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One Room Challenge – Week 2




It’s week 2 of the one week challenge and I’ve done a little bit of sprucing and a whole lot of thinking.

First let’s talk about the sprucing. I’ve collected a few plants and scattered them about the house. It’s already starting to feel a bit more lush and lived in. A tall ornamental palm tree takes up some space in the corner and adds a little natural greenery. as well as a few smaller potted plants that I’ve scattered around the room. The room is really sunny and so far the plants seem to love the spot.

Second, my mom has been rearranging her house and (temporarily) loaning out some pieces of furniture. The console that you can see peaking out  from behind the sofa I snagged maglie calcio poco prezzo from her before anyone else could. It fits great behind the couch, fills up the wall space, adds a little extra storage while still providing ample space behind the couch to get to the door.


Then I got to thinking and have been really standing back and trying to figure out what’s still needed in the room, what’s not working and how I want it all to come together.  Here’s what I’ve come up with:

  • The coffee table is definitely too long for the space. I’ve been trying to find a really great new one but I’m struggle with finding something I love at a reasonable price.
  • Not sure I’m in love with the white curtains. They hide a gigantic wall AC unit that has to stay for now but I we need some color or pattern on the wall.
  • I’ve been drooling over black windows for the longest time and I think painting out the window frame black would add a lot of interest.
  • The secretary is great but I might be ready to move away from the very traditional feel of the piece and maybe go with a large scale piece of art in its place.
  • The indigo velvet fabric I ordered came and it’s to die for. I can’t wait to replace the striped pillows with velvet ones for the fall.


Finally here are some of the latest rooms that have me turning my head and drawing inspiration from.

Blue Living Room

image via zinc door

image via desire to inspire


image via Style at Home

image via Desire to Inspire

Click here if you want to start at the beginning and a special thanks to Linda from Calling it Home for setting up the One Room Challenge.

One Room Challenge – Week 1 (The Living Room)



So I’ve decided to play along with the one room challenged this time around. If you haven’t heard of it it’s a challenge hosted by Linda of Calling it Home and 20 other bloggers sharing their progress on 1 room for 6 weeks. I started this thinking about putting this room together so long ago and even put a mood board together but never got much past changing out the pillows and putting back up the curtains.

Here’s how it looked just after we rearranged the furniture and painted.


Then I added a few pillows and it kind of stalled there for the summer while I got distracted by the warmer weather.


So here we are October again and I want to finally finish up this room before the Holidays set in and I’m distracted once again.


Here’s the inspiration board I put together originally. It’s very beach with the blues and green tones throughout. All the sources for the board are here.

As you can see I already used some of fabrics from the board for pillows. It’s a really good jumping off point I still love it I just need to tweak it up a bit. I’m thinking of adding cheap oakley some indigo velvet pillows to the sofa and maybe green trellis fabric for the curtains and houseplants. I’ve been dying over Emily Henderson’s abundant use of houseplants, so there’s that. So come back every Thursday for the next six weeks and I’ll share the progress. This should be good…I hope 🙂

How to Decorate a Coffee Table



How to Decorate a Coffee Table

How you decorate a coffee table can change the entire look of the space. Second only to the sofa the coffee table is the workhorse of the living room. The coffee table can serves as a make shift dining table, a place to put your feet up or the spot that house your remotes.

We’ve had our coffee table for as long as I can remember. It was one of the first pieces of furniture my mom bought as a newlywed. It seen it’s fare share of TV shows, hosted countless meals and a rousing game or two of monopoly. I was straightening up the house the other day and just decided it was time to shop the house and properly fancy up the coffee table.  The question I asked myself is how do you make it both stylish and useful.

Style a Coffee Table

After a bit of internet research and some cleaver observation here are five pieces that I think bring together both form and function and will turn your coffee table into a beautiful decorated space.

  1. Books – for your guests to read.  Duh They’re called coffee table books for a reason!
  2. Box – for storing those unsightly remotes in one convenient place.
  3. Flowers – for texture a color, don’t have fresh flowers consider a potted plant or succulents.
  4. Object, for something personal unexpected, my shell ball was bought back on a weekend getaway.
  5. Tray, for holding the previously mentioned items

Decorating a Coffee Table

Keep reading below to see my picks for a beautifully decorated coffee table. And tell me what do you put on your coffee table? Share you tips in the comments.


Coffee-Table-Decorating-Pro copy

Natural Horn Box – Serena and Lily*, Lacquer Tray – West Elm, Turquoise Glass Bottle Vase – Luna Bazaar, Decorate by Holly Becker – Amazon*, Sculptural Spheres – West Elm

Links with an asterisk contain affiliates, What this means is that if you make a purchase from one of these links Our Lake Life may receive a commission on the sale of the product

Thanks to Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick for hosting another Before and After party.

Filling a Large Wall with Art



Last we saw of the living room the wall came down (which still needs to be spackled), we painted the room white and hung frames on the large wall with the intention of adding some sort of art. Well they hung on the wall empty for a while. I’m nothing if not speedy 😉 while I decided what to put in the frames.



Beach Inspired: Blue and Green Living Room




Can we talk about the Living room for a second? Specifically, adding a few new colors back in. I love the new white walls and frames we put up (even though they still don’t have anything in them) but I kind of got sidetracked on finishing off the room when we spontaneously decided to remove the wall one day. We love it and there is still the whole thing of fixing the sheetrock and adding in a  few moldings to contend with.

Removing a Wall 04 Back when I first painted I  put together this mood board that I thought would work well in the new space. I’ll save you some time from clicking over because I’ve completely scrapped that idea. Although I still really do love that light. That’s what I kind of love about mood boards, you “live” with a few items together before committing to them. While it was good it just wasn’t making me feel excited to get started on it. I took that as a sign to scrap the whole thing and start over.

Wanna see? I’m loving this one a whole lot more.


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