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Budget bathroom redo: Coming up to the finish line



After inheriting a bathroom we didn’t quite love (You can see some of the before shots here and the during shots here). We wanted an update without immediately going through the time or expense of a whole bathroom gut job. So we made an agreement that we wouldn’t redo any of the major pieces in the bathroom (just yet) and we’d work with what we had. It’s a small area at approximately 8 ‘x 9’ but we didn’t want that to stop us from going bold. Since we were working with the existing tile we took our que from the gray-blue undertones that run through both the diamond border and the veining in the wall tiles. So, after removing our graffiti-esque wallpaper we got to work painting the bathroom a bold Newburyport Blue from Benjamin Moore.  We thought that such a small area could use some drama.  The color brought the room and tile to life from the very first moment the roller hit the wall.

When you walk-in you immediately notice the wall color which gives the bathroom a cozy nest feeling. Then your eye travels around the room to the bright colors in the artwork we DIY’d to match. The use of white and silver as accent colors bring some sparkle and light.

We didn’t change any of the major structural elements, instead we chose to work with what we had, like updating the plain construction grade mirror with some casement molding from Home Depot and painting it out in a white high-gloss paint to really make it pop of the dark blue. The once plain-Jane the mirror really has custom feel now for just a few dollars in molding.

Even our shower curtain got some much needed accessorizing and sparkle with the rhinestone encrusted shower we rings picked up at Target for around $14.00. Each element no matter how small brought some much needed detail and personality to the once bland bathroom.

Even the littlest Sadowski is enjoying our newly transformed bathroom space.

If you’d like to see how this all started check out these posts; Our InspirationTearing Down the wallpaper and Making progress,

Source list:

Paint; Newburyport Blue, Benjamin Moore

White insect plaques; $25 Entomology Plaques — Ballard Designs

Bath Hardware; Home Depot

Bath Towels; $7 a ppiece Cynthia Rowley at Home Goods

Shower Curtain; $14 Home Goods

Bath rug; approx $20 Ralph Lauren–Home Goods

DIY’d Artwork; Berry Blossom Inspired Print Tutorial

Art Frames; Michael’s craft stores

Shower Rings; Shabby Chic Shower Curtain rings — Target

If we missed an item and you’d like to know where we got it from please leave a comment ad we’ll respond back.

Spring has sprung in NJ



I’ve waited.

All winter, I’ve waited.

Through snow, and ice, and shoveling and wind-chill, and -7F nights, and winter jackets and hats and gloves.

Through storms, and frozen gutters.

Through endless dark days, SUN SETTING AT 4PM, and through frostbite, and frozen toes…

Spring, for me, has officially come to NJ.  For my boat goes in the water this week.

For the last 6 months, my boat, has been cooped up in at the Marina, just waiting…  We decided we were ready to buy our first real boat.  My Rowboat just wasn’t cutting it anymore.  So one day last October, we started negotiations to buy a 2010 Bayliner 160.  While we knew we’d have to put it in storage a week later, we wanted to be ready for the spring.  I didn’t get it in the water until the last week of October by the time we finalized the deal.  And so while getting a small taste of the boating world, before we knew it, the frost was here.  Had to drop it back off at the Marina.

But not this year.  This year we have it all summer.  And I have been waiting, did I mention that already?

Every time I went outside, a little piece of me that remembered warm sunshine, and early morning fishing trips died a little.  You forget what warmth feels like.  You forget that there even is a summer, and your days are dark and dreary.  You forget that sometimes wind in your face doesn’t make you cold and numb.  Sometimes it’s warm, and you get the spray off the water, riding a jet ski doing 70mph…  Lately, I’ve forgotten there was anything BUT winter…

This morning I woke up and got ready for my morning coffee.  I rolled out of bed and put on my fleece pants, and a sweater, and then my thick fleece hoodie, and my hat, coffee in hand and walked out onto the deck for my morning constitutional where I realized, holy crap, I’m not shivering.  It was 60F!  HOORAY…   “I’m calling the Marina today!”

And so, the time has finally come.  I called the marina, we had our friendly chit chat for a few minutes, and the gent asked when I’ll be ready for my boat.  I told him, “I’ll be ready when you are!”  He told me if it stops raining, at some point in the next few days he’ll get it out of storage and in the water, hopefully before the weekend.  Outstanding!

Here’s a few pics from last year’s break in rides…

You win some, you return some



When it comes to returning items I’m no stranger to the customer service desk but that still never doesn’t stop me from cringing when I bring something home that I really hope will fit, looked perfectly great in the store, but somehow ended up being not quite right in the space.

Yup, burned again by not measuring before I go out shopping and  impulse buy based upon memory of the size rug I should get, completely veering off the planned course into uncharted bathroom rug territory!

What I originally planned to buy was this rug from JCPenney.com in white (pictured #7 above in my bathroom inspiration board). What I liked about it was the texture of the ribbing and the white color will lighten up the black floor tile in our bathroom along with the non-slip nylon backing that I’ve come to appreciate in a bathroom rug after stepping out of the shower one day onto a bathroom rug that didn’t have any backing and nearly breaking my ankle.

No seriously it was that bad.

In any case I’ve come to realize the fatal flaw in my plan was underestimating my level of impatience. Waiting  for the UPS man to arrive with the  rug I hadn’t yet gotten around to ordering yet seemed like a long time to wait when I could just run out to the store and buy one.  I mean how hard could it be to find a white rug? Way harder than I imagined.

Oh well, maybe I learned my lesson…I guess it’s back to the original plan. Time for some internet shopping 🙂

Budget bathroom redo: Inspiration



Our bathroom has left much to be desired in terms of reflecting our style.  At the moment it functions well so we can’t justify ripping out all of the hard surface and starting from scratch while there are so many other projects to be done. However we do want to spruce the bath up a bit by changing certain elements and updating what we can while we work through our other projects on our list. Eventually we’ll make our way back to the bathroom for a full-Monty type makeover.

Right now this is how the bathroom stacks up. The floor tile is a matt black 4 x 4 tile. Wall tile has a gray vein pattern with a black and gray diamond accent border. The tub, shower and sink are gray/blue color which matches the wall tile. We have a fabulous $9 light fixture (no joke I saw it at home depot) which is total function without any form and the finally the wallpaper has a gray and blue splatter paint quality that makes me sing U.G.L.Y you ain’t got no alibi you ugly.

Since we’re not taking out any of the fixtures at the moment we need something that will compliment the grayish blue quality of the wall tile and fixtures, a complete renovation is out of the question for the moment, we’ll need something that will work with what’s currently there while not breaking the bank.

When we began talking about our budget friendly bathroom remodel found an inspiration photo with a blue wall color. I know it’s bold but I think it’s just the cure for the current drab state it’s in now.

I think the blue and white scheme will go nicely with our current tiling a fixtures and will look cohesive when it’s all said and done.  So even though the existing tile wouldn’t be our first choice it’ll look like it belongs in that bathroom when we’re finished. After finding our inspiration photo I began putting together the plan to bring this look home.

1. Hampton Bay 3 light vanity, $59.96–We need to swap out our builder $9 light fixture, it’s currently the only light source in the bathroom. We think this one will compensate for the removal of the blinding light of the 500 wattage light fixture we currently have and provide a soothing spa like lighting situation.

2. Berry Blossom Giclees, $369,96–I love these prints from one of my favorite sites, Ballard Designs but at $369.96 they’re a bit out of budget for our budget bathroom redo. I have a plan to create my own which I’ll be posting soon.

3. Benjamin Moore Paint, Newburyport Blue –Yup it’s bold but we think it’s just the right punch of color to liven up our gloomy gray bathroom.

4. MOEN Retreat Towel Ring, $16.42 –I think towel rings are much more convenient than towel bars, they hold the perfect size towel for drying your hands without the “only for company” towels propped up on a towel bar.

5. Hickory Hardware  Satin Nickel Euro Pull, $6.17 — Nothing updates any cabinet quicker than adding new cabinet pulls. We like the clean lines of these pulls to bring the whole brushed nickel we’ve got going on together.

6. Glacier Bay Faucet, $34.00 — We’ve looked high and low but nothing compared to the Glacier Bay faucet we found for the price.

7. American Living Hamilton Bath Rug, $12.99-$49.99 — These rugs from JCPenney in white will be the perfect soft touch underfoot to brighten up the black floor tile.

8. Daintree Fabric Shower Curtain, $39.99 — I like the fluid lines of the flower design on this curtain, combined with the gray tones and pops of color it’ll be the perfect accent to some of the harder elements living in the bathroom.

So that’s where we’re headed, next stop stripping down the wallpaper we’ll keep you posted on the step-by-step of the stripping process.

Grooms and Grizzlys



My dear sweet wonderful husband emailed me today. Grizzlys were on his mind.  My husband is usually highly entertaining (even on a bad day) and rarely disappoints when he’s trying to charm his way into a new toy. You gotta give the man credit for creativity and effort!

* * * * *

My Dear Sweet (understanding) Bride,

Did you know, that this baby (the Yamaha Grizzly 450) can plow a driveway, AND tow over 1000lbs?  Sounds like a great overall utility vehicle to add to the fleet if you ask me, for moving boulders, firewood, gravel, dirt, around the yard?  YES, it does all those things, and much MUCH more…  Plus it gets about 25mpg, so over 100miles per tank of gas.  It comes in the awesome blue color you see below, or green, or camo…  It’s a 4 stroke, so clean and environmentally friendly, it has more ground clearance than my pickup, and has racks for extra carrying capability.  Electronic power steering, on command TRUE FULL LOCKING 4wd (meaning, ALL the wheels have power and spin when you get stuck), “Ultramatic” variable auto transmission, has a “rear wet brake” that’s encased in the fully enclosed rear differential, completely impenetrable to the elements, so it will never get wet and stop working, and zero lifetime maintenance on that system, fully independent suspension.  12v acc plug for a GPS, heated gloves, or whatever the trail throws at you.  Fully assembled in the USA!  Its fully capable of getting us to the gas station in a state of emergency to get milk, and can easily outrun hungry hordes of flesh eating zombies…  It’s really a no brainer, I think we need one on the ranch, to help with all the work we’re always doing!

2011 Yamaha Grizzly 450 Auto. 4×4

Also, I’m always going to be like this, so you may as well get used to it….

Love Always,

Your Eccentric Groom,

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