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Fall Scenes on the Lake





We’ve had some beautiful Fall days here at the lake. The kind of days where the last hint of the warm sun lingers on your face in the afternoon and the cool Fall nights snap the trees into their colorful alter ego.

We’ve been trying to get every last minute of outdoor time in before the cold winter weather comes and takes over. We’re working on the to-do list to  finish up some outdoor projects and to stain the deck in preparation for the long Winter months ahead.


The trees have just been beautiful and I’ve been trying to capture just how vibrant the colors have become. The reflections off the water are a glorious gold, casting a warm glow over everything.

Breathtaking is all I can say, as beautiful as it is it smells so much better, like a touch of freshly burnt wood that’s slightly musty tossed together with a hint of homemade applesauce and pumpkin pie.

Guess What We’ve Been Up To



I’ll give you a hint. It’ starts with a little project I like to refer to as the Never Ending Project of 2011 and continues with this…

…and a little of this…

…and a whole lot of cramped fingers.

We’ll let you know how it turns out, if we ever finish that is 🙂

The Weekend



Happy Weekend!

Raising a deck



Over the last couple weekends we’ve been making some real progress with our little deck building project. We began way back last fall with the adding some stone pillars and have continued to add on from there.

A couple days ago I had some Photoshop fun creating a little drawing of how our vision is all going to come together for our yard. So you can get the lay of the land…more or less.

The guys started out by digging six holes to for the new support posts for the deck. We rented a power auger from the Home Depot but after about six seconds and that many rocks it was clear these lovelies were going to have to be dug the old fashioned way.

Once the business of hand digging the holes was finally out of the way they were able to start laying the posts into the freshly dug holes.

They started setting the posts in the holes and cutting the posts to height by calculating what we wanted the finished height to be minus the height of the joists and decking material. Ultimately it would sit flush with the pool rim, making it easy to sit relax and dip your toes in the water on a hot summer night.

Next came building the support beams for the perimeter by nailing two 2 x 8 pieces of lumber together to support the weight of the deck.

Then there was A LOT of leveling, measuring, nailing and leveling some more to build the outer frame that would support the entire structure.

After everything was perfectly in place and held up with some temporary braces to makes sure things stayed level and straight the guys mixed up a batch of concrete to pour into the post holes. The step is key because no one wants to stand on a wobbly deck and once dry this would secure the entire structure together.

Once the cement set in the post holes and it was good and strong they were able to take down the temporary supports and get to adding the deck joists. If you’ve ever seen a house being built it was just like the day when they raise the 2 x 4’s that will form the walls and finally you can really start to see how the space is going to take shape. It’s super exciting.

They placed the joists every 16 inches on center meaning that if you measure from joist to joist every 16 inches would be the center of the next joist. It’s standard code building measurements that’s helpful when you place your deck boards on top. With standard factory lumber the edge of each board will line up with the center of a joist if you use the 16 on center rule. It’s crazy how these things are all planned out.

As if there wasn’t enough fun digging the posts they also had to dig out where the steps would sit that will bring onto the deck from the lawn. Poor guys it was awfully hot and sunny that day. But they persevered with the help of their assistant in charge of coolness.

After all that hard we we have the making of a pretty awesome giant deck area for lounging around the pool. The dimensions are about 19 feet wide and about 26 feet deep spread out over two levels to make up for the height difference from the lawn to the height of the top of the pool.

Overall, we’re pretty please with how it’s shaping up. I can hardly wait till we’re swimming in the pool sitting on some lounge chairs.

Psst: If you would like to see how this all started out check it out here.

The story of a few boats



Have you ever felt like you just keep acquiring more and more stuff? Well that seems to be a common theme around here. Since moving to our house 1 1/2 years ago we’ve acquired our share of floating vessels.  My husband and I came to the house with ONE little Jon Boat we used to use on the smaller non-motor boat lakes around the area.

Then we thought “Wouldn’t it be awesome to have some Jet Skis?” My brother in-law also thought a Jet Ski would be a fantastic idea, we bought one and he bought one so that  he and my husband could ride together.

And then there was 1 Jon boat and 2 skis.

Then there was a listing on craigslist for a FREE pedal boat. Who could resist FREE? I know I certainly can’t. Pedal boats can run over $300 to buy one new. So we snagged it and ran.  We could just see ourselves pedaling around our cove enjoying the sunshine taking nice leisurely rides around the cove, stopping to chat with the those kayaking. It would be glorious.

And then there was 1 Jon boat, 2 skis and 1 pedal boat.

After that the previous owners had left us a row boat in the yard they had been using as a flower box. It was overgrown with weeds by the time we got to it, so we cleaned it out, patched some holes, planned on a paint job and made it sea lake worthy again.

And then there was 1 Jon boat, 2 skis, 1 pedal boat and 1 row boat.

Do you see a pattern developing? After all of those they were still too small to really be able to enjoy a Sunday afternoon boat ride. After some talking about it and debating whether we should get a pontoon boat (which is essentially a floating deck) or a little speed boat, we got this guy.

The primary decision making factor for buying this kind of boat versus another is just inherently more fun. It’s like buying a convertible or a mini-van. Sure you can’t fit as many people in it. But how often would  20 of your closet friends be able to come a relax on it with you to make it really worth it. So in the end the speedboat won it in a war of fun. They don’t call them pleasure crafts for nothing!

And that’s the story of how there came to be 1 Jon boat, 2 skis, 1 pedal boat, 1 row boat and 1 speed boat.



Hello all, Due to a combination of high margin, <$2m ultimate price point and fully identified team we are canceling this GR2 call.
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