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A Dash of Spring



Well January I’d like to say that you will be missed but I’d be lying. Who thought this cold gray month was a good idea anyway? So since it’s Friday and since it’s February and since we are inching our way closer to spring with each passing day I’ve decided to bring a little life into the house in the form of a $6 bunch of tulips.


It’s no secret that I love to pick up flowers at the grocery store while food shopping. They make me happy and if that isn’t reason enough to spend $6 then the shot in the arm of springtime in the living is definitely what the doctor ordered.


I love tulips because they’re just so bright and fresh. I usually opt for super bright colorful bunches of flowers but this time I chose to go with a solid white bouquet. I think the solid color feels elegant. It also give me that dash of white I’ve been Ray Ban outlet craving until I muster up the energy to paint the living room.


It’s beginning to feel like spring inside, now if only the weather would cooperate.

Supermarket Blooms




Even though it’s still gray and gloomy outside a little pop of spring time color is as close as our local grocery store. Lately I’ve been disappointed with the usually fantastic selection at our store but when I walked in yesterday and saw masses of tulips just waiting for Valentine’s Day I knew they’d be coming home with me.


I love tulips for their casual elegance, part of their elegance to me is how then bow over the edges of the vase. I love plain glass vases that let the flowers beauty stand on their own.


I set them in front of a recent painting I did. I hadn’t planned for them to match the painting perfectly while I was picking them out but I’m so happy they do.


I’m think I might have to paint tulips picture now, hmmm…


…and add some more orange, yellow and apple green to our living room, which I’m loving against the pale blue walls.

Supermarket blooms



I’ve recently gotten into the habit of enjoying little inexpensive bouquets picked from the grocery store to keep things feeling fresh and alive in the house. It’s proves to be a super duper quick pick-me-up on the less than bright days we’ve had of late thanks to our not-so-good friend Irene.  I snagged these for just $6.99 at the supermarket on an impromptu pre-hurricane milk run  and boy am I happy I did. I have promised myself to continue this new tradition especially into the Fall and Winter months when things can begin to feel a bit stagnant.

They look great on the table  coordinating nicely with those colors I chose for my freshly painted Flower and Paisley paintings. I’m loving the little color that says yes this house is loved and yes I can match colors in my home.

Up close the feathered edges of the flowers are fuzzy and soft adding some great texture and color. Although I’m at a loss for the name of these flowers as I’d love to plant them in the garden some day. Wouldn’t they be just lovely in the garden?

And, instead of opting for a super bright vase that would compete with the flowers I chose a simple glass vase I had lying around. It creates a a nice contrast between the fuzzy texture of the flowers and the smooth texture of the vase.

So there you have my super duper quick way of infusing a little life and color in the home with a $6.99 bouquet I bought on a quick pre-hurricane milk run. Has anyone else picked up some super market flowers lately and have know idea what the flowers are called? Been to the grocery store just as a hurricane was about begin? Or any other quick fixes to brighten a less than sunny day?


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