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Favorite Coats of the Season



Even though it still feels like summer in our little corner of the world. Think bright blue skies and 85 degree temperatures soon fall will be here to stay.

I have love hate relationship with Fall. I hate that summer is over and soon the icy winter will set but what I love is the changing leave, less humidity and that certain cozy smell. What I also love is that it’s coat season buying once again. Here in the northeast coats are a must. A fabulous coat is a Cheap Jerseys staple that can make you look polished and put together even if your a mess underneath.


Most of them are moderately priced but I one is a “if money were no object” dream item. Can you guess which one?

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  1. Black and White Graphic Print Coat
  2. Boiled Wool Military Pea Coat
  3. Classic Tan Trench
  4. White fleece swing Coat
  5. Gray Short Wool Coat
  6. Leather Trim Trench

The Ultimate Closet: 13 pieces 15 looks




I was online shopping the other day. Big Surprise! While browsing I came across a Shop Bop lookbook called the Ultimate Closet. Have you ever seen this?  13 Pieces, 15 looks. All expertly styled. Of course, if you were to buy all these pieces it would cost $3873. Like I should expect Ray Ban outlet something else from ShopBop right? But it’s got me thinking, could I do something similar with 13 pieces form my own closet? Probably not, but I’d love to try something like this (on a less expensive scale)  for each season.

View ShopBop’s Ultimate closet Pre-Spring collection here. They also have a workwear edition here that I wish I had known about when I used to visit the office everyday.

What do you think? Would you want to be able to mix and match your closet like that?

How I Use Pinterest to Shop Online



Online widow shopping is a favorite time killer of mine. I like to browse and look around for ages before I buy anything. But sometimes I feel like browsing the old fashioned online stores are getting less and less easy to view. Sometimes, I just want to quickly scroll through and see if anything catches my eye.

Pinterest is great for browsing. The online Mecca for pretty pictures and inspiration is becoming one of my my go-to places for shopping online. Curious what I mean? Let’s say I want browse what JCrew has to offer, but I don’t have anything Ray Ban outlet specific in mind. There’s a way to see what everyone is pinning from JCrew’s site.

Type this URL http://pinterest.com/source/jcrew.com/ into your address bar.

Viola, all of the pins from JCrew’s site pop up.


Without even scrolling down those gladiator wedges catch my eye and that striped mini skirt and emerald green earrings are great too.

Okay let’s try it one more time. Let’s say you’re looking for Home Decor and want to see what Pottery Barn has to offer.

Type this URL http://pinterest.com/source/potterybarn.com/ into your address bar.


Ohh pretty pendant, vintage sailboat print and that Capiz chandelier immediately catch my attention.

This trick works for any website just replace the “website” text in the url below with the site you’re trying to view. It works like a charm.


Happy shopping!

PS: I cannot be help responsible for what this information does to your credit card. 😉

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Casual and In-Style



Happy Friday Friends! What are you all doing this weekend? The Sickies have hit our house. Nik has had a slight fever so there will probably be a lot of cartoon watching, soup eating and negotiating to get him to take his medicine. I’m not above a bribe or two. Hopefully during all that I’ll be able to sneak in a project or two.

Since coming to the realization that my wardrobe is non-existent, I’ve been keeping an eye out for great clothing ideas. So far my favorite places to find outfit inspiration are Pinterest (of course) I’ve been pinning to my Fashion board a lot.  I also like to read fashion blogs and Polyvore is another favorite.


Sometimes though the outfits are awesome but the price tags are out of control. Like $750 bags and $300 jeans…yeah, not going to happen. I found this board and tweaked it to make it my own.

This sweater is great and versatile, I love the color and I can see myself wearing it into Spring instead of a jacket.

This plain t-shirt from JCrew is a great buy on sale. When getting dressed always seem to forget the jewelry I think it really finishes and outfit so I want to start wearing it more. The necklace, bracelet and earrings could work well with a bunch of outfits.

These boots are great, wedges are my favorite because you can wear a heal while still being relatively comfortable I need to snag these while they’re on sale.

I actually have this pair of jeans and love them. They go on sale a few times a year which make them a good deal to look out for.

Finally the python bag is A-MAZE-ING I need it like now.

Well I’m off for the weekend, but before I do let’s talk fashion. Does anyone have any tips they’d like to share? What are your favorite stores? Where do you go for outfit pics, any favorite fashion blogs? Tell me in the comments I’d love to hear.

in addition to the sponsor section, our lake life sometimes contains affiliate links. what this means is that if you make a purchase from one of these links our lake life may Cheap Oakley receive a commission on the sale of the product. all of the content i share here is what i genuinely like and is not influenced by any other manner. by purchasing through our lake life you are supporting the time it takes to bring you great ideas and products.

8 Fantastic Places to Buy Fabric Online



Stacks of fabric in home officeImage: Flickr

Shopping for fabric online has opened up a world of possibilities. Many more fabrics are available at our fingertips now then when one only had the option of shopping locally. But that doesn’t mean that buying fabrics from an online retailed comes without questions. Will it look like the picture when it arrives? Are the colors accurate? Will I like it? Will it feel the way I imagined?

To help put my mind at ease when making a big fabric purchase is to order a sample whenever possible sometimes the fabric to no fault of the retailer will just not be the same as you imagined. Of course this isn’t always possible.

Another way I calm the questions swirling in my head is to order from  some of my favorite tried a true retailers. Happy fabric shopping!

10 Fabric Places Online 1.1

Fabric guru is a recent favorite find. They sell name brand fabric at discounted prices. One I scored a major find with my bedroom curtain fabric which I bought as a second for $6.00 a yard.  Their inventory tends to change often so if I see something I like I snag it as quick as possible. (Fabric guru sources 1. 2. 3.)

Update: I just received a coupon for fabricguru, use coupon code fall4 during the checkout process for 20% off your entire purchase good through November 12, 2012

Lewis and Sharon Textiles is another wonderful source for fabrics they have a great selection and beautiful fabrics they tend to be a tad more on the expensive side than some of the other fabric places I mention here but nothing outrageous. (Lewis and Sharon Textiles sources 1. 2. 3.)

If you’re looking for a few modern or eco friendly fabrics Tonic Living is your place to shop. They also offer custom curtains and pillows made form the fabrics they sell which is a great option if you’re not handy with the sewing machine. (Tonic Living sources 1. 2. 3.)

10 Fabric Places Online 2.2

Online Fabric Store is  another site I tend to visit frequently they have a great resource for upholstery fabric and supplies. If you’re looking to recover a piece of furniture and need some supplies they’re a great one stop shop. (Online Fabric Store source 1. 2. 3.)

Fabric.com offers tons of choices for those looking for fabric. They offer great budget solutions if you’re looking for fabric with not such a steep budget. They ship fast and cheap which is always a plus. (Fabric.com sources 1. 2. 3.)

Etsy the retailer made famous for selling handmade wares is also a great place to find fabric supplies. Some shops sell designer fabric that would only be offered to the trade otherwise. There’s also a large one of a kind vintage pieces of fabric for sale. If I’m looking for a one of the kind piece that doesn’t require large quantities Etsy is the place I go to look. (Etsy sources 1. 2. 3.)


eBay the flagship auction house is another great resource I frequent often to find quality fabrics at a discount. However the retailers on the site can vary greatly in reviews, shipping rates and return policies . To combat the uncertainty I stick to quality eBay store with highly positive reviews and sound return policies. (eBay sources 1. 2. 3.)

Spoonflower is an up and comer in the fabric market you can create your own custom designs or order yards of fabric from a number of creative minds. I like Spoonflower for their bright colorful prints and unique designs. (Spoonflower sources (1. 2. 3.)

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