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Flowers from the Cutting Garden



Ocean City Houses 2

Do you like to garden?  I do. My mom has always had the most fantastic green thumb and incredible gardens. On the weekends we used to go to the garden store and come home with all kinds of flowers for the garden. I can still remember walking up and down aisles and aisles of flowers picking out my favorites. I never lost that love and to this day I want to take home almost every plant I see. Which is funny because I can keep outdoor plants alive but tend to kill houseplants. Don’t ask me why that is.

Ocean City Gardens 3

Yesterday, Nikolas and I spent most of the day raking up the remnants of autumn from the side yard. We gathered up FOURTEEN bags of leaves and old dead weeds. That part of the yard has been oakley sunglasses cheap left relatively untouched by us as we focused on other parts in the yard. It’s a mess. It’s is rocky, hilly and grows weeds like I’ve never seen before.   I have so far refused to take photos of it. It’s that bad.

Ocean City Gardens 4

As I was raking and raking and raking some more I got to thinking about how I’d love to have a cutting garden somewhere. We’ve planted a lot of flowers around the yard but none solely dedicated to bringing indoors. I always feel torn about whether I should bring them inside or leave them outdoors to enjoy.

image via

Wouldn’t a garden solely dedicated to bringing in armloads of flowers into the house be perfection?

The top 3 images I took on a trip last summer the bottom image via Ann Kearsley design.

Gardens Galore in Ocean City, NJ



Ocean City Houses 1

No trip to to our favorite family vacation spot is complete without a walk on Ocean City’s 2 1/2 mile boardwalk. Deemed one of the country’s best by Travel Channel’s for it’s family friendly entertainment which is fun and Gafas Ray Ban outlet exciting but in my opinion the real hidden gem is the 1/2 mile walk starting at Boardwalk mile 0. The row of homes on this stretch is breathtaking, not to mention all of the exquisite gardens that are just begging to have their photo taken.

In my opinion it’s the most beautiful in the morning when the sun is low in the sky, the salt air breeze drifts by and the bicycles are allowed to roam freely on the boards.

Boardwalk Sign

Ocean City Houses 2

Ocean City Gardens

Ocean City Gardens 2

Ocean City Gardens 3

Ocean City Gardens 4

The Weekend



Ocean City New Jersey Ferris Wheel

Happy weekend Everyone! There has been a large dose of spring fever brewing around here. Late last week the temperatures rose a bit and the sun shone and brought it on with a vengeance. That combined with my summer picture perusing adventure to fill the recently finished gallery wall in the bedroom has turned my focus to some of my favorite images from last summer.

Ocean City New Jersey Boardwalk

We have a cherished family vacation tradition that began with my mom’s family back when I was just a little bun-in-the-oven. Each year like so many family’s in New Jersey do, we head to the beach for a week of family fun in the sun Jersey style. Although if you watch the TV show you’ll be in for a shock to see our  spot called Ocean City, tucked far at the south end of the New Jersey shoreline. Our secret is it’s nothing like you’d imagine from the TV show. Well maybe our secret is out now that Sarah Brown from Travel Channel fame went parasailing along the Ocean City shoreline and Travel Channel just named Ocean City as having one of the Best Boardwalks in the USA, but they are just confirming what those of us who go there have known that all along.

Ocean City Gardens 3

Oh an did I mentioned the homes and gardens along the first stretch of Boardwalk are to-die-for!

Ocean City Gardens 11

I hoped you enjoyed this glimpse of summertime nostalgia. See you all Monday 🙂

Psst If you want to see more of these homes click here.

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