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Flowers from the Cutting Garden



Ocean City Houses 2

Do you like to garden?  I do. My mom has always had the most fantastic green thumb and incredible gardens. On the weekends we used to go to the garden store and come home with all kinds of flowers for the garden. I can still remember walking up and down aisles and aisles of flowers picking out my favorites. I never lost that love and to this day I want to take home almost every plant I see. Which is funny because I can keep outdoor plants alive but tend to kill houseplants. Don’t ask me why that is.

Ocean City Gardens 3

Yesterday, Nikolas and I spent most of the day raking up the remnants of autumn from the side yard. We gathered up FOURTEEN bags of leaves and old dead weeds. That part of the yard has been oakley sunglasses cheap left relatively untouched by us as we focused on other parts in the yard. It’s a mess. It’s is rocky, hilly and grows weeds like I’ve never seen before.   I have so far refused to take photos of it. It’s that bad.

Ocean City Gardens 4

As I was raking and raking and raking some more I got to thinking about how I’d love to have a cutting garden somewhere. We’ve planted a lot of flowers around the yard but none solely dedicated to bringing indoors. I always feel torn about whether I should bring them inside or leave them outdoors to enjoy.

image via

Wouldn’t a garden solely dedicated to bringing in armloads of flowers into the house be perfection?

The top 3 images I took on a trip last summer the bottom image via Ann Kearsley design.

3 Budget Ways to Style Flowers



Ahhh Spring, you can feel it in the air, finally. Before you know it the magnolias a cherry trees will be blooming. I can hardly wait! I love to bring flowers into my home as often as I can. But filling your home with fresh flowers can tend to get on the pricy side. With spring comes easier access to all kinds of flowers and blooms. Here are three of my favorite and beautiful ways to add flowers without breaking the bank.

First, grab a bunch of jars and arrange them together. You could use jelly jars or mason jars, wrap some twine around it and place just few stems each of assorted wild flowers for a casual arrangement.


Our Little Garden by the Lake



Hello everyone,

How are you all doing?

Have any good plans for the weekend?

BBQ? Beach? Pool?

Our weekend starts early tomorrow so I’m already looking forward to our 4 days home.

Gerber Daisies

Our garden is coming along nicely now, every year we add some color by planting a few annuals here and there.

Each year is different. Usually we just go to the garden shop and buy whatever we like.

Gerber Daisies are always one of my favorites so they came home with us.


Geraniums, they like the sun, we have lots of sun….so they came home with us too.

Vinca and Petunias

A few Vincas and Petunias also made their way home with us.

Flowers are addicting, I may have to go pick up some more 🙂

Supermarket Blooms




Even though it’s still gray and gloomy outside a little pop of spring time color is as close as our local grocery store. Lately I’ve been disappointed with the usually fantastic selection at our store but when I walked in yesterday and saw masses of tulips just waiting for Valentine’s Day I knew they’d be coming home with me.


I love tulips for their casual elegance, part of their elegance to me is how then bow over the edges of the vase. I love plain glass vases that let the flowers beauty stand on their own.


I set them in front of a recent painting I did. I hadn’t planned for them to match the painting perfectly while I was picking them out but I’m so happy they do.


I’m think I might have to paint tulips picture now, hmmm…


…and add some more orange, yellow and apple green to our living room, which I’m loving against the pale blue walls.

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