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Have You Ever Made a Quilt?



Have you ever seen something that just sticks in your head and you still think about it months later? I see lots of things I like but there are only certain things that catch my attention for the long haul. When that happens I it’s a sure sign that it’s really a great fit for our home.

My most recent infatuation of this sort has been with this quilt.

I saw this triangle quilt a few months ago from Audire at Blue is Bleu. I think it would be great for Nikolas’ room which needs some love and attention. I love the idea of snuggling up in a handmade quilt.


I’ve been looking around for a good tutorial and I think I found one here. It looks simple enough for a first quilt. I’ve put together a color combination I like from Fabric.com. This is probably one of Ray Ban outlet those long haul projects that I’ll put down and pick back up. I like to have a bunch of projects going at the same time (if you couldn’t tell already).

So my question today is has anyone ever sewn a quilt? Anything I need to know? Any tips?

On the Hunt



I thought it be fun from time to time to take you on the hunt with me for my latest obsession. This time around it’s for our latest project, our Master Bedroom we’re redesigning. So far we’ve changed out the side tables and lightened up the bedding, added some vintage chairs that are waiting to be reupholstered, and gave the whole thing a nice fresh coat of neutral paint.


Our Inspiration room(pictured below) had such a lovely vintage quilt that I’ve been on the quilt hunt ever since.


I haven’t had to search far, I’ve found everything form vintage inspiration to DIY versions and wonderful handmade creations from Etsy that I thought I’d share.


I’ve been drooling over this vintage beauty for sale on Etsy here. I’ve fallen head over heels in love with this Garden Style quilts.


I’m loving the bright colors in this quilt found here.


This vintage quilt on Etsy is to die for. I’m really into the simple but bold tangerine and white combo.


This is another gorgeous lap quilt for sale on Etsy here.


This tattered vintage quilt for sale here is a great source of inspiration. Makes me want to learn how to quilt so I can make my own version.


I’m drooling over this quilt I spied on one of my favorite fashion blogs. Kendi may I steal your quilt please?


How about these vintage quilts as seen in Country Living. I want to take them out of the picture right now and bring them home with me…


…and put them on display for all to see.

So how about you do you want a lovely vintage quilt as much as I do now? Or how about some of those new versions, thy are simply fabulous. Maybe I’ll have to figure out how to quilt now!

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