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Thoughts on Decluttering



A couple weeks ago I read this article on Houzz by Alison Hodson about taking a minimalist view of the things keep your home. She talks about how for years she was overwhelmed by her stuff, secretly wanting it to vanish into thin air. The day she had an epiphany about why she could never keep her house clean and when a house fire took everything except the clothes on her family’s backs.

Easily the most beautifully written article I’ve ever read on Houzz. If you have time I highly recommend you read it and it’s got me thinking about all our “stuff” Most of what I show on the blog is the stuff I love but behind that in the closets and under the beds there’s always the stuff I wish I could do without.

My mom was and is a relentless purger of things un-needed. It was a well known fact in our house that you shouldn’t leave anything lying about that resembled garbage cheap oakleys and expect to come back to it later. Nothing was sacred.

In the article Alison goes on to say that you should ask yourself three questions:

  • Do you feel overwhelmed?
  • Is organizing and decluttering your home a common topic?
  • Are you continually cleaning, but your home is never really tidy?

I can identify with the last two questions the most. I’ve always thought of myself as one that throws things away, but it’s clearly not enough. We still have all these things we don’t need.

The funny thing about this is it has really got me thinking. Do I really need that box of baby toys I’m saving. What’s in the back of the hall closet? Do I even remember what I stashed up there? Under the bed…how long has it been since I cleaned that out?

What areas of your house do you wish you could go more minimalistic with? Spill it in the comments.

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