frame Update



Rub n Buff Frame

Happy Friday Everyone! Well I’m back with another super easy and cheap way to update plain white frames and get that expensive golden frame look. It cost all of $4.00. Yep that’s right $4.00. You want to know the secret? Or perhaps the not so secret weapon if you’ve heard of this stuff before. It’s a little miracle in a tube called Rub n’ Buff. I was a little skeptical to try this I thought all the hype was too good to be true.

But I bought these frames a while ago from AC Moore on sale back when I did my Flowers and Paisley Art Tutorials. All this time I’ve felt like something was lacking with the white frames and white mats.


They were pretty but I wanted something different. So I thought about it for a while and decided to take the plunge with some Rub n’ Buff. It was super simple and now I want to Rub n’ Buff all kinds of things. Rub n’ Buff comes in tons of colors but for this project I used Gold Leaf. It’s basically liquid gold leaf and goes on like a dream and so much simpler than actual gold leafing which requires adhesive and messy gold flakes everywhere.

image via

Rub n Buff Frame

Rub n Buff Frame






All you do is lay your frame out onto a protected surface because this stuff will stick to everything it touches. You can use your finger or a rag, squeeze some Rub n’ Buff out and rub it all over the frame, let dry for about 10 minutes and buff to a shine. It’s SOOO Simple!

Rub n Buff Frame

The finish is gorgeous! It turned the plain white frames it golden beauties.

Rub n Buff Frame

I love how my Floral and Paisley paintings just pop out at you now.

Rub n Buff Frame The white matt against the gold frame really highlights all of the colors in the painting and the best part is if you want a step-by-step tutorial on how to DIY your own version of these paintings check out part 1 of the tutorial here.

Supermarket Blooms




Even though it’s still gray and gloomy outside a little pop of spring time color is as close as our local grocery store. Lately I’ve been disappointed with the usually fantastic selection at our store but when I walked in yesterday and saw masses of tulips just waiting for Valentine’s Day I knew they’d be coming home with me.


I love tulips for their casual elegance, part of their elegance to me is how then bow over the edges of the vase. I love plain glass vases that let the flowers beauty stand on their own.


I set them in front of a recent painting I did. I hadn’t planned for them to match the painting perfectly while I was picking them out but I’m so happy they do.


I’m think I might have to paint tulips picture now, hmmm…


…and add some more orange, yellow and apple green to our living room, which I’m loving against the pale blue walls.

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