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Cool Destinations: Glass Beach (Fort Bragg, California)



Glass Beach

Happy Friday Friends! We finally woke up to the most gorgeous Spring morning here in the Northeast. It’s been a very cold Spring so far around here so to say I’m excited about the change is an understatement.

The shift in weather has had me thinking about the beach, sun and sand lately…or maybe even a different kind of beach. Perhaps even a beach covered entirely in sea glass?


Dreaming of Warmer Destinations



Happy Friday! As usual I’m so glad the weekend is here. They’re predicting a huge snowstorm is about to arrive in the Northeast any second. This is usually the time of year that I start dreaming of warmer destinations.

One one of the places I’ve always wanted to go but never have been are the Florida Keys. There’s some kind of romantic notion I have about a semi tropical destination relatively close to home.

A long time ago I saw a Travel Channel show with Samantha Brown about Little Palm Island off the Florida Keys coastline. Is that show still on? I used to love it. Little Palm Island and the Florida Keys have stuck with me ever since.

How can you not love a luxury resort disguised as a grass hut surrounded by palm trees. What are you dreaming of this weekend?

All photos courtesy of Little Palm Island Resort and Spa.

For more information on visit Little Palm Island check out all the details on the resort’ s website.

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