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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Ornaments



It’s no secret around my house that I have a thing for Christmas ornaments, I usually buy a few special ones every year and have been doing this for several years now. To me there are few things more fun than looking though all of the decorations of years past and placing them one by one on the tree. Over the years my tree has become a living memory to Christmas past.

This year I’ve been saving my favorite ornaments in a folder for the past few months growing my collection of the most special ones I love. I rounded up some of my favorites here and can’t wait to share them. Happy decorating!


Gift Guide - Ornaments and Trimmings 4 Image above clockwise from top left: Wedgewood ornament, dove ornament, Jonathan Adler lion ornament, glass globe ornament, star ornament

Gift Guide - Ornaments and Trimmings 1

Image above clockwise from top left: alpaca snowy owl, porcelain chateau ornament, glitter drop ornament, stitched sea urchins, European flower glass ornament, clear glitter swirl ornament

Gift Guide - Ornaments and Trimmings 2

Image above clockwise from top left: sequin flower ornament, gold glitter ball, blue glitter pinecone glass ornament, felted glittered acorn ornaments

Gift Guide - Ornaments and Trimmings 3

Image above clockwise from top left: gold teardrop ornament, striped glass ornament, wood star ornament, Lenox China jewels emerald snowflake, ice queen snowflake ornament

Gift Guide - Ornaments and Trimmings 5

Image above clockwise from top left: floating feather ornaments, glass ball icicle ornament, wood laser cut glitter ornament, felt polka dot ball ornament, glass animal print ornaments, frosted natural pinecone, embroidered felt six point star

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The Mantel is Decked Out for the Holidays!



It was only last year right before Christmas that we finished building this mantel. Since this only our second Christmas with an actual mantel to decorate I was a little bit excited to decorate it this year. We’ve been slowly adding Christmas around the house, little touches here and there. The mantel took a little while to put together. I kept adjusting and moving things as I went along.

Christmas Mantel Decorated OurLakeLife

This year I knew I wanted to add a little element of my favorite Christmas movie of all time, White Christmas. The small trees that line the mantel are inspired by the movie’s “Snow” scene on the train where they create an impromptu winter scene with a blue scarf, white napkin and a few bottle evergreen trees.

No idea what I’m talking about? Here’s the clip from the movie.

I bought a package of green bottle brush trees and Buffalo snow blanket, laid the blanket on the mantel and cut it to size then I just placed my trees every so often on top of the snow. I tried to group them in odd numbers varying the size of the trees along the way. The PomPom garland I whipped up also made it’s way to the mantel.

Christmas Mantel 004

Going with the classic theme poinsettias flank the stove along with the paperwhites that we planted just a couple of weeks ago which have been growing at a crazy fast rate. I feel like every time I walk out of the room and come back they’ve grown some. It’s been crazy and fun to watch them take off so fast.

Christmas Mantel 002

I went back and looked at last year’s mantel I honestly hadn’t remembered what it looked like and I was a little surprised by how differently it looks. It’s fun to change things up every once in a while.

Christmas Mantel 008

The mantel makes me smile every time I walk into the room so I would call that a blazing success. Has anyone else had time to deck their halls for the holidays yet? Do you start taking out your Christmas decorations like we do or do you wait a bit longer? I have friends who have a family tradition of putting everything up Christmas Eve.

Upside Down Christmas Trees?? What?



Bryan and I stopped in the mall quickly last night to do a little Christmas shopping, on our way through the holiday decor department Bryan pointed out an upside-down Christmas tree. I confidently rationalized to him that it must be just for the floor model display and that surely they weren’t trying to sell one. Until…he pointed at the $450 price tag clearly marked Upside-down Christmas tree. Wha…why?

Still thinking about it I searched on the internet when I got home. Apparently it’s a real thing. Only benefit I can see is that there is more room under the tree for present and Ray Ban outlet possibly takes up less floor space. But I can’t get myself to like it anymore.

What do you think about upside-down Christmas tree? Any takers?



Homey Halloween Spooktacular



So after all that Halloween Inspiration last week I got my butt in gear and started with some fun Halloween decorating of my very own. I’m not really into bloody and ghoulish Halloween but I’m all for some fun and spooky decorating.

First I grabbed some 4 sheets each of Pumpkin and Black scrapbook paper for around 80 cents a piece.  I thought it would be cool to change out some of my frames with some cool and cheap Halloween art.  I cut out a 1 each of a cat, owl, crow and bat silhouettes out of the black scrapbook paper and only ended up using 1 piece of black paper for all 4 silhouettes.

I slipped the pumpkin paper into the frames and taped the spooky silhouettes onto the pumpkin paper. And… I love them. I might just have to keep some orange accents around once Halloween is over.

On the wall I added additional cut out Bat silhouettes I had in my Halloween box that we had cutout for a party a few years ago. The table is  styled with some wheat bought from HomeGoods and black birds that my husband bought for me a few years ago.

On the jewelry box are a few little ceramic pumpkins and the yellow vase is another Home Goods find.

The large pumpkin is one of those foam craft pumpkins. I used green craft paint to paint some leaves on the top.

Outlined in dots of black puff paint.and some dotted black swirls with some more puff paint complete the foam pumpkin project.

So far I’m loving my touch of Halloween decor there’s still a few more things I’d like to put out but I think it’s shaping up to be a Spooktacular Halloween Home this year.

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