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If All Else Fails Tickle Them Into Submission



Maria and Nikolas 1

Maria and Nikolas 2

Maria and Nikolas 3

Maria and Nikolas 4

Before “owning” my very own 2 year old I never appreciated how obscenely difficult it is to get them to look squarely into the camera so you can see their face. Some of my favorite photos are those where I catch him off guard playing. But inevitable there comes a time when a mom would like photographic proof that her son has a face and is not just cheap oakley sunglasses the back of a head.

Now that he’s talking and devloping his very own real set of ideas and thoughts about things (who said that could happen?) our photo taking conversation goes something like this.

“Nikolas come sit by Mommy and take a picture”

“I don wanna take peekture”

“Come sit please some day we’ll need proof you were 2 years old and you had a mommy”

“Me try peekture, ME TRY, ME TRY!”

“Ok that’s it now I resort to tickling you into submission”

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