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Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’…




Some people (mostly B) say I love to paint. Errr wrong, try again. I really just love a lot of change for my decorating buck and painting is where it’s at for big impact on a not so big budget. Actually, I usually find painting to be a long and tedious process but in the end the rewards usually outweigh the tedium… except for that one time I accidentally painted the Living Room a lovely shade of highlighter green and then quickly painted over it the next morning. But that’s a paint disaster story for another day.

So based on my lovely inspiration board for our Bedroom overhaul I had decided to repaint our bedroom in Martha Stewart’s Milk .

Bedroom Board 3

But once the Robert Allen Ikat curtain fabric and the Braemore Wonderland pillow fabric (number 1 & number 9 on the board) arrived I was feeling a little less sure in my choice being the exact right light shade.. Luckily that was quickly remedied with my generous paint chip collection and a couple of minutes of staring at a bunch of paint chips.


So we broke out the paint chips held them up to our new fabric and chose a new white. Namely Martha Stewart’s Pip. It’s one of those so totally subtle color difference that you’d never be able to tell on a computer monitor but just feel better in person kind of differences. Believe me I’ve tried to photograph the difference between the two and it just isn’t happening, So you’ll have to trust me on this one.

With the the color decided again it was off to the paint store for an easy paint pick-up or so we thought. Martha Stewart paint happened to be on clearance for $12.00 a gallon. But due to the awesome price it happened to be sold out, discontinued, not coming back. Bummer.  So of course after some more pondering of shades of whites I went to my local Benjamin Moore pain dealer and had them color matched to BM’s interior paint in a  flat finish to minimize the look of bumps and nicks on the wall.

I was so excited about it brought it home, slapped a test swatch on the wall and quickly realized that in order to cover the dark green color we’d need to prime first.


Thankfully things got Rollin’ even if it was a little later in the day than I had planned after we made our third and final trip to the store to grab some primer. Give 2 cheers to under-planners like us! I set out to start the cutting in/edging process. This has always been my job whenever we set out to paint. B just doesn’t have the patience for it. He’s more of the immediate gratification of slapping some paint on the walls with a roller kind of guy. Even though he’s had more painting experience then he’d care to remember given that he married me.

Since where the walls meet the ceiling are awfully crooked and never look quite right no matter how carefully I edge. I decided this time to tape along the ceiling about 1/4 of an inch in. I would carry the wall color onto the ceiling instead of stopping right out the edge. It’s given the walls so a pretty finished look without the crooked edges even if some of the ceiling paint peeled slightly when I removed the tape. Oh well nothing a little patching and touch up paint can’t fix.


As for what we did with the furniture, we just pushed it into the middle of the room and squeezed around it. Doesn’t it look just lovely completely painted in primer with the glow of the flash against the room since it was pretty late by this point? We painted over a 2 day period since it ended up needing 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of paint to completely cover the old green paint. We finished the first coat of primer around 10:00 pm and camped out in the Living Room over night.

By the next afternoon, 3 coats of paint later and the help of our resident measurer…


We had the room completely painted and the TV newly hung on the wall instead of sitting on the dresser by the next evening.

We’ll be the first to admit that the room was already starting to look much better without changing the wall color and just by changing out a few accessories and bedding but we’re going for a whole new look here. So far the bedroom has gone from greens and oranges just thrown together haphazardly from whatever we had lying around.


To this with a few quick tweaks, like changing out the side tables, switching the lampshades. Adding some vintage chairs and a new side table between the bookcase.


All the way to this with a coat of paint.


The white is really soft and pretty in person, while we were rolling it on it kept reminding me of butter cream frosting and perfectly matches the colorful fabrics we chose for the curtains and pillows. I’m glad we switched at the last minute.


It’s a small room, so it’s feeling a lot more open with the lighter color paint. I’m fond of dark greens in a room but when we painted this one right as we moved into the house we didn’t realize that the light only really streams into the room in the morning not so much in the afternoon. The room felt more like a cave which could be good for sleeping but not so good for rising and shining.


On the side tables I added a couple of pretty placemats to protect the furniture from glasses of water and phones charging on the bedside tables at night.


My mom has always added a pretty little table scarf to the tops of furniture to lay things down and protect them from water rings and the daily grind.


Over time I may change these our for something larger. Maybe a vintage item, the sweet vintage style clock is also a new addition courtesy of an awesome friend for Christmas.


We’re also loving how big of an impact hanging the TV on the wall versus it sitting on the dresser has had on the space. It really opened up the entire area even in it’s unfinished state with Wires hanging down the wall and the not so pretty cable box sitting on the dresser. We definitely need to figure out what to do with that next.


It also really goes well with the new side tables we purchased allowing for a more open seamless feel across the back wall.


Overall we’re really happy with how bright and airy it’s making everything feel. So the next thing on my to-do list is to sew some pillows for the bed using the Braemore Wonderland fabric pictured above. I’m think ones with an envelope back in a neutral fabric so I can make the most of the 2 yards I have and spread it around the room. Then it’ll be onto sewing the drapes, picking out some nice colorful art to break up all the neutral walls and add pops of colors. I’m really liking the idea of using some original art pieces combined with prints. Oh and of course we still need to pick fabric for our two vintage chairs and get to reupholstering them. Fingers crossed it will be a record breaking fast sewing experience so we can add some color back into our nice neutral backdrop.

It’s Beginning to Feel like Christmas



Hello, and welcome to our little house by the lake…so happy you’ve stopped by! If you’re new here you might want to come visit our Lake Tours page, grab a cup of coffee, take a look around and enjoy this beautiful lake we get to call home. Or you can subscribe to our RSS feed for OurLakeLife updates. Welcome to Our Lake House!

No matter how prepared I am for the Holidays I always feel the angst of the mad dash as Christmas grows nearer and the list of things to do grows longer.

Of course it doesn’t help that we added, on top of a normally busy time, the building of a new fireplace surround. What was I thinking? Oh right, I was thinking how nice it would look to hang the stockings on a wonderful new mantel and actually have room for a tree because the TV was up and off the floor. Guess what, I was totally right! It looks fantastic!

It’s so close to being done and ready to hang the stockings and add some garland I can’t wait to have a fire going with the stockings hung and the garland strung.

Here’s a sneak peak of how it’s looking now.

Fireplace 2

We’ve white washed the front to give it a cozy cottage lake house feel, all that’s left is to stain the top of the mantel the same Red Mahogany stain as the floors, just to tie the whole thing together.

In the meantime as you can see the tree peaking out in the photo above we’ve been decorating away as the tree sits in it’s new home where the TV once was. It’s such a big improvement over when we had to put the tree in front of the sliding glass doors, just to the right of the fireplace in the photo above. Talk about a traffic pattern block!

Wedding Ornaments

I love decorating the tree , I’m a bit of an ornament collector and have been buying ornaments for years, even before I had a home and tree of my own. Some of them of course are more sentimental than others like the gold ones above that we gave out at our wedding as favors. Every time I put them up I remember sitting on the floor the week before our wedding hand wrapping each ornament. Good thing we didn’t have 400 guests!

Well that’s all for now, I promise to show more Monday as the tree gets finished and the stocking are hung. Until then I’m off to bake some Christmas Cookies, Brownies and all sorts of fun treats! Yum, Delicious!

An Impromptu Project



Inevitably when the holidays roll around there’s always one or two or twelve things you’d like to accomplish before the big day. The holidays always spur a flurry of activity around here from the traditional holiday baking, shopping and gift wrapping. To the more in depth projects like making room for the Christmas tree by completely redesigning our fireplace to allow for the television to be mounted to the wall above it.

I don’t think I’ve shown photos of our Living room how it is now on the site before. It’s a good size space but relatively long and narrow at about 20’ x 12’, with multiple doors, a wall cut out, a window and a fireplace that chop up the space and make for difficult furniture arranging not to mention the challenging act of adding something large like a Christmas tree.

Living Room

It’s come a long way and of course we still have big plans like adding some art to the walls, rearranging/changing some furniture and moving the TV to it’s future home over the fireplace. For comparison’s sake here’s what it looked like during our home inspection back when we were just two months short of our move in date.

Living Room Before

Oh, and just so you have a better idea of how this is all laid out here’s a quick little (totally not to scale)  floor plan I put together to help visualize where everything is including the fireplace in the corner and the TV along the back wall. living room plan 2

The fireplace is not original to our home and is set into the corner of the room at a slightly odd angle. The construction of the top portion is a bit wonky to say the least. The trim piece weren’t put up correctly and in when you’re in person you can tell the top angles of the bead board don’t quite match the bottom angles of the stone, making for a generally wonky looking fireplace.


For the most part it’s been neglected and ignored by us other than painting the to paneling from it’s original light wood existence as we focused on other areas of the house. So far we’ve been using it as a place to dry my latest works of art and a catch all for random items as the mantel is too narrow to hold most everyday objects.

So with that in mind and the approaching holidays we had a brain storm to finally put the TV over the fireplaceto free up some much needed floor space for a Christmas tree at this time of year and some occasional chairs for the rest of the months of the year that don’t require us to have a 7 foot tree in the middle of the room.

Fireplace deconstruction

So Bryan set out Friday night to remove the paneling so we could add new knotty pine, run the cable for the TV and add some additional supports to hold the TV so it doesn’t come crashing down.

Which led us to find all sorts of wonderful stuff like drywall damaged from an old roof leak that had been repaired from above but the never removed behind the wall.

Water Damage

After that was all sorted out, cleaned up and removed they made quick work of reframing it in a slightly more sturdy fashion.


We also bought some really great knotty pine that we plan to whitewash and add chunky mantel  along with some other ideas that are kind of up in the air. Needless to say we’re super excited and we have our fingers crossed that we can finish it up over the Thanksgiving weekend so we can put up the Christmas tree in it’s new home.

A Pair of Chairs, an Emu and an Alpaca



Unorthodox post title you say, not in our world, in our world it’s just another average day discussing decorating decisions between Bryan and I.

But let’s start at the beginning shall we? With these 2 very vintage chairs that used to belong to my great-grandmother. Yes I said great-grandmother. I’ve actually been hanging onto these chairs for quite some time storing them in my in-laws attic for just the right place to bring them into the house and rescue them from their very orange, very neglected and very vinyl state that they are currently in. In short, they’re a mess.

Old Chairs

I’ve always loved these chairs for their fantastic modern lines, nail head trim and piping detail. But right now they’re in pretty pathetic shape. When you touch them they feel sticky, even though we’ve cleaned them a couple of times so they’re suitable enough to bring indoors and  there’s one spring that needs some replacing.

Old Chairs 2

They’re the perfect size and scale for our bedroom and will fit snugly in their new home between the bookcase that flank the window in our room once our entire plan comes together. We’re planning to reupholster these, hopefully (fingers crossed) on our own with the help of a lot of you tube videos and a few great blog posts…Well that’s the plan anyway.

Bedroom Before

As for the bedroom I’ve chosen the key fabric for the room. It’s Silsila, Curry fabric from Tonic Livingat around $25 a yard it’s not cheap but we’ll be using it on pillows and accents around the room so it won’t be ridiculously expensive.


via Tonic Living

I’m kind of in love with it. It’s so much prettier in person than it is online. The picture doesn’t really do it justice. As far as other fabrics in the room everything else is still very much in the air (more on that in another post).

Which brings me back to our currently very vinyl chairs.  I’m thinking a somewhat neutral faux leather would be perfect on these. I can bring them from room to room if I ever want to switch things up. Faux leather would also be a stain and sticky finger resistant option, an added bonus in my mind.


Emu Faux Leather

I sent this picture to Bryan asking what he thought.

Bryan said, “How about black?”

I responded “Brown will look better with the fabric I showed you the other day.”

Bryan then said, “what is that alligator”

I responded “No, it’s faux Emu, and no I’m not kidding.”

emu 2

Emu image via

Bryan’s response “Of course you’re not kidding, what’s the matter you couldn’t find faux Alpaca?”


Alpaca image via

…and that’s how an Emu and an Alpaca came to be a part of our conversation on bedroom chairs.

Guess What We’ve Been Up To



I’ll give you a hint. It’ starts with a little project I like to refer to as the Never Ending Project of 2011 and continues with this…

…and a little of this…

…and a whole lot of cramped fingers.

We’ll let you know how it turns out, if we ever finish that is 🙂

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