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8 Fantastic Places to Buy Fabric Online



Stacks of fabric in home officeImage: Flickr

Shopping for fabric online has opened up a world of possibilities. Many more fabrics are available at our fingertips now then when one only had the option of shopping locally. But that doesn’t mean that buying fabrics from an online retailed comes without questions. Will it look like the picture when it arrives? Are the colors accurate? Will I like it? Will it feel the way I imagined?

To help put my mind at ease when making a big fabric purchase is to order a sample whenever possible sometimes the fabric to no fault of the retailer will just not be the same as you imagined. Of course this isn’t always possible.

Another way I calm the questions swirling in my head is to order from  some of my favorite tried a true retailers. Happy fabric shopping!

10 Fabric Places Online 1.1

Fabric guru is a recent favorite find. They sell name brand fabric at discounted prices. One I scored a major find with my bedroom curtain fabric which I bought as a second for $6.00 a yard.  Their inventory tends to change often so if I see something I like I snag it as quick as possible. (Fabric guru sources 1. 2. 3.)

Update: I just received a coupon for fabricguru, use coupon code fall4 during the checkout process for 20% off your entire purchase good through November 12, 2012

Lewis and Sharon Textiles is another wonderful source for fabrics they have a great selection and beautiful fabrics they tend to be a tad more on the expensive side than some of the other fabric places I mention here but nothing outrageous. (Lewis and Sharon Textiles sources 1. 2. 3.)

If you’re looking for a few modern or eco friendly fabrics Tonic Living is your place to shop. They also offer custom curtains and pillows made form the fabrics they sell which is a great option if you’re not handy with the sewing machine. (Tonic Living sources 1. 2. 3.)

10 Fabric Places Online 2.2

Online Fabric Store is  another site I tend to visit frequently they have a great resource for upholstery fabric and supplies. If you’re looking to recover a piece of furniture and need some supplies they’re a great one stop shop. (Online Fabric Store source 1. 2. 3.)

Fabric.com offers tons of choices for those looking for fabric. They offer great budget solutions if you’re looking for fabric with not such a steep budget. They ship fast and cheap which is always a plus. (Fabric.com sources 1. 2. 3.)

Etsy the retailer made famous for selling handmade wares is also a great place to find fabric supplies. Some shops sell designer fabric that would only be offered to the trade otherwise. There’s also a large one of a kind vintage pieces of fabric for sale. If I’m looking for a one of the kind piece that doesn’t require large quantities Etsy is the place I go to look. (Etsy sources 1. 2. 3.)


eBay the flagship auction house is another great resource I frequent often to find quality fabrics at a discount. However the retailers on the site can vary greatly in reviews, shipping rates and return policies . To combat the uncertainty I stick to quality eBay store with highly positive reviews and sound return policies. (eBay sources 1. 2. 3.)

Spoonflower is an up and comer in the fabric market you can create your own custom designs or order yards of fabric from a number of creative minds. I like Spoonflower for their bright colorful prints and unique designs. (Spoonflower sources (1. 2. 3.)

My Inspiration this Week



I’m still on the great fabric hunt for our bedroom makeover inspired by the always wonderful Sarah Richardson and her Farmhouse Master Bedroom. If you follow me on Pinterest you know I’ve been pinning Fabric left and right. from all over the internet trying to find the perfect mix of fabric. I’ve come across some great finds lately and I thought I’d share some of my favorites. I’ve ordered a bunch of samples and can’t wait for the to arrive!

Here’s some of what I’m loving right now.

Fabric 3

1. Sea Breeze Patriot

2. Khandar Jewel

3. Campione

4. Small Scale Gold

5. Khanjali

6. Jiya

7. Houndstooth

8. Licinda

Have a great weekend everyone!

Full Steam Ahead



After the Yellow and Gray idea got thrown to the side and we settled on a new totally awesome inspiration photo for the Master bedroom (you can check out that whole process here) we’re moving full steam ahead gathering fabric, paint samples and scouting a couple new furniture pieces to turn our very green master bedroom from something that looks like this…

to something that looks more like this…

via houzz

But before I get into all that let’s back up here for a second and take  look at what I’m really loving about my inspiration room and what we’re planning to take away from it.

We don’t want to take this exact room and try to plop it our space. Although, if anyone is offering that would be nice. The idea is to emulate the upscale country feel that this room has but on a much smaller budget, in a smaller space and make it our own by changing some elements to fit our lifestyle and needs for our room.

But, back to what I’m loving, the antique quilt on the bed is fantastic, as is the overall mix of fabrics in the room. I love the large scale floral mixed with the stripes and the small scale ikat pattern on the drapes.

Although I think each piece adds to the overall aesthetic and the beauty of the room  the patterned area rug (since we already have a neutral one), bed side tables without any storage and the high ceiling just aren’t going to be possible/work in our space.

So what’s the plan you ask? Well, I’ll get to that in a second.

I started by taking a look at the fabric choices in the room. The floral pillows with yellow trim, striped accent pillow, the smaller scale geometric choices including ikat window treatments and red geometric fabric on the bench. It all leads to a layered over time space. Those are the elements that  really want to take away.

After a little searching I found the source list for the Sarah’s Farmhouse room although they don’t specify which fabric it is they do include the manufacturer. I found a couple of them online,  the lovely floral on the left is  Sunara Ikat Spice by F. Schumacher and it is priced at around $129 per yard. That awesome small print ikat pattern on the right is Sunara Ikat Spice by F. Schumacher priced at about $70. Both lovely, but not going to happen on our budget.

So what’s the plan you ask again?

1. Silsila, Curry $24.95, 2. Mini Chevron $9.95, 3. Soho Sorbet $10.95 4. Hounds-tooth $19.98 5. Arlecchino Riga Stripe $29.98

 Aha, finally she get’s to the point! Well, here it is, I wanted a similar mix of color and pattern. I’m in love with the Suzani style print fabric above. I’ve ordered a bunch of swatches as well a few others  and I can’t wait for them to get here. Follow along on my inspiration board on pinterest to see all my current choices.

If all goes as planned I’ll probably use the Suzani style print on pillows and maybe a chair or two. Although I’m still debating that. I’ll use the small scale Chevron on the windows and layer in the other fabrics around the room. Of course, everything is still very much in the air and there’s tons more to do and decide.

So that’s where we are at in the space, there’s still so much to do like find end tables, chairs, finalize the fabric choices, paint color…you get the idea.

Yeah, I’m totally thinking it’s time for a list!


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