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Lake House Summer Weekends



Well Howdy,

I hope everyone is doing wonderful wherever you are. Here at the lake house we had a gloriously summery weekend. Just one week shy of the official, unofficial start of summer, things have been heating up and blooming away in our house by the lake.

With the sun shining we are spending less time inside and most of our hours outside. I’m convinced it’s the movement and life of the water that draws people out of their homes. If it’s sunny the entire neighborhood is outside, talking over fences, meeting at the dock, rowing off in their kayak.

As for us we’ve been outside doing all of the above with a healthy dose of gardening thrown in for good measure. Mostly I’ve been snapping a few photos of our summer fun.

Wanna see?


Our peonies just began to bloom over the weekend. Aren’t they the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen? This guy is the first bloom of the year. I just love that hot pink color.

Mystery Peonies

A few peony bushes we planted from bulbs a couple of years ago. This is the first year they are blooming and I planted them so long ago that I’ve forgotten what color they are. Now they’re teaming with buds so we’ll see what color they are soon!

Mamma Bird

We also have a new little family that has decided to build a home in our little corner of the lake. A mamma and daddy robin have made their home underneath the cover of the deck.

Baby Birds

The baby birds hatched less than a week ago and have been tweeting up a storm with their hungry little mouths wide open awaiting their mamma’s return.

Nik in  the water

Our own little guy has been rediscovering the joys of the sprinkler in the summertime.

Water Balloons

Water balloons


And I have spent a fair amount of my time laying in the lawn taking it all in.

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