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Wedge Sneakers



I have a confession to make. I don’t own a decent pair of sneakers. The last pair I bought 5 years ago and has a tear in the side. Frankly, I just haven’t found a pair I love and and I rarely wear them anyway. In the winter I’m a boots and wedges kind of girl and in the summer I wear flip flops and sandals as much as I can.


Now I know wedge sneakers don’t really qualify as a practical pair of sneakers (ok they don’t) but I find that I keep staring at them none the less. A part of me wants a pair and part of me is reminded of those platform sneakers of the 90’s ala the Spice Girls.


This pair I found at HauteLook is really cute and for $30 (some pairs crazy expensive like these here). At that price I might not mind taking part in the trend for a season. So let’s talk about wedge sneakers today. Would you buy a pair or wouldn’t be caught dead in them?

Wardrobes and Wellies



I was cleaning out my closet a little while ago, going through my winter clothes (and shoes) sorting the clothes that don’t fit, clothes that have gotten old and clothes I just plain old don’t like anymore. At the end of it all I came away with big old giant pile of clothes to donate.


(not my closet…Mariah Carey’s via Architectural Digest)

Pleased with myself at my glorious organization skills and perfectly neat closet I took a look around…and realized I have nothing to wear! It was kind of shocking. Me? The person who loves to shop with nothing to wear? This couldn’t be possible.

But when I thought about it and thought about the last time I’d gone shopping for clothes I really couldn’t place my finger on it. What I came up with after pondering for a few more minutes was that I must have just forgot to go shopping.

In the midst of a baby being small, a new home and my full-time work at home status from my job I had managed to forget about my wardrobe. I’ve tending to skip the clothes shopping lately in maglie calcio poco prezzo favor of shopping for house related stuff. Absolutely not the worse problem to have in your life but definitely something I’m going to change.


image via

So my latest New Years Resolution 2 1/2 weeks late is to start to replenish my wardrobe. Slowly, buying things that I love. Guess what? It’s kind of liberating knowing that it’s time to get out there to shop. Which brings me to the Wellies part of my ramblings.

clean hunter wellies Rain Boot Round Up

image via

I have been dying to get my hands on a pair of rainboots for a while. I mean it’s winter, it’s cold and wet. I think that’s enough of a reason to buy a pair.

Now my question is colorful or classic? Do you own a pair?


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