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Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!



Don’t you just love that table above by Hunted Interior? Lot’s of not-traditional color, would look just as beautiful mid-summer as it does for Thanksgiving.

What are your plans for this weekend? We’ll be home smoking a turkey hanging out with family and sliding into some comfy stretchy pants, while watching the James Bond Cheap oakley marathon or Rocky which has turned out to be a Thanksgiving tradition around here. We’ll also (hopefully) be putting up the tree this weekend!


PS our cold weather friends the swans are back. I love watching them gracefully glide across the water in the morning.

Hope you all have a great long weekend. See you back here Monday with some fun Christmas posts I have up my sleeve.

An Eclectic and Colorful Thanksgiving Table



Can anyone believe Thanksgiving is just three weeks away!? No? Me neither! Thanksgiving is usually out our  house and tends to be the least formal of the cheap oakley sunglasses upcoming holidays. This year I want to try and use what I have on hand as well as add just a couple touches. An eclectic table lends itself to the casual atmosphere and still maintains it’s pretty but put together vibe. Below I’ve put together some of my favorite finds that have me thinking about adding to my table setting stash.

Eclectic Thanksgiving

1. Wisteria Table Cloth, 2. Wood cake stand, 3. Glassware, 4. Candleholder, 5. Wood Bowl, 6. Flatware, 7. Dinnerware 8. Napkin Rings, 9. Rattan Placemat, 10. Apron

I’m dying to pull the trigger on that fantastic Anthropologie apron. What’s your favorite item on the list?

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