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Our New Secretary



Last week I mentioned that we were hoping to score a great deal on craigslist. It all happened while I was browsing for nothing in particular. We had just sold the buffet piece we recently refinished and I was on the lookout for the next project. My favorite categories to browse for furniture are “Furniture by Owner” and “Antiques” because  a lot of people post interchangeably in those two places. I was just casually looking while on the phone doing 100 hundred other things.


I found a beautiful secretary at an unbeatable price and jumped on the opportunity. I emailed the seller and held my breath that we’d be one of the first ones that would contact her. She called me back almost immediately and I asked her a few questions. After chatting with her for a few minutes I learned that her and her husband were remodeling cheap oakley sunglasses their house and looking for a change of decor. She loved the piece but was looking for a fresh start so she was selling off some of her old pieces.

I asked if she would be willing to wait until that evening (I needed Bryan to get home from work so we could go look at it together). She was OK with that so I set up a time to meet that night at 7:30.


When I saw the posting I originally intended to fix it up and resell it. I thought that if the finish wasn’t that great I could paint it kind of like this piece. But when we got there the piece was even more beautiful in person than in the listing. I think it’s too nice as is to paint it. The finish and color are just beautiful.

The secretary comes apart in 2 pieces and there are a few scratches on the top from where the piece has been slid on and off over the years. They scratches are mostly hidden. I have a few ideas on how to fix it without refinishing the whole piece but I may just leave it since they’re not that noticeable.


When we got it home I couldn’t resist adding some pretty stuff to the top shelves. I’m really loving how it looks in the room and the height is right. That wall needed a nice tall piece to help balance it out visually. I still need to take a few pictures of it in the whole room. But since the living room is a disaster of toys right now that will have to wait for another day.

Secretary-Collage-2I have to giggle because I put the decanters and Jack Daniels in the secretary for no other reason than I thought they looked pretty. It’s rather convenient though, have a hard day at work? why not know back a few? Haha, I’m kidding..sort of.

It’s so pretty I may just end up keeping this piece for myself.


Hmmm, decisions…

Chairloom Furniture Makeovers



Browsing through last month’s Lonny Magazine an advertisement caught my eye for Chairloom. I clicked over which is completely unusual for the girl that waits 15 minutes after a show starts to begin watching so I can fast forwards through commercials. Still expecting an underwhelming run of the mill upholstery shop I was quickly blown away by what I found and have been a bit of a stalker ever since.

Chairloom Before and After 1

Based in Pennsylvania “Molly Andrews & Tracy Jenkins share a love and appreciation for vintage an d antique furniture as we ll as a vision to customize pieces in need of reupholstery using unique and beautiful, fresh & often unexpected textiles”.

Chairloom Before and After 2

They work with local and online clients on restoration & reupholstery projects, custom furniture and cushions as well as sell a select few pieces finished and waiting to be finished on their site.

Chairloom Before and After 3

I’m so in love with all of their fabric choices and am dying to go Vendita nuove magliette calcio a poco prezzo online visit their showroom (shown below) to have a piece of my own transformed.

Images 1 –3 via Chairloom.com, Image 4 via Spearmint Decor

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