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The Weekend




Happy Weekend before Christmas everyone! Is everyone ready for the big day? The good news is that I’m done shopping for gifts, the bad news is that I still have to wrap them all.

The other day I noticed my gifts-to-wrap pile keeps getting mysteriously larger. I investigated last night (dusting off my Nancy Drew skills) it seems that Bryan has been piling the gifts he bought (that aren’t mine) on the wrapping pile.

He knows I’m onto him…this morning I casually mentioned it and he walked out of the room with a sheepish grin…He thinks he’s gotten away with it.  OH BOY will he be surprised when I break out the wrapping paper and tape tonight and recruit him as sheepish grinning elf!

May your weekend be Merry and Bright and filled with your own elves!

The Weekend



Across the lake is a bar and restaurant that comes alive when the sun goes down. On certain nights you can hear the sounds of laughter, fun and the smell of bonfires into the wee hours of the morning.

Happy Weekend!

Fall Scenes on the Lake





We’ve had some beautiful Fall days here at the lake. The kind of days where the last hint of the warm sun lingers on your face in the afternoon and the cool Fall nights snap the trees into their colorful alter ego.

We’ve been trying to get every last minute of outdoor time in before the cold winter weather comes and takes over. We’re working on the to-do list to  finish up some outdoor projects and to stain the deck in preparation for the long Winter months ahead.


The trees have just been beautiful and I’ve been trying to capture just how vibrant the colors have become. The reflections off the water are a glorious gold, casting a warm glow over everything.

Breathtaking is all I can say, as beautiful as it is it smells so much better, like a touch of freshly burnt wood that’s slightly musty tossed together with a hint of homemade applesauce and pumpkin pie.

The Weekend



Happy Weekend!

A 3 hour tour (part 6)



We’ve been out and about lately snapping photos every step of the way of touring some of our favorite spots on our lake. So come along and hang out with out as we take a tour.

I’m in love with the location of this house.

The piece of land this home is on is amazing. It’s a little peninsula jutting into the water. From this angle it looks like it has it’s own personal island, but with non of the inconvenience.

You can just see a touch of the house nestled amongst the trees.

I think this may be the most lovely piece of land on the entire lake.

This is one of the newer homes on the lake. But you wouldn’t know by looking at it. It’s nestled so quaintly into the surrounding area.

Gorgeous house with equally gorgeous landscaping and attention to detail.

Life on the water means not always having a conventional flat lot. This home makes great use of their sloping yard.

The grounds are so stunning and mature. I would love to walk up the meandering pathway. Until nest time thanks for stopping by!

For a closer look click on the images above for a full size version.

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