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Bedroom Update, a Touch Yellow and Gray



We’ve begun to plan a bedroom update around here. It’s not that we hate our bedroom the way it is now, we’ve just haven’t gotten around to doing much with it…yet. It has tended to be a series of hand-me downs and leftovers from the rest of the house that didn’t quite fit anywhere else. Right now the walls are painted a muted green and while the green might feel nice in another room it makes this room feel a bit on the dark side. So we’re going for a cheerful vibe this time around. What could be more cheerful than yellow? We’re loving a yellow and gray color scheme to bring some light to our bedroom. Here’s what we’re thinking we’ll do to update to our current bland bedroom.


  1. Our inspiration colors just happen to come from the Triana Plate collection from Crate & Barrel.  I love the soft yellow, green and gray colors. They strike me as just the right touch of cheery and colorful without being too in your face bright. I think it’s a great color combo jumping off point. Maybe we’ll DIY some artwork to mimic the plate design and colors or purchase the plates and mount them in a cool shadow box for some custom art work. We shall see when the time comes.
  2. The bedroom should be all about fabric and I LOVE this zebra print fabric from Waverly at Joann. The muted colors are great and I think it will add some whimsy to the space.  I’m thinking we should use it for a chair or bench or possibly a bed skirt.
  3. The pattern and color on this Pkaufmann Kamala Kilim Fog fabric from Joann’s is perfect for our headboard. It’s just the right amount of pattern and texture and will go easily with another color scheme should we ever decide to change out the the yellow accent color that will be sprinkled around the room. My plan is to upholstered scroll top headboard with some nail-head trim.
  4. Simple gray linen fabric will be breezy and casual for some custom sewn curtains, might even add some chunky grommets to the top and nice oil rubbed bronze curtain rods.
  5. Now that I have the neutral base I like this yellow geometric fabric from Dwell Studio at fabric.com. I plan to add a large yellow band of this fabric onto our linen drapes for a custom look.
  6. Next up, the pillow fabric this is where you can get really creative with patterns and color and change it out easily whenever the mood strokes or for the changing seasons. Here I’ve chosen Dover Linen, Tiffany Blue and Drake Maizefrom tonicliving.com to round out our colors in easy to change out pillow covers.
  7. For the paint color right now we’re thinking Glass of Milk from Martha Stewart for a calming color on the walls.
  8. Our boring builder closet doors will get a much needed face lift with the 3 M’s mirror, molding and Mastic, making the room feel bigger and bouncing some light and sparkle around the room.
  9. I really like this Art and we can carry the yellow and gray color scheme around the room and onto the walls with some well placed art.
  10. Finally I’m like certain aspects of this room, like the yellow side tables and black accents. We might  include this yellow color in a piece of furniture and maybe paint out our dresser in a dove gray to compliment the overall color scheme.

So there you have it the inspiration for our touch yellow and gray master bedroom makeover.

Super Simple Summer Art Tutorial



We all like to you update our homes from time to time and for the changing seasons, It brings a sense of renewed energy into the home brightening up the same old space that we look at day after day.  With summer right around the corner, a season of long days, warm nights, bold colors and outside fun it’s nice to bring some of that outdoor fun in.  With that in mind I have a new super simple and super cheap art project today inspired by Crate & Barrels Summerlin pillow collection.I just love the colors in those pillows.

So everyone get out your paint brushes and grab some craft paint. It’s time to update those tired winter walls with a touch of summer with this Super Simple Craft Paint Art project.

Stuff you’ll need

  • 2 8″x 10″ Canvas Boards
  • Paint brush
  • 2 8″x 10″ Frames
  • Silver Paint (Liquitex Iridescent Silver)
  • Apple Barrel Craft Paint:
    • Plum Kiss
    • Cadmium Orange
    • Country Grey
    • Titanium White
    • Light Leaf Green
    • Kiwi
    • Apricot
    • Licorice

What you’ll do

Step 1. Paint the entire canvas with 2 background coats of silver. Wait for the background to dry according to the directions on the tube.

Step 2. Using the sketch outline trace over outline with a piece of  graphite transfer paper onto the canvas board. Sketch outline is attached at the bottom of the post.

Step 3. Using the handy dandy paint guide paint in the outline you transferred onto the canvas in Step 2. Tip: It will probably take a couple of coats of craft paint to get good solid coverage.

Step 4. Frame your Summer masterpiece

Seriously, that’s it! You’re on your way to creating some great summer art for next to nothing.

Click for PDF of Summer Art Sketch

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Listing the night away




When it comes to projects around the house it’s easy to get distracted by shiny objects (like I do) and veer off the originally intended course. Lists are a must in this house to keep us moving in the right direction, not to mention the untold satisfaction of crossing an item off the list.  A list allows us to contemplate our options and plan for the future. We can jot down those big-ticket changes we’ll have to save for and the little projects that will only cost a few dollars but just take some time to complete. We find that we get so much more accomplished with a list staring at you. So this weekend I walked around the house, pen and paper in hand, took and good look around and started listing like crazy including simple updates we’re sure about, ideas we haven’t thought all the way through yet , some stuff that’s been on our list for a while, and some that might change as we plan for the addition.  Because I’m such a die-hard list junky I thought I’d share what’s on our evolving to-do list including some things we just finished.

  • Prime and paint the oak kitchen cabinets
  • Add decorative feet to the base of the kitchen cabinets
  • Add crown molding to the kitchen cabinets
  • Kitchen island
  • New counter tops
  • Replace the Kitchen back-splash
  • New more energy efficient appliances
  • Change out the flooring (maybe someday)
Living room
  • New sectional sofa (we recently ordered one from Potterybarn)
  • Console table for behind the sofa. (Possibly build one if we can’t find one)
  • Install new baseboard molding
  • Install crown molding
  • Paint door molding (it’s already been changed out just need the time to paint it)
  • New coffee table (possibly a round one)
  • Sew some new pillow covers
  • Reupholster old chairs that are in the attic
  • Mount TV on the wall
  • New TV stand
  • New artwork
  • Remove wallpaper
  • Paint
  • Add molding around mirror
  • New faucet
  • New hardware
  • Linen cabinet to fit in the awkward empty space between the wall and the cabinet
  • Crown molding
  • Figure out a color palette
  • Build an upholstered headboard with some awesome nail-head trim
  • Build/buy platform storage bed either with plans from ana-white or buy an ikea frame
  • Paint
  • Feature wall, possibly with some cool graphic element
  • New nightstands/paint the old ones
  • Refinish dresser
  • Crown molding
  • Replace existing drafty window with something a bit higher for privacy
  • Sew new curtains
  • New bedding
  • New pillows
  • Update lighting
  • Update and Organize closet
  • New artwork

So basically it we just like to write everything down, we generally start in a room and pick those projects that don’t seem too daunting and just go for it. Of course we jump around when we feel like it , add and subtract as we go along and save for the bigger projects that will take more time. We write down tons of things including the DIY art work I want to make but don’t quite know what it is yet and eventually in a few years we’ll look back and see everything we crossed off the list.

Check out our floor plan post so you can see which rooms we’re talking about

To-do list stationary found here on ETSY

We’ve been “Knocked Off”!



We’ve had our Ballard Design Inspired-Berry Blossom Print tutorial featured over on Knock Off Decor today! Go check it out. Knock Off Decor features all sorts of inspiring ideas based upon your favorite interior design companies like Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs and restoration hardware to name a few. It’s a great place to get inspired. Some of our favorites are:

Pottery Barn Kids — Bird Art Knockoff

Ballard Designs — Ticket Plaque Knockoff

Horchow Home — Mirrored Writing desk tutorial

…and lots more. Go check them out!


Budget bathroom redo: Coming up to the finish line



After inheriting a bathroom we didn’t quite love (You can see some of the before shots here and the during shots here). We wanted an update without immediately going through the time or expense of a whole bathroom gut job. So we made an agreement that we wouldn’t redo any of the major pieces in the bathroom (just yet) and we’d work with what we had. It’s a small area at approximately 8 ‘x 9’ but we didn’t want that to stop us from going bold. Since we were working with the existing tile we took our que from the gray-blue undertones that run through both the diamond border and the veining in the wall tiles. So, after removing our graffiti-esque wallpaper we got to work painting the bathroom a bold Newburyport Blue from Benjamin Moore.  We thought that such a small area could use some drama.  The color brought the room and tile to life from the very first moment the roller hit the wall.

When you walk-in you immediately notice the wall color which gives the bathroom a cozy nest feeling. Then your eye travels around the room to the bright colors in the artwork we DIY’d to match. The use of white and silver as accent colors bring some sparkle and light.

We didn’t change any of the major structural elements, instead we chose to work with what we had, like updating the plain construction grade mirror with some casement molding from Home Depot and painting it out in a white high-gloss paint to really make it pop of the dark blue. The once plain-Jane the mirror really has custom feel now for just a few dollars in molding.

Even our shower curtain got some much needed accessorizing and sparkle with the rhinestone encrusted shower we rings picked up at Target for around $14.00. Each element no matter how small brought some much needed detail and personality to the once bland bathroom.

Even the littlest Sadowski is enjoying our newly transformed bathroom space.

If you’d like to see how this all started check out these posts; Our InspirationTearing Down the wallpaper and Making progress,

Source list:

Paint; Newburyport Blue, Benjamin Moore

White insect plaques; $25 Entomology Plaques — Ballard Designs

Bath Hardware; Home Depot

Bath Towels; $7 a ppiece Cynthia Rowley at Home Goods

Shower Curtain; $14 Home Goods

Bath rug; approx $20 Ralph Lauren–Home Goods

DIY’d Artwork; Berry Blossom Inspired Print Tutorial

Art Frames; Michael’s craft stores

Shower Rings; Shabby Chic Shower Curtain rings — Target

If we missed an item and you’d like to know where we got it from please leave a comment ad we’ll respond back.

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