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The Weekend




Happy Weekend Everyone!

Check out this gigantic bird we had in our yard last weekend. We think it’s a Turkey Vulture, who was protecting it’s meal from another bird who had their eye on it. Every time the other bird drew near this guy spread it’s wings wide showing off the huge wingspan.

This picture doesn’t even do the size of this bird justice I was easily 300 feet away as I snapped this photo!

The Weekend




Happy Weekend before Christmas everyone! Is everyone ready for the big day? The good news is that I’m done shopping for gifts, the bad news is that I still have to wrap them all.

The other day I noticed my gifts-to-wrap pile keeps getting mysteriously larger. I investigated last night (dusting off my Nancy Drew skills) it seems that Bryan has been piling the gifts he bought (that aren’t mine) on the wrapping pile.

He knows I’m onto him…this morning I casually mentioned it and he walked out of the room with a sheepish grin…He thinks he’s gotten away with it.  OH BOY will he be surprised when I break out the wrapping paper and tape tonight and recruit him as sheepish grinning elf!

May your weekend be Merry and Bright and filled with your own elves!

The Weekend




Happy Weekend Everyone!

We’ve had some of the most lovely purple and pink colored skies over the water lately. It’s been rather chilly outside the past few nights so there are no boats to disturb the lake’s surface. Only when the occasional duck or swan swims by do ripples mar the lake’s mirrored surface.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend. We’ve got tons to do around here including Decking the Halls and Trimming the Tree.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend 🙂

The Weekend



There’s nothing so sweet as watching a child discovering the joy of throwing pebbles into water for the first time.

Hope your weekend is full of the simple pleasures.

The Weekend



No really I’m not stuck…just hanging around.

Happy weekend, hope you have fun just hanging around.

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