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We’ve been “Knocked Off”!



We’ve had our Ballard Design Inspired-Berry Blossom Print tutorial featured over on Knock Off Decor today! Go check it out. Knock Off Decor features all sorts of inspiring ideas based upon your favorite interior design companies like Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs and restoration hardware to name a few. It’s a great place to get inspired. Some of our favorites are:

Pottery Barn Kids — Bird Art Knockoff

Ballard Designs — Ticket Plaque Knockoff

Horchow Home — Mirrored Writing desk tutorial

…and lots more. Go check them out!


Pottery barn kids inspired; Easter yard stake tutorial



Flipping through the pottery barn kids catalog I saw these adorable little Happy Easter and Egg Hunt signs. There’s nothing like Easter decorating to say HELLO spring! I love the muted spring colors and the vintage hand painted quality. So we decided to make our own version of the inspiring Easter decoration below and sharing the step-by-step how-to for all you DIY’ers  out there that love copy catting Pottery Barn style on a craft store budget.

image via Pottery Barn

Shopping List

4 foot piece 1 x12 Pine Board

Spray Sealer

Folk Art Acrylic Craft Paint

Happy Easter Bunny sign

  • Fresh Cut Grass
  • Titanium White
  • Sunny Yellow
  • Hydrangea
  • Light Lavender
  • Baby Pink
  • Coffee Latte

Egg Hunt sign

  • Hydrangea
  • Fresh Cut Grass
  • Sunny Yellow
  • Titanium White
  • Light Lavender

We started by cutting down our piece of pine into 3 equal pieces 16 inches tall. This will leave you one extra piece left over to save for another project or to make a third sign.

Now paint the entire board Fresh Cut Grass for the Happy Easter sign and Hydrangea for the background. Once dry you’ll want to take some sand paper and rough up the fronts of the boards to expose some raw wood through the paint, giving your background that vintage feel, concentrate on the corners and outside edges where it would have naturally worn over time. Once you’re comfortable with the way it looks, wipe the whole piece down to remove any excess dust that resulted from sanding.

Then it’s time to transfer your drawing onto the boards. I used the sketch (attached at the bottom in pdf) and some carbon paper, laying the pattern onto the board then tracing over the pattern to transfer the design.

Then all that’s left is to fill in the sketch with your paint colors following the paintings as a guide, and finish with a spray coat of sealer. Here’s our finished version:


We hung ours on the wall so we added picture hardware to the back. But to use them as yard stakes you can affix stakes to the back of the board with a couple of screws.

So while Pottery Barn’s version cost $49 each for their signs we bought all our supplies for approximately $25 and still had enough wood leftover for 1 extra sign and tons of paint left over for other projects. So if you have a little time this weekend you can totally tackle this project and ring in Spring with a touch of fun!

Click link below for PDF of sketch

Easter Yard Signs sketch

Psst: If you like this project stroll on over to our tutorials page to see our other projects


We finally bought one!



After 3 1/2 years of marriage, an apartment, a house, a baby and a boat we’re finally ready to admit we’re grown-ups and buy a sofa. But not just any sofa, the mack-daddy of all sofas…a sectional. Yup we’re saying goodbye to the ultimate in college days leftover our Futon. el Futono, sir Fute. You’ve been an incredible friend old guy, not just a couch, not just a bed. Sir Fute was  incredibly useful serving as our guest bedroom quarters when our friends used to crash in the living room but it was still the ultimate hold out on our part. We just couldn’t commit to any one sofa without feeling like we might be missing out on all the others.

We’ve been casually looking for one since we first were married window shopping whenever the chance arrived but could never actually commit to one. I have been subtly (or maybe not)  drooling over this sectional for a long time. So finally we pulled the plug on the Buchanon small curved sectional from Pottery Barn.

We like the classic lines of the sectional. It’s not too modern and no skirt makes it a little less traditional than it would be otherwise. I also like that it has a curved back and is a bit smaller in scale than your average sectional. We didn’t want anything that would overpower our room. We were also keeping in mind our future plans for an addition and the relocation of the living room and think that this will go perfectly as well. All in all we think we made a great choice. We cant wait to see it!

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