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Kitchen Remodel: Small Update or Complete Gut Job?



It’s inevitable, once we start one project in the house the ideas start to snowball and take on a life of it’s own. Predictably that has happened since opening up the wall between the kitchen and living room.

Removing a Wall 06

We’ve always planned to remodel the kitchen since we bought the house 3 years ago. But one thing has lead to another and it has stayed larger the same. Honestly we could never decided between a moderate spruce up and a larger full renovation. Opening up the wall has shed some new light and made the room feel so much bigger. We’re really getting antsy to make this space our own.


Taking the Wall Down Was Sooo Worth It



Removing a Wall 05

Anyone want to see some walls taken down? OK good, because that’s what we have for you today. A  14 foot opening where a wall used to be. It’s was a lot of work Ray Ban outlet on Bryan’s part and a lot of cleaning allergy inducing dust in every nook and cranny of the house on my part. But after the dust has settled it was soo worth it.

It’s changed the whole feel of the house.


If you remember we started with an off center doorway and cutout that helped to open the room up a bit but it still felt somewhat outdated. When we took the wall down we were left with some electrical that needed to be moved around.

Removing a Wall 01

Fortunately for us Bryan’s Dad (a former electrician) came by to help Bryan move the wiring. It was a big job and took them most of a day to get it all moved and back together.

Removing a Wall 02

What was left was a couple of 2 x 4’s holding up the wall. The old owner had cut out almost all of the supporting posts which was king of scary to see.

Removing a Wall 04 copy

We put up a brand new header which involved all hands on deck (including mine). We held the beam up and we slid it into place and slid the old supports out.

Removing a Wall 06

It’s amazing what a difference the lack of a wall can make. The whole house feels larger has a more open modern. It’s completely changed how the house looks and how we feel about the space. We still need to replace some sheetrock and will add some molding to finish off the opening soon. I can’t wait.

PS: Did you spot the dresser in the kitchen? It’s standing in for an island to help us visualize if we’d like one there. The verdict’s still out on how big the actual island will be but we love the idea of adding one there. We’ll keep you posted on the progress.

Removing Walls to Create an Open Floor Plan



Benjamin-Moore-Vapor Yesterday I had great intentions of filling up our new Ribba frames in the Living room with some art. I had all the supplies and it was going to be a quick project to bring a little color into the space. Then Bryan and I got to talking, he wanted to start a project and asked me what I really wanted to do next in the house. In my infinite wisdom I said I wanted to open up the Living Room cutout into the kitchen….I was half joking, never imagining we’d start something like that on Sunday afternoon.


But let’s back up for a second so you can see what I’m talking about. So you see the opening to the left, it’s off center in  the room and really causes some major traffic flow issues. To get to the living room you need to walk, through the kitchen, past the table, bumping into chairs along the way . We’ve wanted to open up the wall for a while and create a more open floor plan. It’s been on the to-do list forever, just waiting for the right moment.

Kitchen-cutout-before Here’s another view from the Kitchen (ignore the dresser, that’s leaving soon) as we started moving furniture around. See what I mean by the doorway being off center? The traffic flow was  annoying. The cutout was nice because it helped to keep the living room open. But the whole design felt very 90’s to me. So right after that picture was taken this started to happen…


Yup that’s right the wall is coming down!

After an hour or so of demo and a TON of dust it looked more like this.

We found all kinds of things in the wall that you should never find, like a hidden outlet that was never disconnected stuffed up above the cutout. Along with a mess of other structural issue like supports cut out of the load bearing wall etc. Oi!


We finished up 90% of the demo late last night and made sure it was all safe with no live wires so we would have to worry about Nikolas until next weekend when we can start putting it all back together. Ah I’m so excited, this is probably the single biggest thing we’ve done inside so far.

It already feels so much more open and natural, and the best part is there no more awkward flow. Three cheers for a good demolition project to end the weekend. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. This should be good.

Our Lake Life goes to Ikea



Well hello there,

Hope you’re all having a good morning so far. Yesterday afternoon we got the cutest little dusting of snow. The kind that just makes everything so crisp and clean. I think I’m able to appreciate it this year more than most because the snow hasn’t be showing up too much to overstay it’s welcome…before you know it Spring will be here!

So last Friday since I was lucky enough to have the day off, my sister and I decided it was about time we took a trip long overdue to Ikea.

I have to say the adventure getting there was one for the record books. You see anyone who has driven on certain roads in New Jersey especially around Liberty International Airport will tell you to be sure you know exactly where you’re going.

To be sure you know where you’re going you may want to be smart and refresh your memory by looking at some directions or bringing a GPS.

Because when you fail to look at directions and fail to bring the GPS you may hesitate as you are getting on the ramp to the NJ Turnpike.

When you hesitate you run into the hazard of possibly getting on the south-bound side of the NJ Turnpike when in fact you meant to get on the north-bound side of the NJ Turnpike. 

When you get on the southbound side instead of the north-bound side you may have to take a 30 minute detour to find your way back to where you originally were.

When have to take a 30 minute detour you run the risk of not finding the most perfect kitchen set up you’ve been looking for.

Don’t run the risk of not finding you’re most perfect kitchen set-up look at the directions before you leave the house.

But seriously this kitchen set-up is what I’ve been looking for. It was one of those moments where you walk in and it just clicks. It was like a warm light hovered over the top and I said EUREKA this would work perfectly for our space. 

Actually, I really wanted to pick the entire thing up and bring it home with me, right along with the cutest little play kitchen to the right of the island. I mean how cute is that?

Also on a side tangent. How fantastic are Ikea’s marketing people? I mean not only do I now want a new kitchen I NEED to get a play kitchen to prop next to our island.

The Ikea Kitchen has the same long set up as our kitchen. The island would be a great are to add for some prep space. For reference here’s a picture of how our kitchen looked on the day of our home inspection back in 2009. If you’re curious you can see how the whole house looked back then here.  Since then, nothing much has changed in the kitchen with the exception of a new coat of paint.


To make it work we would need to swap out the location of the appliances but I’ve been wanting to do that for a while anyway. The refrigerator over there is awkward,  always bumping into the table when you open up the doors, no bueno. Also it doesn’t fit correctly in the cabinet. Whoever measure didn’t take into account the hinges on top of the door. Making it stick out about 5 inches more than it should, also no bueno.

But now I can see it all coming together in my head. Our appliances are already on the verge of getting replaced. They’re old and dated, I’m not really digging the almond color and some of functions don’t work anymore. Like the broiler that only works when it feels like it, or the timer on the stove that goes off randomly at 3:00 am.

Something similar to this is what I’d love to have.  I’m loving all that counter space, the prep island and the little play kitchen. So cute.

Of course some things would probably change along the way to make our own. But we shall see. All in good time right?

So has anyone else taken a wrong turn on the highway lately? Or found your dream kitchen. Please do tell.

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