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Our New Secretary



Last week I mentioned that we were hoping to score a great deal on craigslist. It all happened while I was browsing for nothing in particular. We had just sold the buffet piece we recently refinished and I was on the lookout for the next project. My favorite categories to browse for furniture are “Furniture by Owner” and “Antiques” because  a lot of people post interchangeably in those two places. I was just casually looking while on the phone doing 100 hundred other things.


I found a beautiful secretary at an unbeatable price and jumped on the opportunity. I emailed the seller and held my breath that we’d be one of the first ones that would contact her. She called me back almost immediately and I asked her a few questions. After chatting with her for a few minutes I learned that her and her husband were remodeling cheap oakley sunglasses their house and looking for a change of decor. She loved the piece but was looking for a fresh start so she was selling off some of her old pieces.

I asked if she would be willing to wait until that evening (I needed Bryan to get home from work so we could go look at it together). She was OK with that so I set up a time to meet that night at 7:30.


When I saw the posting I originally intended to fix it up and resell it. I thought that if the finish wasn’t that great I could paint it kind of like this piece. But when we got there the piece was even more beautiful in person than in the listing. I think it’s too nice as is to paint it. The finish and color are just beautiful.

The secretary comes apart in 2 pieces and there are a few scratches on the top from where the piece has been slid on and off over the years. They scratches are mostly hidden. I have a few ideas on how to fix it without refinishing the whole piece but I may just leave it since they’re not that noticeable.


When we got it home I couldn’t resist adding some pretty stuff to the top shelves. I’m really loving how it looks in the room and the height is right. That wall needed a nice tall piece to help balance it out visually. I still need to take a few pictures of it in the whole room. But since the living room is a disaster of toys right now that will have to wait for another day.

Secretary-Collage-2I have to giggle because I put the decanters and Jack Daniels in the secretary for no other reason than I thought they looked pretty. It’s rather convenient though, have a hard day at work? why not know back a few? Haha, I’m kidding..sort of.

It’s so pretty I may just end up keeping this piece for myself.


Hmmm, decisions…

Vintage Nightstand: Before and After



Something great happens when you find the perfect piece of furniture at the perfect price. I wasn’t actively looking for a nightstand but had it in mind that I’d pick one up for Nik’s room if the opportunity presented itself.

Nightstand 1   NIghtstand 6 I found a great candidate on craigslist for $25.00. Unheard of in our area where craigslist prices tend to be a tad overinflated. Good for when you’re selling something but not so good for when you’re bargain hunting.

Nightstand Before 1Here was the nightstand before it was a solid piece, very heavy with dovetail drawers along with a few scratches and and spots of chipping veneer.  After a very thorough Ray Ban outlet sanding and a few coats of Valspar dark gray spray paint on the frame and sides and Minwax English Chestnut on the drawer fronts and top it’s got a new lease on life perfect for a Nik’s soon to be made over little boys room.

NIghtstand 3

I’m really impressed with how it turned out. It’ll look perfect in Nikolas’ room.

The Best Junk on Craigslist – New Jersey Edition



Maybe it’s the possibility of finding something really cool at a really good price but I love scouring craigslist multiple times per day even when I’m not in the market for anything. There’s a lot of wading through over priced crap on our craigslist but sometimes I find the best junk.

Unfortunately most of the time I have no place to put it. Big bummer. Instead of all of these good finds cheap oakley sunglasses going to waste or having my husband divorce me because our living room is full of junk we don’t need I thought I’d share some of the great stuff I found recently.

I’m dying over this first find at $495 it’s a little more than Id normally consider spending on something I found on craigslist but it’s gorgeous and so worth it.


This Ethan Allen couch is really pretty with great lines and comes with your own custom plastic covers. What more could you want from a second hand couch?


I’m kind of digging this chair could be really cute recovered with some contrast piping and for $50 how can you go wrong?



Spindle beds are hot right now and this one could be so cute for $380. Leave it as is or paint it a bright color for a fun teen bedroom.


A five piece French Provincial bedroom set for $165, would be killer painted white and put in a little girls room.


I’m loving this walnut sideboard. It’s perfect as is. Asking $465. I’d probably try and ask them t go a bit lower.

And there you have it, the best junk on Jersey Craigslist.

How’s the Craigslist in your area? Find any good junk lately?

DIY Project: $0 Side Table Makeover



Free Table Makeover

Remember the side table I found on the side of the road last week? I got it done over the weekend and worked completely with what I had on hand making this a $0 makeover. But let’s remember how it looked when I rescued it from the trash pile.

Found End Table copy

The table started out it’s lackluster life beat up and scratched sitting on the side of the road. I brought it upstairs and gave it a new home on our deck. I thought about what to do with it for for some time, elicited some reader ideas and even stared up at the spray paint section of Home Depot for at least 30 minutes pondering all the possibilities, nothing jumped out at me so I went home empty handed.

Spray Paint Collection

Valspar Spray Paint

My impatience to get this project started got the better of me which forced me to take a look on the shelf of our shed and found an old unused can of Valsper spray paint in a beautiful pale yellow color that by happy accident coordinated with one of the stripes in our ombre pillows.

Sand to Remove Finish

So I lugged the table downstairs and got down to business sanding it to a smooth finish, first with 100 grit sand paper to remove the finish then followed up with 250 grit sand paper to ensure everything was completely smooth. Note I forgot to attach the dust collector bag to the back of the orbital sander. Yes it took me a while to figure it out, I was COVERED in saw dust. I definitely should have taken a picture of the one, but alas you all will have to use your imaginations.

Staining a Table Top

Then I wiped the whole thing down with a tack cloth and applied 2 even coats of a mixture of Minwax Red Mahogony and Colonial Maple stain with a soft cloth. Letting the stain soak in then rubbing off and reapplying according to the directions.

Prime Table

After the table sat out overnight to completely dry I taped off the table top with newspaper turned the whole thing over and grabbed a leftover can of spray primer in the shed and sprayed 2 thin and even coats of primer over the entire table base waiting in between coats the time indicated on the directions, followed up with a light sanding with 800 grit sand paper and wiped down with a tack cloth to ensure a super smooth top coat.

Spray Paint Table Base

Then the whole process started all over again for the top coat, spraying multiple thin even coats until the entire table base was a nice buttery yellow color. Once dry I flipped the entire table over and added a numerous coats of satin polyurethane to the top of the table sanding between every few coats to get the smoothest finish possible.

Stained top Painted Bottom Table

Not only was this project completely quick and easy. It took about 2 hours over the course of 2 days.

Free Table Makeover

This found table got a makeover using stuff I already had in about 2 hours. If you had to buy the paint the project would come in around less than $20 for the spray paint, stain and sealer.

DIY Outdoor Side Table

Not too shabby for a $0 dollar makeover.

My Inspiration This Week



Merry Christmas Eve, Eve Everyone! I hope everyone’s halls are decked and presents are wrapped. We’re still working our way to the finish line around here.

Before I sign off for the weekend I wanted to leave you with something that I’ve been admiring for a while. The more and more furniture I see from Somerset Bay the more I fall in love with their gorgeous updated coastal, beachy, lakehouse style. I mentioned the other day that i was a bit on the obsessed side with the Catalina bed (pictured below) by Somerset Bay. I’ve keep going back to their site looking at all of their furniture and I want to take every piece home with me. They have so many beautiful colors and styles. Below are a few of my favorites from Somerset Bay.

imageCatalina Bed via


Sullivan’s Island Bench via

imageSlip Seat Carmel via

imageCrisfield End Table via


Long Key Chest via


Crisfield Bookshelf via


Catskill Cocktail Table via

So let’s play what’s your favorite piece? Mine is still the Catalina Bed but I’m also loving the Long Key Chest and the Sullivan’s Island Bench and the Slip Seat Carmel. I can’t decide!

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