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A Pumpkin Picking We Will Go



Pumpkin Picking 2012

For the past few weekends we’ve been talking about heading off into farm country and doing what every respectable family does this time of year and enjoy the fleeting warm temperatures and glorious colors of fall by going pumpkin picking. So with the weather positively glorious Sunday afternoon. Think 75 degrees and bright blue skies streaked with a few passing clouds. A 2 year old that refused to take a nap and a desire to check one of our October activities off our list. We decided to head out and take advantage of the beautiful fall day that had presented itself to us.

We hopped in the truck and drove about 30 minutes southwest to Long Valley, New Jersey and the home of Ort Farms. Of course our non-napping toddler dosed off promptly 5 minutes before arrival but upon hearing that there were monster trucks and pumpkins to be picked he perked up rather quickly.

Ort farms did not disappoint, with the warm weather, crowds Ray Ban outlet of people enjoying the fall festivities and Nikolas excitement at riding in the back of a tractor and picking pumpkins from a patch, we were together and having a blast. Not to mention the views and hot apple cider topped off a lovely afternoon.

Pumpkin Picking 2012-2

Pumpkin Picking 2012-9

Pumpkin Picking 2012-14

Pumpkin Picking 2012-12

Pumpkin Picking 2012-4

Pumpkin Picking 2012-6

Pumpkin Picking 2012-5

Pumpkin Picking 2012-13

Pumpkin Picking 2012-7

Pumpkin Picking 2012-3

A 3 hour tour (part 1)



Now that spring is here and in full force and we’ve been released from the confines of the house we’ve been spending some warm spring afternoons touring our lake on the boat. It’s a lovely way to spend the afternoon drooling over the grander houses on the lake, gathering some inspiration for own own along the way. Even though we’ve lived in this area of NJ most of our lives you never really get to see the houses on the lake until you see them from the water’s edge. There’s something quirky about water front houses, they usually have their best side facing the water so you really can’t appreciate the size or the beauty of these homes on a Sunday drive in the car from the road. Many of the homes have their small detached garages facing the street, and if you’re able to walk around them they open up to beautiful large homes. Since we only just recently moved onto our lake and bought a boat it still knocks my socks off every time I come across these beauties that I’ve ony seen from the road only to reveal on the water their true beauty, it’s something like a secret treasure.

So we took the time on our last lazy Sunday afternoon boat drive to snap a few pictures to show off a few of our favorite houses and spots on our lake. Showing off that there may be something more to New Jersey than the “Situation’s abs” (although I am addicted to the “Jersey Shore”) the parkway and meatheads. Come take a look at part 1 of our 3 hour tour. Just call us the Skipper, Gilligan & Maryann.

I’m in love with this one with the multiple levels of decks , the arches on the ground floor, the large lawn and that round turret on the right. I imagine there is a master bedroom sitting area in the top floor round room with magnificent views. What a place to relax and read a book that would be! Or dream of a Sunday morning relaxing on the balcony eating breakfast and drinking a cup of coffee.

These three house together are amazing. What a gorgeous setting looking at them together. I love how they have organically grown together over time. You can tell that each one is unique, a builder hasn’t come along and just plopped three identical houses side by side. Check out those pink flowering trees on the water’s edge, and the white flowering trees behind the houses.

Check out this sprawling beauty! Look at all the rooflines and peaks. I love those retaining walls, a great, beautiful way to tame a sloped yard. If you look closely at the top retaining wall there’s a glass fence, I bet there is a gorgeous inground pool just calling your name. Lake too cold? Come take a dip in the marvelous heated in-ground pool complete with a glass fence so as not to obstruct your view.

This has to be one of the most majestic old mansions on the lake. Look at all that stonework. I love the meandering path down to the water. It looks like you should have afternoon tea with the ladys on the veranda in your summer dress and sun hat. Could you imagine the bathing beauties about 100 years ago frolicking on that lawn. They say this was a happening place to “summer” for the rich at one time.

This is my husbands favorite, He’s a sucker for A-Frame style homes and this one is his perfect idea of A-Frame meets log cabin rustic. tucked away in the trees you can feel like you’re the only one around for miles. Or hop in your boat and go to one of the boat-up restaurants or bars on the lake enjoy the night away!

Now that you’ve seen just a few of our favorites be sure to check back for more as we boat on our lake this summer and take you along for the ride in our 3 hour tour series. We’re looking forward to it, should be a blast!

For now we’re over and out!

Skipper, Gilligan and Maryann

365 days ago…



…our baby boy was born. 365 days ago at 3:53 am.

We knew you were going to change our lives, but oh boy, we didn’t even have a clue!

366 days ago you were 3 days past your due date and oh boy, we thought the day would never come when you would arrive.

In 365 days we’ve rocked you, walked you, snuggled you, fed you, changed you and loved you. You have, sat up, crawled, walked, said your first words and got your first tooth. What a year it’s been baby boy! Mommy and Daddy love you more than you’ll know, until the day your little one comes into the world.

Pardon us while we go snuggle our baby boy and remember what life was like just 365 days ago today.

Happy 1st Birthday Nikolas!

Spring has sprung in NJ



I’ve waited.

All winter, I’ve waited.

Through snow, and ice, and shoveling and wind-chill, and -7F nights, and winter jackets and hats and gloves.

Through storms, and frozen gutters.

Through endless dark days, SUN SETTING AT 4PM, and through frostbite, and frozen toes…

Spring, for me, has officially come to NJ.  For my boat goes in the water this week.

For the last 6 months, my boat, has been cooped up in at the Marina, just waiting…  We decided we were ready to buy our first real boat.  My Rowboat just wasn’t cutting it anymore.  So one day last October, we started negotiations to buy a 2010 Bayliner 160.  While we knew we’d have to put it in storage a week later, we wanted to be ready for the spring.  I didn’t get it in the water until the last week of October by the time we finalized the deal.  And so while getting a small taste of the boating world, before we knew it, the frost was here.  Had to drop it back off at the Marina.

But not this year.  This year we have it all summer.  And I have been waiting, did I mention that already?

Every time I went outside, a little piece of me that remembered warm sunshine, and early morning fishing trips died a little.  You forget what warmth feels like.  You forget that there even is a summer, and your days are dark and dreary.  You forget that sometimes wind in your face doesn’t make you cold and numb.  Sometimes it’s warm, and you get the spray off the water, riding a jet ski doing 70mph…  Lately, I’ve forgotten there was anything BUT winter…

This morning I woke up and got ready for my morning coffee.  I rolled out of bed and put on my fleece pants, and a sweater, and then my thick fleece hoodie, and my hat, coffee in hand and walked out onto the deck for my morning constitutional where I realized, holy crap, I’m not shivering.  It was 60F!  HOORAY…   “I’m calling the Marina today!”

And so, the time has finally come.  I called the marina, we had our friendly chit chat for a few minutes, and the gent asked when I’ll be ready for my boat.  I told him, “I’ll be ready when you are!”  He told me if it stops raining, at some point in the next few days he’ll get it out of storage and in the water, hopefully before the weekend.  Outstanding!

Here’s a few pics from last year’s break in rides…

A tale of two jet skis



Here at my house there are many things that, should be done, can be done, would be done but don’t get done because of two little machines we have sitting in the water right behind our house. I like to call them.

Thing 1 and Thing 2


Bumble Bee and Optimus Prime


Skipper and Gilligan


…oh you get the idea

Each day the boys go out riding they walk out to the lake and get the skis ready. This entirely long, drawn out process usually takes two men at least an hour. The only answer I get every time I ask what’s taking them so long to get ready is “these things take time dear” which translates to Ugh why does she keep asking me these questions? and Girls just don’t understand?.

Give a man a seat and a motor and they turn into 10 year old boys on a mission, a mission to tinker, a mission to drive and a mission for speed…

…and to drive around in circles see who can make the bigger splash

and to taunt each other  “no dude you didn’t even come close to me I was totally going like 70”

When they come in and dock at the end of the day thoroughly washed up, soaking wet, and exhausted, they jump off  proclaim “DID YOU SEE ME FALL OFF THE JET SKI AND DO A FLIP OVER THE HANDLE BARS, I WAS GOING 50 MPH FLYING THROUGH THE AIR IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!”

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