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Homemade Fresh Brewed Ice Tea



Fresh Brewed Ice Tea 1

Fresh Brewed ice tea is one of my favorite the summertime traditions. It classic, easy and just plain old delicious and refreshing. Throughout most of my childhood I remember jars of tea brewing in the hot summer sun. To this day if you look in my mother’s refrigerator you’ll find a fresh brewed pitcher of ice tea waiting for you.

Fresh Brewed Ice Tea 2

We don’t brew ice tea in the summer sun anymore, but we have perfected the ultimate quick and easy method for brewing your own homemade fresh ice tea.  Here’s how:

Bring 2 cups of water to a boil
Add 6 to 8 tea bags to the boiling water
Add 1/2 cup white sugar (more or less to taste)
Let simmer on the stove for a few minute till the sugar is completely dissolved
Pour concentrated mixture into a pitcher, fill with cold water to the top
Pour over Ice and Garnish with a few fresh slices of lemon or raspberries

Fresh Brewed Ice Tea

The best thing about ice tea is just how simple it is to make and enjoy.

Fresh Brewed Ice Tea 3 

Here’s to hot summer days and cool refreshing drinks.

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